Still Unvaccinated? Here’s What You Need to Do to Schedule an Appointment


The COVID-19 vaccines were created using research that had been written about in literature for a long time. These vaccines aren’t being tested out. They have gone through every step of the process for a brand-new discovery. Aside from that, many clinics look at COVID-19-specific vaccines every day because this virus has caused so much damage.

Because of this, it is very important for people to take part in vaccination campaigns put on by local groups or other groups that are allowed to give out vaccines. And if one is still unvaccinated, follow these steps to schedule a visit. Read on to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccination process and its impact.

Advantages of COVID-19 Vaccination

Here are the perks of being vaccinated:

  • The COVID-19 vaccines work well 

The COVID-19 vaccine has been tested by many public drug bodies worldwide. They have been shown to lower the risk of getting COVID-19. So it’s safe; one can do a COWIN registration for himself or anyone unvaccinated in the family.

  • It may benefit unborn children or infants

According to studies, the COVID-19 vaccine creates a viral antibody that is transferred to the unborn child via the placenta. It has also been shown that mothers transmit antibodies to their babies via breast milk. Given that young children cannot receive the vaccine, these newborns must have resistance to the virus.

  • Protecting loved ones and friends

By getting the COVID-19 vaccine, an unvaccinated person also reduces the risk of passing the COVID-19 virus to loved ones, friends, or others one comes into contact with.

  • Securely building the immune system 

It is well known that vaccines enhance the immune system by preparing the body to combat threats. That is why many think vaccines improve the system and how the body responds to foreign objects.

  • Users cannot contract COVID through a COVID vaccine 

Many unvaccinated people hold the wrong faith that, as the vaccine contains a thread of viral infection, one might contract it. One is not in danger if they get the vaccine, because that’s not how a virus impacts a body.

Process of Scheduling an Appointment Through the Cowin App

A person’s journey from unvaccinated to vaccinated benefits him and his family. Keep in mind that there is no official Cowin app for registration. This Cowin app is only available to backend leaders but not to normal users. Here are the steps to follow to get vaccinated through the Cowin portal:

  • Login

For Cowin registration, go to www.cowin.gov.in and choose the “register or sign in yourself” option. Enter a current mobile number and press the ‘Get OTP’ button. The OTP will be delivered to the unvaccinated user through SMS and must be input within 180 seconds before the user may click on the Verify page.

  • Registration

This page for vaccine enrollment will open when the OTP is entered. Enter the vital details. All fields are needed. Once completed, click the “Register” button at the bottom right of the page. One will also get a confirmation mail in this regard.

  • Scheduling the Vaccines 

After registering, one will see a “schedule” option on the page. By clicking on it, they will be sent to the “Book Appointment for Vaccines” section, where they may search for the vaccine center of their choice by entering their district or PIN. 

The available spaces and a “Book” link will be shown when one clicks on any center. One may alter the date to their liking and tap on a book to ensure the visit.

  • Booking Proof 

After selecting the Book tab, a booking proof window will be presented. Check the information, and if it is right, click the “Confirm” button. To alter the date, click the “Back” button. After confirmation, the platform will display the message “Booking Successful”. 

The “Print” option is located at the top right of the page; by clicking on it, the user may download and store the confirmation message with all its contents. When heading to the vaccination, have a printout of this.

  • Rescheduling 

Re-enter the cellphone number into “Citizen Registration.” Enter a current phone number and then click the “Get OTP” option. Submit the OTP and click “verify,” which will lead to the Account Details page. 

Clicking “Re-schedule” will take you to that same “Book Visit for Vaccination” page. Repeat the prior ways to locate a facility near the district. Please remember that the visit cannot be changed after the planned vaccine date.

  • The Second Dosage 

This is done in the same way as the first dosage booking. To arrange a visit, click “Schedule.” Confirm and store the data.

Stay Away from These Myths:

There are always new myths to confront; thus, the debate shouldn’t be solely or mainly focused on doing so. Making a myth more well-known might have the unintended effect of allowing the myth to be more remembered than reality. Yet there are times when dealing with false information is vital. If one finds oneself in such an event, use facts, caution, and fallacies. This is how it goes:

  • Begin with the facts. The COVID-19 vaccine is very reliable and safe.
  • Tell unvaccinated people before the myth emerges. “There is false information about ___.”
  • Mention the myth one is disputing.
  • Finish with a fact. Explain why the myth is untrue.
  • The vital point is to “replace the wrong information with the correct data.”


Every year, vaccines save millions of lives. The discovery of safe and efficient COVID-19 vaccinations is a vital step toward allowing us to do more of our favorite tasks with loved ones. Even if one previously had COVID-19, getting vaccinated as soon as possible is vital. Becoming vaccinated is a better approach to gaining COVID-19 immunity than getting sick. 

Vaccination is vital for a safe and healthy life, so be aware of the myths. Visit the Piramal Finance website for more such blogs and to explore their financial products and services.