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Pros and cons of personal loan for dental treatment


Are you looking for dental treatment but worried about the huge expenses?

Often we think that dental treatment doesn’t require too much money. But the cost can skyrocket if it comes to necessary procedures like implantation, surgery, and more. Often you might need more funds to meet the ends. Delaying the treatment just because you need the funds is not a good idea. Because the more you delay, the worse the condition gets. So, you should arrange the funds from somewhere and get the treatment. 

A personal loan sounds like a great option for meeting medical emergencies. You can apply for a standard or small loan according to your needs. Many creditors are there who offer personal loans for medical emergencies. So you don’t have to face any problems in getting credit. But before you do so, learning about the loan sounds better. The following article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a personal loan for dental treatment

Why is dental treatment cost in India? 

Before learning about a personal loan for dental treatment, let’s learn the reasons for higher costs. You won’t have to pay much if you get tooth removal or polish. But the cost will be high if it is a root canal surgery, implantation, or porcelain veneer. Therefore, learning more about the reasons for such high costs is crucial. 

  1. Not all dentists can offer the best treatment. To get the best-in-class treatment, you should visit a top-notch hospital. This automatically increases the treatment costs. 
  2. Usually, the machine and equipment units used in dental treatment come at a high price. As a result, doctors charge more for the procedures. So, you might need a personal loan for dental treatment
  3. Furthermore, there are many types of dental treatments. People often require a simple tooth uprooting procedure to eliminate the pain. But when it comes to complicated procedures, the treatment cost increases. 
  4. People tend to ignore the initial symptoms of a dental problem. With delays, the condition worsens. As a result, they have to bear more costs later on. 
  5. Lack of awareness about dentistry is another cause of higher dental treatment costs. They need to get the right treatment and settle for the regular ones. Therefore, they need to suffer further. The treatment required to solve the issue completely will be costlier. 

What types of dental treatment might require a personal loan?

There are certain cases where you need a personal loan for dental treatment. Here is a small list of the procedures for which you may need help with the funds. 

  1. Dental implant
  2. Full-range teeth whitening
  3. Porcelain veneer
  4. Metal-free crowning
  5. Wisdom tooth removal
  6. Gingivitis surgery
  7. Root canal treatment

Do creditors lend personal loans for dental treatment?

Yes, many creditors offer personal loans for dental treatment. To find the best creditor, the following are some factors to remember. 

  1. Choose a creditor offering a personal loan for dental treatment with a flexible principal amount. You only need a regular loan with a higher principal amount than you require. This way, you won’t have to pay more as monthly EMIs.
  2. You should compare the interest rates for the personal loan before proceeding further. Since the rates depend on myriad factors, you must go for the lower rates. 
  3. Choosing a creditor who will negotiate the repayment terms for the personal loan for dental treatment is better. So, you can easily extend the repayment term to avoid penalties. 
  4. Check if the creditor requires any credit score report. If not, you might have to go for a secured loan. However, remember that the creditor can forfeit the collateral if you fail to pay the debt.

Advantages of taking a personal loan for dental treatment

Following are some benefits of taking a personal loan for dental treatment

  1. Immediate funding: One of the major benefits of personal loans is immediate funding. You won’t have to wait for a long time for credit approval. Furthermore, sometimes, you can get approval on the same day for medical emergencies. 
  2. Less documentation: You won’t have to submit too many documents for a personal loan for dental treatment. All you require are a credit score card, credit report, income proof, and medical bills. Furthermore, you don’t have to submit ITR files as it is for medical treatment. 
  3. The abundance of creditors: Out of every 10 creditors, at least 9 will offer a personal loan for dental treatment. This is one of the prime reasons you must apply for this credit type. You can opt for a public bank or private lender for the loan.
  4. Lower interest rate: You won’t have to pay too much due to the higher interest rate. Usually, personal loans for medical treatment do not come with high rates. Rather, you can lower the interest rate by lowering the risks. For instance, you can pay more debt within a short time. You can also ask for a lower principal amount for the loan.
  5. Flexible repayment term: One of the major benefits of a personal loan for dental treatment is a flexible repayment term. You can consult with the creditor if you fail to meet the ends and pay EMIs on time. With valid points, they might negotiate to extend the payment terms. 

Things to be aware of before taking a personal loan for dental treatment

You should know certain factors before taking a personal loan for dental treatment. These are: 

  1. Personal loans have higher risks. So, you may have to rely on your credit score to lower the risks. 
  2. If you have to give collateral, the creditor can forfeit it to get the amount in debt.


Since you know about dental treatment costs, you can decide when to take credit from the lender. Based on the advantages and disadvantages discussed, you have to make the call for a personal loan for dental treatment. To learn more about personal loans, visit Piramal Finance and read their materials. You can learn about unsecured and secured loans, interest rates, and hidden charges.