Step-by-Step Guide to Register on the Co-Win App


Vaccination of every age group is essential. The Indian government has launched the Cowin app to ensure this happens effectively. It’s convenient to register and book your vaccination on this app. Senior citizens can even get vaccinated in the comfort of their homes.

To register on the app, citizens can open the Cowin app and follow the steps to book their vaccination appointment. However, the Cowin app is not available on Google Playstore. Instead, you can access it through the ArogyaSetu app. This post details the steps to register on the Cowin app and the process for booking a vaccination slot.

What is the Cowin App?

The government of India has launched the Cowin self-registration website and app. It acts as a digital platform to help Indian citizens with vaccination slots. The Cowin self-registration app is operated and maintained by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

  1. Users can book their slots in their neighbourhood
  2. Users can also download their vaccination certificate from the Cowin app, once they get vaccinated

Most Indian citizens have taken both their vaccination doses. In January 2022, the government of India launched the booster dose for senior citizens.

To book a slot you should log into the Cowin app. Register through the Arogya Setu Cowin self-registration section.

COVID cases are still rising in India. Many people are still affected by the virus even after getting vaccinated. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions and maintain safety to stay protected against Covid-19 by following the guidelines properly. The guidelines are mentioned in the Cowin self-registration app. People should also secure themselves financially to fight against COVID. They can choose a COVID insurance policy. The best insurance policy usually takes care of all medical expenses for COVID-19 treatment. Choose a policy that meets your requirements.

Steps to register on the Cowin self-registration website:

  • Open the website through the link
  • Enter your mobile number to receive an OTP
  • Enter the OTP and verify your number. (Standard time to input OTP is 180 seconds for verification)
  • After validation, you become eligible to be a part of the Cowin register
  • Enter your personal information (name, number, age, Photo ID, and gender)
  • Click on the ‘register’ button
  • The Cowin self-registration app will send you a confirmation message
  • As a registered user, you can now book your vaccination slot through the website

Users can access the Cowin app through the Arogya Setu app. Listed below are some additional facts about the Cowin app:

  • At a time 4 members can be added to the Cowin register
  • Appointments can be rescheduled through the app. However, it has to be done before the pre-booked vaccination date
  • Registered users who have already taken their first dose will receive a reminder for their second dose before the due date of their next vaccination on the Cowin self-registration app
  • The registered account details can be edited before the vaccination appointment. However, the record details cannot be modified after getting vaccinated
  • To book the slot there should be one available. Users can check for slot availability in their neighbourhood by entering their pin code
  • The working hours of the portal of Cowin self-registration are 9 AM to 5:30 PM

We’ve broken down the steps to register on the Cowin app to book vaccination slots by following the above steps.

Everyone should take precautions to protect themselves from this critical health condition. Not only health but financial safety is also pertinent to protect yourself from the repercussions of the virus. To safeguard yourself you can opt for an insurance plan by picking one from those available on Cowin.

Why Opt for Financial Protection Against Coronavirus?

The rapid spread of Covid-19 across the country has economically affected citizens and the government. There are several coronavirus insurance plans and policies. You can opt for one to secure yourself against this unpredictable situation. Following are a few of the benefits of having a COVID insurance plan:

  • A financial safety net for your family and loved ones
  • Life coverage at a pocket-friendly rate
  • Easy financial planning and complete protection for the entire family
  • Quick claim settlement
  • Availability of inflation-proof policies

You can avoid any uncertain situations arising due to the pandemic by getting a COVID insurance policy. No one can predict an unfortunate, untimely health condition or mishap. If you have a history of health conditions and consider yourself at a higher risk, you need to insure yourself immediately.

Checking Your Cowin Register: Vaccination Status

On the Cowin app, there is an essential feature which is the ‘Know Your Vaccination Status’ feature. Any Indian citizen can know his/her vaccination details through this feature. Authorized persons can also access the vaccination details. The details are helpful for several purposes:

  • This can help in verifying the vaccination status of individuals in the Cowin register. The status can be whether fully, partially, or not vaccinated
  • The service can also be utilized by travel companies to verify the traveller’s details
  • Employers can verify the vaccination details of their employees
  • Private and government service providers can authenticate consumers’ vaccination data through the Cowin app


The government has launched the Cowin app to make the vaccination process easier and accessible to all Indian citizens. All Indian citizens of any age group and senior citizens can book their slots through this app.  Book your vaccination slots through the Cowin self-registration app and safeguard yourself against Covid-19. For more blogs related to healthcare and personal finance, head to the Piramal Finance website. You can also explore their financial products and services, such as personal loans, credit cards, and financial calculators.