Personal Loan

Risk Factors Involved in Financing your Holidays With a Personal Loan


In life, there might be situations in which one feels the need to take out a loan. This is the most accessible and convenient option. The list for this can be quite long. It can be for medical expenses, financing items, consolidating debts, etc. There are many loans that one can choose from depending on their needs. The most common one is a personal loan. It is also known as an “unsecured loan.”

It is an open-ended loan and can be used for almost anything. In case one is planning to go for a lavish abroad trip on loan, there are a few things to consider. The idea of being able to go on a luxurious holiday on loan seems quite lucrative. One can easily avail themselves of a personal loan for holiday. But there are a few risk factors that one must know before applying for a loan. 

What are the risk factors involved?

  1. The rate of interest: 

The fact that someone qualifies for a loan does not always imply that they should take it. It should be well-researched. The rate of interest for some loans can be less than 10%. On the other hand, there are few for whom the speed is relatively high. Most of the time, the rate of interest is fixed depending on the credit score. However, this particular law of improving the rate falls under the lender’s duty. So they can charge whatever they want to. 

One needs to be careful when checking the APR, i.e., the annual percentage rate. It can show manipulated data. Hence, it is best to check the total amount to be paid. It should include additional charges, interest, and the principal throughout the tenure of the loan. Knowing the ultimate cost of the loan is a better way. 

  1. Know about the penalty charged for early payoff: 

Can a person lawfully pay back the loan before time? Will there be any charges associated with it? It depends on what kind of loan has been taken. If one is willing to take a personal loan for a holiday, then such research must be done. The loan can be taken from a bank, a P2P (peer-to-peer) lender, or even some agencies. They are paying off the loan before it is due, which should ideally be their target. So, to do so, one must carefully go through the fine print. It must be made sure that no such penalties are charged, and even if they are, they should be minimal. 

  1. Big upfront fees:

What money does one need to spend to get the loan in their account? The upfront fees can widely vary from one lender to another. One must ensure that the upfront payment is fair and in line with the market level. Several providers have a varying range of fees. So, it is essential to do research and not take the first loan that gets approved. 

  1. There are privacy concerns: 

Loan unions and banks have some stringent laws for privacy. Many more options need to be more formal. But they are expected to maintain all the privacy laws laid down by the banks. 

  1. Insurance pitch:

There are many personal loan options that salespeople pitch. It has extra insurance for the loan to be protected in case of unexpected events in life. It might hamper the chances of someone repaying the loan. In this case, one can contact a trusted agent and ask for a quote on disability insurance. It will be relatively cheaper that way. It would also give them better coverage. 

  1. Interests that are precomputed:

The initial payment schedule is used to calculate interest using precomputed interest. It is independent of how much the loan has already been paid off. On the other hand, simple interest bases the claim on what is left to be paid off as of the current date. It is essential to check how the lender calculates the interest. One should opt for simple interest if one looks forward to paying off the amount before the completion of the term. If one is taking a personal loan for holiday, then such research must be done beforehand. 

  1. Payday loans:

Is anyone interested in taking a personal loan for holiday that is short-term? Then it is easy to get tempted by the payday loan. This offer might seem lucrative, but government agents and financial gurus advise against opting for this loan. The interest rate is quite high. It is also planned so that one will have to roll over the loan for an extra term. 

  1. Unnecessary complications: 

Taking a loan is a really simple process. A person gives a certain amount to someone, and that needs to be paid back with interest. If an agency makes a lucrative offer, it is important to understand that they will never lose money on behalf of their clients. They are here to do business, which is all about making money. Personal loans are quite basic and easy to understand. If it is not, then it is a matter of concern. 


Loans are going to make a profit only for the lenders. The borrowers need money and have a convenient way to borrow the required amount. That does not mean they have a profit. So if one is taking a personal loan for holiday, it should be justified. If one is looking for a finance agency, Piramal Finance is a good personal loan or financing option for buyers.