The Best 5 Commodities to Trade in India in 2022

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Commodities include various metals, food, and other forms of energy. Commodity trading includes minerals, metals, agricultural goods, and energy.

Some examples of commodities are these.

The classification of commodities is now done using these four basic categories.

  • Agriculture includes edible oils, oilseeds, grains, pulses, and spices.
  • Platinum, gold, and silver are the three most valuable metals.
  • Thermal coal, natural gas, Brent crude, and crude oil may all be converted into usable forms of energy.
  • Chickens and other domesticated animals serve as meat sources and livestock.
  • Metals and energy are actively traded in the commodities market, which shows market activity.

Because of the following criteria, the five commodities above represent the most active trading in the market. The commodity market price will change in response to shifts in both supply and demand.


An outstanding commodity trading example is cotton. It may be obtained from the wild, and although being in its natural condition, it can be used for a variety of purposes. Cotton is most generally known for its application in the textile industry; however, it also has a wide variety of other applications, including that of animal feed and a source of oil that may be used in the production of goods such as soap, rubber, margarine, and plastics.

Paper money and bandages are both made from the fibres extracted from cotton linters, a byproduct of the cotton processing industry. India, China, and the United States are three of the most important cotton-producing countries in the world.

The value of a single cotton contract is equivalent to fifty thousand pounds of delicate fabric made of cotton. In 17 days, the cotton futures market is anticipated to open for trade.


Cocoa may be best known for its role in the production of chocolate, but the butter extracted from cocoa beans also has several applications in the cosmetics industry. The warm and humid atmosphere of the tropics is ideal for the growth of cocoa trees. Beans are grown in West African nations, Latin America, and Indonesia. West African countries are responsible for the bulk trading of bean harvests. It takes a lot of hard work to grow cocoa beans and then process them. Thus most farms that do this are small family operations. There is a possibility that climate change and political instability in cocoa-producing nations will have a bigger influence on the supply than they otherwise would. 


Silver has a stronger heat conductivity than copper and is a superior conductor of electricity. On the other hand, its use is not nearly as widespread because it is not as abundant as copper. The vast majority of silver is obtained as a byproduct of the mining of other metals, most often zinc, lead, copper, and gold. Peru, Mexico, and China are the top three countries in silver commodity trading production.

Silver has a long history of being used to create silverware and jewellery. Still, in modern times, the production of batteries and photography equipment is where silver is most generally linked. The value of silver is established by the numerous applications of silver in the commodity trading industrial sector as well as silver’s status as a precious metal. The amount of silver that constitutes one silver contract equals 5,000 troy ounces.


Gold is both a means of trade and a store of value that is utilised extensively. It has been used as currency for a very long time, and the fact that it is relatively rare compared to other metals makes it an attractive alternative to more volatile paper currencies. In high-end electronic components, gold is employed because of its conductivity and corrosion resistance.

The value of gold is more consistent than the value of other commodities, and the fact that its price is on the rise is evidence of a healthy economy on a global scale. When the most important commodity trading economies in the world are struggling, investors seek refuge in gold as a hedge against economic uncertainty, which drives up the price of gold. Gold reserves held by central banks provide a foundation for the value of paper currencies. The cost is shown in a single ounce of gold troy weight.

Natural Gas

Natural gas in its gaseous state is burned as a fuel in every region of the world. Gasoline may be found in oil deposits, and its most common use include heating, cooking, and electrical power generation. The price of natural gas is highly responsive to unexpected shifts in the supply and demand of the market. Even though suppliers frequently boost output in response to rises in price, the situation is reversed when prices decrease.

Brent Crude Oil

WTI Crude Oil, one of two standards for crude oil, has developed into a worldwide commodity. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is a kind of crude oil produced in the United States and gets most of its supplies from the state of Texas. Brent Crude, the world’s second-most-used oil standard, is less heavy, sweeter, and more refined than WTI. The refining process is easier and costs less when crude oil contains less sulphur. The extraction process known as fracking has lately expanded the WTI oil supply in the United States. Locationally closer to main markets in Europe, Africa, and Asia, Brent Crude has the edge over WTI.

Exactly which commodity has the biggest amount of trade? Brent Crude Oil, similarly to the other benchmark crude oil, WTI, is largely processed into transportation fuels like diesel and gasoline.

Because of their usefulness in building a diversified portfolio, commodities have recently gained in popularity as an investment vehicle. Commodity trading futures contracts are the most popular form of commodity trading, however other techniques are used by certain dealers. Start trading with loans from Piramal Housing Finance in 2022 and have access to the greatest commodities to trade in India.