Step By Step Process For How To Generate New Atm Pin


Account users may generate an ATM PIN by visiting the particular bank’s ATM. For PIN generation, they may use their registered mobile number, internet banking, or mobile banking services. This procedure makes it easy for every account holder to generate the ATM PIN. Also, account holders may get a debit card at the moment of account opening. But they must also know how to generate the ATM PIN.

So the process of debit card generation is easy. But do you know that you must take precautions during the entire process? This blog will explain various techniques for generating an ATM pin. 

What Is ATM PIN?

An ATM PIN or Personal Identification Number refers to a 4-digit code. So this code is unique to every bank account holder. This code ensures the security of every transaction you undertake. It could be cash withdrawals, POS transactions, or online transactions. Furthermore, the transaction is only complete when you enter the correct pin. So this reduces the possibility of fraudulent transactions. 

How To Generate Debit Card ATM PIN?

Below we will list various methods to generate an ATM PIN generation. So users may opt for any of these methods as per their accessibility and convenience. Note that the mentioned process and procedures may vary from bank to bank.

Let’s check the steps for ATM PIN Generate:

ATM PIN Generation Through ATM Machine

So you need to visit the ATM kiosk of your bank to set up your card’s PIN using an ATM Machine. Next, insert your card into the ATM and choose “Generate PIN.” If the bank has provided you with a temporary PIN, you will need it to set up the PIN on your ATM card. If not, you will use the OTP to authenticate to initiate the process and generate ATM. To authenticate your request to create an ATM card PIN, certain banks may need you to provide your bank account and registered mobile number. After verification, you may continue to enter and submit your four-digit card PIN.

ATM PIN Generation Through SMS

You can follow these steps if you are thinking about generating an ATM Pin through SMS. Type the text in your bank’s required format and forward it to the bank’s SMS service number. Once the request has been received, you will be given a temporary OTP active for a few hours. Then, you will need to take the following steps:

  • Locate the bank ATM closest to you.
  • Put your debit card into the ATM
  • Select “Generate PIN” for pin generation
  • Enter the temporary PIN received
  • Select “Confirm”
  • Input your four-digit PIN and then re-enter it.
  • Select “Submit” to verify your PIN.

ATM PIN Generation Through Netbanking

  • Log in to the bank’s online banking site
  • Browse to the “Debit Card” part of the site.
  • Then, choose any option that indicates “generate PIN” or “create a PIN.”
  • Once you select this option, the site will provide activation instructions for your debit card.
  • Follow the online activation procedures for your debit card.

ATM PIN Generation Through the Mobile App

You may generate your ATM card PIN using your mobile banking application. Here are the procedures that you need to take:

  • Use the bank’s mobile app to log in.
  • Select the account you want to generate a PIN for your ATM card.
  • From “ATM Card Services,” choose “Generate PIN.”
  • Input the four-digit PIN code and confirm it.
  • Use the OTP issued to your registered mobile number to validate.

After authentication, you can now use this pin to conduct transactions effortlessly.

ATM PIN Generation Through The Customer Care

To create a PIN via customer service, you must contact the customer service number for your bank and receive an OTP for PIN creation on your card. You will need to provide specific information, like your account number, card number, etc. So once all the information has been verified, you will get an OTP active for a few hours. Next, follow these steps:

  • Visit the bank ATM closest to you.
  • Insert your debit card into the ATM
  • Select “Generate PIN”
  • Input the received OTP
  • Select “Confirm”
  • Input your four-digit PIN and then re-enter it.
  • Select “Submit” to verify your PIN.

Note A Few Things

  • Banks provide OTP to the user’s registered cellphone number to authenticate and activate the debit card.
  • Never discuss or click on spammy links to activate or change/create your debit card PIN with anybody other than the bank.

Points To Consider While Generating ATM PIN

Keep these things in mind whenever creating a PIN for a debit card:

  • Do not click on odd links or websites that ask you to update or generate your debit card PIN.
  • Never disclose your PIN for your debit card to anybody.
  • Prevent using your birthdate, mobile number, or other sensitive data as your password.
  • Safeguard your PIN when using your debit card at a POS.
  • Always transact with your debit card on authorised sites that require you to enter your PIN.
  • Never reveal your debit card PIN via telephone, email, or text. Banks never request banking credentials or other personal details over email, text, or telephone.
  • Always handle your debit card with caution.
  • Maintain a routine of updating the PIN of your debit card after PIN Generation.

Always Keep Your ATM PIN Confidential

Because the PIN gives you (or anybody who knows it) access to your funds, it is crucial to keep the pin confidential. Protect it and avoid writing it on the backside of your ATM or debit card. Also, some individuals use a single PIN for all their cards, phones, etc. This is not a wise decision. Develop and implement a particular logic for various PINs. When you use the same PIN for every transaction, you are putting too much of your financial data at risk. Never reveal the PIN to anybody who calls and pretends to be a bank employee.


For ATM PIN generation, you may follow the above instructions. Nevertheless, before activating your debit card, understand the PIN-generating procedure and keep other factors in mind. Stay aware and avoid falling into any fraudulent transactions. For more information, get in touch with Piramal Finance.