Personal Loan

Piramal Finance: Home Loans, Business Loans & Personal Loans In India


Loans might be helpful when you need quick cash. The money from a personal loan may be used for various things, including trips and unexpected expenses. A business loan, however, may only be used for legitimate company objectives. However, you might use either a personal or commercial loan to fund your enterprise. But bear in mind that there is a wide range of them. This article will help you pick the best loan. It will explain the key differences between business, personal, and home loans.

Personal Loan

If you’re looking for personal loans, go no further than Piramal Finance. Our main concerns are honesty and the happiness of our customers. Our paperless application process means you may apply for personal loans without leaving the comfort of your own home. All required papers may be uploaded with only a few clicks. After final approval and completing all verification steps, the sanctioned funds will be deposited into your account.

Piramal Finance can help you get the personal loan you need. Loan amounts up to INR 25 lakhs are available online. The interest rates start at a low of 11.99% per year. Terms range from 12 to 60 months. Piramal Finance’s instant personal loan stands out because of:

  • It lacks collateral requirements.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Absence of hidden costs. 

Applying for personal loans online with Piramal Finance couldn’t be simpler.

Business Loan

Piramal Finance is sensitive to the unique financial needs of each business. We love assisting business owners and entrepreneurs to realise their monetary goals by connecting them with the most appropriate financial resources. For this reason, we have developed a paperless application process. This can be completed in your home at your convenience.

We will provide you with the best potential choices based on the information you submit in your application for small business loans.

If you’re a resident of India looking to expand your current business or start a new one, Piramal Finance can assist by providing you with an unsecured business loan of up to ’50 lakhs. Our flexible options can be tailored to suit your business’ particular funding requirements, whether long-term investments or more immediate, day-to-day expenditures like stock replenishment, new equipment purchases, or promotional activities like advertising or staff expansion. Piramal Finance has more than ten years of experience assisting Indian small business owners. They focus on providing the best business loans in India to companies in various sectors, including retail, e-commerce, and travel.

Benefits and Features of a Business Loan from Piramal Finance

Quickly and easily manage your business loan account using our intuitive and powerful online portal. Using our user-friendly online monitoring system, you can quickly update and alter your customised preferences. Furthermore, there are benefits such as:

  • Loan options with leniency: Our financing scheme is adaptable. You can pay back your loan in as short as 48 months if that works better for you. Adjust your repayment strategy at your convenience. If you pick one of the foreclosure choices, you may prepay the loan amount without paying any extra fees.
  • Paying off financial obligations: We provide quick and easy funding for small businesses, up to ’50 lakhs. Our low-interest rates will ensure that your finance costs remain manageable.
  • Small company loans in as little as 24 hours: We know that opportunities like these are rare. Thanks to our few documentation requirements and easy qualification standards for business loans, you may acquire the funds you need quickly.
  • Solutions tailored to your needs: Our pre-approved offers for small business loans might help you quickly get the funds you need. In addition, you can choose a repayment term of up to 48 months and a higher loan top-up amount that works best for you.
  • Web-based access to one’s account: You may access and manage your business loan account anytime, whenever, and on whatever device you like using our service portals and mobile applications (desktop, mobile, or tablet).

Business loan application processes

  • Please visit their Apply Now page to get started on your application for a business loan with Piramal Finance.
  • Pick between the SME Loan and the Business Loan based on your requirements.
  • Please fill out the form and attach the necessary files.
  • First, choose the loan period and then enter the loan amount.
  • Whether the organisation will continue reviewing your application will be determined instantly, depending on the data you provide.
  • If that’s the case, someone will provide you with a reference number. Please keep this number handy, as you may need it in the future.
  • A Piramal Finance representative may get in touch with you for clarification.
  • Many levels of verification will take place with your loan application, from collecting documents to verifying your address and supporting documents.
  • After we have verified your information, we will send you a personalised offer detailing the loan terms. It will include the amount you may borrow and the interest rate you will be charged.
  • After your loan is accepted, the funds will be sent there.

Home Loan

For first-time buyers around the country, Piramal Housing aims to reduce the high cost of homeownership. It does this by lowering interest rates and making down payments smaller. The company supports underprivileged populations’ evolving home finance needs nationwide via its extensive branch network, digital infrastructure, and dedication to social development. The requirements of our patrons are at the heart of what we provide. 

We, as one of the top housing finance institutions, aim to improve customer happiness. We also wish to make home financing easier by providing:

  • Home loans approval
  • Competitive house loan interest rates
  • Straightforward EMIs
  • Prompt payment.

Piramal Housing offers a wide variety of benefits to its customers, such as the ability to transfer an existing home loan balance, a longer loan term, the absence of prepayment penalties, and door-to-door service.

Home loan eligibility

Eligibility for a home loan can be determined with the help of a home loan eligibility calculator. You must meet the following criteria to qualify for home loans in India:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of India.
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 75.
  • Be either salaried or self-employed.


Personal loans, home loans, and business loans all differ in important respects. You must select loans depending on how long you anticipate needing the money, the size of your firm, and whether or not you fit the criteria for each loan. If you’ve already done the math and know whether a personal or business loan would be better for you, you may apply for one at Piramal Housing Finance.