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An NPS scheme or retirement plan is a long-term investment strategy that helps people save money for their futures. It ensures a steady flow of money after retirement and helps deal with the unknown future. No one, regardless of wealth, can afford to forego a pension scheme. A pension plan allows you to save for retirement and ensure financial stability. In a pension plan, the insured must make regular payments until retirement. The insured receives regular payments from the accumulated money from a pension or an annuity. Pension plans guarantee a person’s financial stability after retirement and help in planning for unanticipated scenarios.

The money you save is quickly depleted, and you only use it for emergencies. Therefore, selecting the most appropriate pension plan is essential to guarantee that you will have sufficient funds to cover your essential living expenses in retirement. Contributing regularly to a pension plan allows your savings to grow through the power of compounding, which can have a material effect on your final savings corpus.

Varieties of Indian Pension Plans

Insurers and their clients may choose from a wide variety of NPS schemes. Several classifications may be made for these programmes based on the features and details of the benefits they provide. The following eight categories may be used to categorise these retirement plans further:

Annuity Certain

In this pension option, the annuity is paid out over a certain period. If the annuitant passes away before receiving all their pay-outs, the insurance policy’s beneficiary will get the remaining instalments.

Guaranteed Period Annuity

A guaranteed period annuity plan provides the annuitant with payments for a certain number of years (often 5, 10, 15, or 20) regardless of whether the insured person lives that long.

Life Annuity

Under a life annuity plan, the pension money will be paid to the annuitant until death. A pension payment will be given to the policyholder’s spouse in the case of the policyholder’s death if the option “with the spouse” is chosen.

National Pension Scheme (NPS)

The government of India created the NPS scheme to guarantee retirees a stable income for the rest of their lives. The NPS scheme places investor money in equity and debt funds according to their investment objectives. In the event of retirement, the policyholder may withdraw 60% of the total and use the remaining 40% to purchase an annuity. Investment returns at maturity are not tax-free.

Whole Life ULIPs

This pension plan option allows for tax-free income and partial withdrawals for the rest of the insured person’s life while the funds remain invested. If additional withdrawals are necessary, you may make them.

Why should you save for retirement?

A retirement savings plan such as the NPS scheme is essential, on par with medical insurance. Some clarifications are as follows.

You can’t expect to be productive 24/7

Indeed, others intend to keep working until the day they die. Most people won’t be able to work because of age or health problems. Having a reliable revenue stream is very important in a situation like this. If you become disabled and cannot work, your retirement savings may continue to support you.

A fund for potential medical expenses

The risk of becoming sick increases as you become older. The effects of aging on your finances are similar to those on your body. Medical care is one of the most common types of expenses people face after they retire. If you don’t already have a retirement plan like the NPS scheme, you should consider getting one now.

Medical Emergency

A medical emergency may be devastating financially at any age, especially after retirement. A pension plan may help you prevent this kind of financial difficulty.

You should do it to check an item off your list.

Fulfil your dreams

You may have given up on many dreams, ambitions, and objectives throughout your life, from when you were young to when you’re old and grey. But if you’ve picked one of India’s best retirement plans, you may check items off your list with relative simplicity.

Sustained economic autonomy

By keeping your financial footing after retirement, you can avoid putting undue strain on your children. Because of this, you can relax knowing that your family (children) is secure financially.

You’d want to provide for your loved ones, too

One more benefit of retiring comfortably with retirement plans is the ability to provide for one’s family in times of need.

Why should you Start Planning for Retirement right now?

  • The sooner you start saving for retirement, the more potential there is to amass a sizable nest egg that will allow you to live comfortably in your golden years. We’ll examine why you should start preparing for retirement now.
  • With the help of your retirement plan in India, like the NPS scheme, you will have a steady income to satisfy the family’s financial obligations once you retire.
  • Retirement funds may be used to deal with unforeseen expenses like medical care or financial hardships.
  • The opportunity to retire without worrying about supporting yourself or others is a huge boon for retirement preparation.

How to Calculate the Return of Pension Scheme?

Retirement planning and saving, like the NPS scheme, are both important, but investors should prioritise returns when deciding which retirement plan to choose.

Pension plan ROI may be calculated by using the following methods:

  • The online pension calculator can help you rapidly estimate your retirement savings. 
  • The total money required, the monthly charges, and your savings and spending habits will all need to be entered. 
  • The data may be used to estimate the national pension scheme returns.


Several retirement plans in India, such as the NPS scheme, provide a comfortable and secure old age. They are widely used as part of retirement planning. There are several pension plans from which to choose in India, so it’s important to evaluate your financial needs before committing. There are those of us who put away money every month to ensure we have a comfortable retirement. If you’re willing to decide which retirement plan is the best for you, consider consulting an expert at Piramal Financing House. Even while salaried individuals will have pension income after retirement and those who are self-employed will have savings, choosing a pension plan early in life always proves to be a lifesaver.