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Personal Loan Part Pre-Payment Calculator


Banks and other financial institutions often use calculators to figure out exact amounts. The loan calculators were made so that they could take in a wide range of information, such as the length of the loan, the interest rate, the principal, and the total amount. It figures out the monthly payment or the balance due to help the consumer. Almost all legal loan providers use the payback and Part Prepayment Calculator to ensure their borrowers have all the necessary information.

Put the interest payment away and move quickly through life without worrying. “Prepayment” means paying down the principal of a personal loan before the end of the loan’s term. Any amount of principal can be paid, from a small amount to the full amount.

The Piramal personal loan prepayment calculator can help you figure out your EMI, the interest rate for prepayment, and other important details.

What is ‘part payment’?

When people take out loans, they usually agree to pay back the full amount plus the interest rate. With standard ways to pay back mortgages, customers only pay back the interest they owe, not the borrowed amount. So, they have an extra option: they can use the money they put away to pay the rest. But not all clients have the money or property needed to make this change. Because of this, only a few buyers think this is a good option.

Part-payment is a great option for anyone with a loan or mortgage who needs to pay it back. In this case, the interest and mortgage payments are split into two different monthly payments. You can put the parts in any order you want. You might save more for the interest and less for paying off the loan. Even though they pay at least some of the loan back, this doesn’t mean that the whole amount will be paid off at the end of the term.

How Do Personal Loan Prepayment Calculators Work?

Calculators for the monthly interest on personal loans that let you pay off the loan early are essential tools for staying on top of any changes that may occur to the EMI. To use the calculator for a prepaid personal loan, you must enter the amount you wish to borrow, the length of time you wish the loan to be, and the interest rates.

You can do the following things with a personal loan prepayment calculator:

  1. Make quick calculations which help pay off your debts.

Using a prepayment calculator you can decide when and how to prepay your loan. By saving money and then making a prepayment on the loan’s principal, you can avoid debt and live a less stressful life. When you pay off a personal loan early, you also get a lower EMI rate because you don’t have to pay as much of the principal.

  1. Choose lower EMI plans easily.

On a personal loan, you don’t have to pay it off all at once. You can pay back a loan in full or in part. Even if you don’t save any money on interest, the total amount of debt you have to pay off will be much less. When you pay off a debt early, the amount of principal you still owe on the loan goes down. Because of this, the EMIs will be less expensive than the current interest rate.

  1. Figure out how to repay personal loans in parts.

You can also pay off a portion of your loan balance early. You might not be able to save money on interest, but you’ll have much less debt overall. If you pay off part of your loan early, you will have to pay back less of the principal. Because of this, the EMIs will be less expensive than the current interest rate.

  1. Reduce the amount of interest you pay.

You must have enough money to pay off the full loan at the start of your term. Banks and other financial institutions often use a one-year lock-in Banks, and other financial institutions use a one-year lock-in. It says you have a year to pay back all or part of the debt. But after a year, you can pay off the remaining loan balance and save money.

Personal Loan Prepayment Conditions

Before you decide to pay off your personal loan early, think about the following:

  1. Fiscal Benefits

Section 80C of the Income Tax Act lets people get a tax break of up to Rs. 1.5 lakh per year. But if you pay everything up front, you won’t get a tax break. But if you only pay part of the loan early, the tax benefits will be much smaller.

  1. What it costs to borrow money

The interest rates on mortgages are less than those on personal loans. So, you should pay off the principal of your personal loan first. Use a personal loan prepayment calculator to determine how much interest you will pay if you pay off all or part of your loan early.

  1. The best time of year

If you pay off a personal loan early, you’ll pay less interest in the long run. Personal loan prepayment calculators are easy-to-use tools that show how much interest you’ll pay if you pay off your loan early. In the first few years, though, the interest rate on your loan will be higher. So, you must pay off the debt as soon as possible. Also, you won’t be able to get some benefits if you pay the money now instead of later.


Suppose you currently have a personal loan and are making payments. In that case, you can use the prepayment calculator to determine how much money you will save by paying off the loan earlier than originally scheduled. You will need to be aware of the total amount that is still owed on your loan, the total amount that has previously been paid in EMIs, the total amount that can be paid off early, the interest rate, and the length of your loan. Calculating how much you could save using a personal loan EMI calculator that allows you to pay off the loan early is one way to get an idea of how much money you could put away.

The Piramal Part Pre-Payment Calculator is available to everyone with a valid company account. To determine the EMI and remaining loan period after prepaying a given portion of a loan, customers can use the Piramal Part Pre-Payment Calculator at any time. For more such articles, visit us at Piramal Finance.