Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in India with Low Investment

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We are moving to a progressive society where women are on par with men in all respects. Women nowadays are more career-minded, talented, and bright. However, the development of women entrepreneurs in India has been sluggish compared to other nations. Still, the transformation appears imminent.

Women’s increasing ability to start their own businesses is having an impact on the nation’s economy. There is a growing number of successful female entrepreneurs in the fashion, media, and interior design sectors.

Several challenges are specific to new ventures. Most women entrepreneurs in India are the primary breadwinners in their households, but many also secretly have entrepreneurial aspirations. These would-be entrepreneurs might use some advice on how to come up with a workable business plan.

Some concepts are obscure, some fuzzy, while others are too unbelievable to be embraced. No, we do not intend to give up our dreams. These frugal small business ideas for women entrepreneurs in India are great to start with and will assist them in developing their businesses over time without leaving their houses.

Fashion Designing

Businesses centered on clothing and jewelry have always been a favorite for female entrepreneurs in India. Do you like designing and sewing your garments? If this describes you, you might make a killing by helping other people realize their inner fashionista through a business you started.

As a low-overhead venture, fashion design is a great option for women looking to start their businesses. Set up a small but well-organized studio in your house, and sell your first garments to your friends and neighbors. You can build a successful career by looking at how well-known women fashion designers have done.

Daycare Services

The opening of childcare facilities and creches is becoming increasingly common as a viable option for women seeking to start their businesses. Frequently, working mothers search for childcare services that create a homelike atmosphere for their children. Women may launch this enterprise from their homes.


There is a significant market for bakery items. Launching and operating a successful bakery from the comfort of your home is possible if you have a passion for baking and a penchant for experimenting with delicious batters. In reality, all it takes to get a business off the ground is a fraction of the necessary know-how and a few inexpensive tools.

Get started by baking some bread, cakes, and cupcakes. Use sites like Instagram and Facebook to advertise your services and solicit word-of-mouth recommendations from your network.

Extracurricular Activities for Children

This is different from other classes for kids, though. Parents of today (millennials) are increasingly pressed for time, both at work and home, and as a result, they are less likely to take their kids out for fun activities. They always seek new methods to improve their children’s lives, such as storytelling classes, do-it-yourself arts and crafts, creative writing, and spiritual growth.

The majority of women have innate skills when it comes to taking care of children. These classes are open to everyone willing to learn, and no prior experience is necessary. As a bonus, starting online courses from the comfort of your home is easy, and employees have a great deal of leeway in scheduling. You may boost awareness of your work by telling your friends and family about it.

Social Event Organizer

The celebrations continue to grow in scale and splendor. People enjoy celebrating special events, such as birthdays, baby showers, farewell parties, weddings, and corporate functions, with a bit of extravagance and without having to worry about extra hassles. This is where the event planner comes in. This is a great place to begin if hosting parties at home is something you enjoy doing. 


Some professions, like photography, are propelled solely by the need to create. It doesn’t take long to rise to fame if you have a talent for photography. Nowadays, with the help of digital technology, even amateur photographers can take pictures that look like a professional took them. Having an active profile on platforms like Facebook and Instagram is sufficient for widespread recognition.

A photographer’s initial outlay of capital is for the purchase of necessary gear. Photography is now one of the top home-based businesses open to women entrepreneurs in India.

Cataloging and Selling Goods Online

With the help of online marketplaces, you can buy and sell goods without ever leaving your house but still get your errands done. With the advancement of technology, previously inaccessible resources are now within everyone’s reach.

Another option for women entrepreneurs in India is to sell their wares on online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. In today’s economy, women can showcase their talents and earn money through online marketplaces like Etsy. Vendors sell a wide variety of goods, including soaps, candles, and unique handmade creations. If you can prove your creativity, you will be compensated quickly. That’s the whole deal.


A majority of Indian women tend to be excellent cooks. They are driven to be better cooks by their desire to provide their families with nutritious and tasty meals. A lot can be learned about new flavors and textures by merely experimenting in the kitchen.

One of the most frugal ways for women entrepreneurs in India to start their businesses is through the culinary arts. Initiate your culinary career by enrolling in cooking classes and posting photos of your culinary creations on social media. Providing food delivery services from your kitchen could be a simple way to start your own business.


Deck out the area with toys your children have outgrown and turn it into a play zone for toddlers. An eye for detail and compassion for children (women are merely equipped with these senses) are all that you need to transform this small business idea for women entrepreneurs in India into a prosperous one. Consult a finance expert at Piramal Housing Finance for more queries. They will gladly assist you.