Simple Steps to Check Credit Card Status Online


At some point in our lives, we have all applied for a credit card. Honestly, credit cards have made life simple. It is even better to know that using credit cards has many benefits. But to get to the point where we can avail the benefits, we must possess a credit card first. Naturally, the application to get one comes first. It is followed by checking the progress of your application. Thanks to technology, people can check their credit card status online.

This article will take you through the steps that can help you check your credit card status.

But before we jump into the steps, let’s answer some basic questions.

What is a credit card?

It is a simple way of getting an advance for a short time. Credit cards are also known as plastic money and are universally accepted. Banks issue these cards when you apply for them, and you have to set a credit limit.

What is a credit limit?

A credit limit is the total amount of money the bank is willing to give you on credit. That means, this amount can be used by using your credit card.

Who can apply for a credit card?

Anyone who is 18 or older, a citizen of India, has a reliable source of income, and has a good credit score can apply for a credit card at a bank. You will be required to show a few documents, such as identity proof, address proof, income proof, and two passport-sized photographs.

What can you do with your credit card?

You can use your credit card to purchase anything online or offline, provided the vendor has that payment option. The transaction needs to be approved by your bank for the purchase to go through. If the bank authorizes the transaction, the payable amount is deducted from your credit card. The credit amount on your credit card decreases.

Now that we know what a credit card is and how it can be used, let’s move forward.

After you receive your credit card and start using it, you will also receive a credit card statement each month.

The credit card statement includes all purchases you have made during that period. The record of these purchases is reflected in your account. Thus, when you pay the credit limit amount, you will be required to pay the amount mentioned in the credit card statement along with the minimum amount that is due.

Why do people prefer using credit cards?

Unlike debit cards, credit cards allow users to pay the amount in installments. This becomes helpful when one is buying high-end luxury goods. Today, this is a widely preferred option and is offered by almost all retailers.

Further, credit cards are accepted internationally. This makes it easier to shop for your favorite products from international brands. Many of these outlets only accept credit cards.

In addition, by repaying the credit amount on time, a person can improve his or her credit score. After all, credit card limits are like short-term loans.

And above all, credit cards offer exclusive rewards and a customized luxury experience at many airport lounges. Many people also receive cashback after their purchase when they use credit cards.

Is it safe to use credit cards?

These days, using credit cards is actually safer than carrying cash. Thanks to the two-factor authentication protocol, no one can misuse your credit card, even if it is stolen.

Most importantly, by not paying for the entire amount in one go, you can avoid falling prey to defective goods and fraud. It is also easier to file complaints with credit card websites.

The above-mentioned points would have probably cleared up much confusion around credit cards.

Can you apply for a credit card online?

Yes. Applying for credit cards online is quite popular these days. It is a hassle-free and quick process. Here is what you can do:

  1. Go to the official website of the bank or institution where you want to apply for a credit card.
  2. Enter the information as required.
  3. Choose which credit card plan works best for you.
  4. Submit the application and check your credit card status once the application is approved.

Here is what you can do after applying for a credit card: Check your credit card status online.

Thanks to the FinTech revolution, the banking sector has become more seamless. It is easy to conduct digital transactions and check bank statements online. Checking your credit card status is no exception.

Steps to check your credit card status online

  1. Visit the official website of the bank where you applied for the credit card.
  2. There would be an online credit card tracking option; click on that.
  3. You can enter your customer ID, registered mobile number, email ID, PAN details, or date of birth.
  4. Once the information has been entered and validated, it will show your credit card status. You can track the progress by seeing if the credit card application is under progress, approved, dispatched, on hold or rejected
  5. If this sounds complicated, you can send an email by clicking on the email tab on the official website of the bank.
  6. Fill out the details in the mail, and the bank will respond to your query in a few business days.

You can also email the bank regarding the specific status of your credit card. For instance, if the status shows “dispatched,” but it has been weeks since the card reached you, you can contact your bank account by raising that query.


Applying for a credit card and checking the status online is easy. People are advised to compare all schemes and credit card options before choosing one. Credit cards are useful and very helpful in increasing your credit score. To learn more about credit cards, their benefits, the application process, and status tracking, visit the Piramal Finance website.