Pick the Best Medical Insurance Plans Online


Good health is needed for well-being. Many people are at risk for diseases in today’s world. A health crisis might strike when people least expect it. If they have health insurance, they are protected. A medical insurance policy is a product offered by health insurance firms.

The insurer promises to reimburse the insured for health costs in the event of a crisis under the medical insurance policy. Such costs are reimbursed when the insured becomes sick or, in other cases. 

Why Purchase Health Insurance Online?

The ease of purchasing and the access to a broad range of plans are two reasons most people choose to get health plans online. More reasons to get medical insurance may be found in the part below:

  • It is simple to compare many health plans

The online method of purchasing a plan has eased the comparing process by decreasing paperwork. A plan calculator makes it simple to compute rates and compare insurance plans.

  • Correct choice

One of the finest aspects of online purchasing plans is the freedom to select and purchase the best. An online firm gives people access to all the info they need to compare the best plan, such as plan quotes, perks, and other terms and clauses.

  • Time-saving

Unlike old methods of purchasing a plan, in which people had to describe their needs to insurance brokers and go through a time-consuming process, online services save time and allow them to purchase a health plan. They can choose the best medical insurance policy from the options provided on the screen.

  • 24-hour access to data

There are no time constraints when purchasing a plan via online sites. As a result, people can compare, choose, and purchase the best plan at their leisure.

  • Discounts

Many plans provide discounts for purchasing a medical insurance policy online. As a result, they can get more perks at lower rates.

Eligibility for Indian Medical Insurance

The following are the main needs for medical insurance plans in India:

  • Entry Age

Under a kid plan, the child must be between 16 and 18 to get the perks of medical insurance. Adult plans have entrance ages ranging from 18 to 65 years old. Depending on the plan and insurer, it could be 70 years old or older.

  • Pre-existing Health Conditions

After 45, people may undergo many health exams before being accepted for medical insurance. The insured must submit proof outlining any pre-existing problems if they are not requested to undergo health testing. These findings from health exams decide whether an insured may use it.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Health Insurance

The medical insurance rate is based on a mix of the following factors:

  • Age

Youth are far more fit than older people because of their better immune systems, even if health issues are increasing for both groups. Thus, the plan premium will be lower for more young people.

  • Lifestyle

Pollution levels and other concerns related to the style of living account for more than 61% of deaths in India. The life choices, such as whether or not they smoke, will thus affect the cost of health plans.

  • Location

People’s place where they live will impact the plan since each city has risks and health costs. For instance, the high pollution level in North India makes residents far more prone to lung illnesses.

  • Further Covers

One might alter their medical insurance plan based on their needs and health conditions. Thus, the plan increases slightly when they choose extra cover like a Maternity or an AYUSH perk.

India’s Top Medical Insurance Plans

This section will talk about some best medical insurance plans

  • HDFC Health Suraksha Gold with Regain

This plan is provided by HDFC Ergo Pvt. Ltd., the medical insurance firm. Families may get the cover. The plans cover pre-hospital costs for 60 days.

It also covers all costs like health advice, cure, and so on for the first 90 days following hospital.

  • Max Bupa Health Companion Family First

This plan is a product of Max Bupa, a health plan provider. This plan’s qualities make it among the top plans. This plan is designed to meet the demands of Indian joint families.

When they purchase this insurance, they can cover up to 19 members, with a separate amount for each member. A floater sum is also covered: any family member may utilise that.

  • Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Plan

This plan is from Star Health & Allied Insurance Provider Limited, a medical insurance firm. This plan’s cover is designed for seniors. It covers people over 60 and allows entry up to 75, with cover going on forever.

The cover is offered for one year, two, or three years and may be renewed. If the plans cover more than one year, the total insured is calculated each year with no carryover perk. 

The cover covers pre-hospital health costs incurred for illness or injury suffered up to 30 days before the hospital.


Even the healthiest people may get ill without notice and may need costly health care. Not being prepared to cover the price of needed treatments is not an option in such a case. This is where whole health plans come into the picture to protect the family.

A health care plan is a deal between an insurance firm and an insured in which the firm pays for the life insured’s health costs. The firm will either pay them for the health costs or ensure that one is eligible for a cashless cure at one of the health centres for illnesses covered by the plan. A health plan is eligible for a tax deduction. Plans are tax deductible under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

For more details, one can visit the website of Piramal Finance to learn more about medical insurance plans and other services.