Business Loan

Salient Features of Business Loans in India You Should Know


Business loans are available to companies for a very long time. These loans may be used for anything, from expansion and cash-flow improvements to day-to-day operations and anything in between. The market is rife with many types of loans, and you should be able to find one for your needs by carefully evaluating the need for a business loan for traders before agreeing to take one out. If you need more money, consider looking into other financing possibilities.

In India, there is a wide variety of business loans to choose from, each with its eligibility restrictions and suggested use cases. To simplify matters, we have included a brief overview of many common types of business loans for traders and their benefits.

Long-term borrowings 

A term loan entails a single, large upfront payment from the lender, which is repaid with interest throughout a certain period. It’s common sense that a small business with stellar credit would benefit from the lower interest rates and longer repayment terms of a term loan. There are a few situations in which you could want a term loan:

  • For machinery and other equipment to use in the manufacturing activities.
  • Investing in a new factory or land to accelerate or increase production.
  • Means of diversification and growth via acquisition of a new company.
  • Lending a firm the money for its daily needs.

Access to credit for businesses

Revolving credit allows businesses to borrow a certain amount of business loan as and when needed rather than all at once. The lending company might set a maximum amount. Withdrawals up to this limit may be made at any time to meet financial commitments or maintain operations.

The built-in adaptability allows you to withdraw a predetermined sum without doing it all at once. Since you’ll only be required to pay interest on the actual amount borrowed rather than your whole credit line, you won’t feel as pressured to repay huge amounts.

Equipment financing

Equipment loans are lucrative for business owners for machinery, equipment, or commercial vehicles. The fixed asset itself secures the loan. Therefore, the necessary machinery, equipment or vehicle is leased and serves as security for the loan, making equipment financing a secured business loan for traders. If the lessee fails to make lease payments, the company may recoup its losses by selling the leased item. If there is a lot of debt or sketchy credit history and have problems obtaining the money to finance the purchase of an item, this is the best option for you.

Paying invoices using money from finances

If you’re especially in the industrial sector, you may need to give your clients generous credit terms and payment plans that spread out their payments over 90 or 180 days. It’s possible, however, that you’ll need to make a hasty payment to your vendors. You’ll need funds to keep operations running smoothly and fuelling expansion. With invoice financing, you may use your invoices as collateral for a loan.

Capital expenditures on commercial real estate

Commercial real estate loans are similar to funding for machinery or other equipment. While conventional mortgages are used to finance the purchase of residential properties, commercial real estate loans are used to finance the acquisition of commercial properties like warehouses, stores, and factories. The collateral for the loan is the company’s physical assets.

Factors taken into consideration for a business loan

When traditional lenders aren’t an option, you may utilize your funds or find angel investors to back your company. Get the business loan for traders’ application if you need it. You must follow several deliberate steps to apply for and get authorized for this loan. Lenders think about whether your business will bring in enough money to pay the EMI on schedule. Therefore, having a solid credit history and sufficient annual revenue is crucial. You should consider these three factors when asking for a company loan in 2022.

Determine the amount of loan

Spending on things like sales, growth, new product launches, marketing initiatives, and so on requires careful consideration of cash flow. Since these are questions the lender is likely to ask, answering them accurately is vital. You need to know the exact business loan for traders amount to know whether you’ll be short or over on funds. The latter might lead to increased loan rates, but the former will make it difficult to run your business. As different banks have varying maximum loan sanctioning limitations, knowing the actual amount can help you pick the lender.

Researching the reputability of the lender and other viable possibilities

You need to think about the following three things to get the best possible loan.

  • Enterprises often choose conventional lenders despite their long application and approval processes and stringent eligibility standards. Consequently, the loan amounts will be distributed later than expected, and the procedure will be time-consuming and cumbersome. Nowadays, it is possible to get a loan from a non-bank lender, and many of them have streamlined online applications and few documentation requirements. The process of obtaining these loans via lending businesses is less complicated.
  • Pick a business loan for traders that gives you some leeway in how quickly you have to pay them back. Making your payments on time is crucial to maintaining a good credit rating. Some businesses additionally put a premium on the EMI date because of its significance in the company’s cash flow cycle, payroll schedule, etc. In addition, if you go for a lender that offers prepayment options, you’ll be able to pay off your debts ahead of schedule.
  • Consider the lender’s standing very carefully. Despite these limitations, online reviews may be used to evaluate a lender’s reliability. If you go with a poor lender, your business assets and funds might be at risk.

Time required for financial transactions

It’s important to shop around and see how long it takes different lenders to credit your loan. Disbursement times vary among lenders. Some recipients may apply for funds instantly, while others may take days, weeks, or even months. Verify if it satisfies the standards of your organization. Finding a lender who can accommodate your timeline is important for immediate requirement.


There has been a dramatic improvement in the availability of business loans over the past decade, and thanks to the proliferation of NBFCs that provide such loans to companies at advantageous rates. An eligibility calculator for a business loan for traders will help to determine how much of a loan you might get based on your income after taxes. You may adjust the monthly EMI, interest rate, and loan term using an online business loan eligibility calculator. You may consult an expert from Piramal Financing House, a reputed institution, if you have any doubts, and they are willing to guide you.