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Personal Loan in Navi Mumbai – Belapur CBD – Check Eligibility & Apply Online


Belapur, or the Central Business District of Belapur, is the headquarters of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. It is the fastest-growing region in Navi Mumbai since it boasts new residential societies and commercial complexes. Belapur is well connected to the rest of Mumbai through railways and BEST buses. With an upcoming airport, Belapur will soon be connected with the rest of the world, ensuring its residents a high standard of living.

It will soon be at par with or ahead of its contemporaries like Fort, Bandra-Kurla complex, Vashi, and Nariman Point. Thus, you shouldn’t think twice before shifting to Belapur, buying or renting homes, or setting up a new business there. Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Ltd. is the most economical NBFC to avail of a Personal Loan in Navi Mumbai – Belapur CBD.

Experience a hassle-free process with Piramal Finance, specialising in housing-related loans. A team of experts will reach out soon to guide you through the simple application procedure. Piramal guarantees quick approval and deposit into your bank account.

What does a Personal Loan mean?

A personal loan is given to a person based on their creditworthiness rather than what they can pay as collateral. Minimal documentation is required to apply for a personal loan. However, unlike other loans, a personal loan comes with higher interest rates. One can expect interest rates on personal loans to range between 8% to 30% p.a.

Major types of Personal Loans

One might be looking for a personal loan in Navi Mumbai – CBD Belapur, mainly for setting up a small business. But there is a lot more they might be eligible for or in need of.

Home Renovation

CIDCO has been building residential complexes in Belapur since it grew in the 1990s. However, maintaining a rented or bought flat is the resident’s responsibility. One can opt for a Home Renovation Loan at 10.5% p.a. from Piramal Finance to avoid high maintenance costs.

Debt Consolidation

Businesses often incur debts from multiple sources. To unify all of them under one loan is referred to as consolidation. If a business is under debt, a Loan Against Property, residential or commercial, from Piramal Finance at 11.5% p.a. for a consolidation amount of Rs 25 lakhs to 3 crores can be availed. To secure a business loan by choosing to repay every 15 days, Piramal lends up to Rs 25 lakhs of debt consolidation.

Travel Loan

Belapur is far greener and less populated than the Khargar and Nerul areas of Navi Mumbai. It has more waterfalls, trekking sites, and lavish resorts that keep you close to nature. If you want to stay at a vacation home in this area (called Artist Colony), you must apply for a Personal Loan in Navi Mumbai – Belapur CBD. Piramal provides travel insurance along with a travel loan for the same.

Medical Loan

After two years of a pandemic, one must keep health as their primary concern. They must invest the most in health. Why not avail the best medical assistance for the entire family at the M.G.M Hospital? Piramal provides a Personal Loan in Navi Mumbai – Belapur CBD for lab tests and medical urgencies, up to Rs 25 lakhs for 5-6 years.

Wedding Loan

Belapur boasts of ideal locations for a destination wedding or a pre-wedding shoot. There is an abundance of hills, lakes, waterfalls, and resorts one could have only dreamt of. Piramal is here to make that dream come true by lending a wedding loan at 10.5% p.a.

Features of a Personal Loan

  • Piramal provides personal loans with zero pre-payment and foreclosure charges.
  • A loan of more than Rs1 lakh and less than Rs10 lakhs falls under a ‘Personal Loan’.
  • Minimal documentation is required.
  • Sanction doesn’t take much time and disbursals are instant.
  • Monthly EMIs are not more than your monthly budget.
  • A flexible repayment tenure from 12 to 60 months is allowed.
  • Piramal Finance helps improve your loan eligibility by allowing the clubbing of incomes.

Are you eligible for a Personal Loan in Navi Mumbai – Belapur CBD?

A. Salaried Employees

A person who has a job in a Government Institution, Private Sector, Public Sector, MNCs, Partnership Firm, or, Proprietorship Concerns must have

  1. Age: between 21 and 60 years
  2. Work Experience: more than or equal to 6 months
  3. Income: at least Rs 25,000 per month.

B. Self-Employed

Professionals like an architect, a doctor, or CA and non-professionals like Business Owners, Partners, Proprietors, or Promoters/Directors in private and public limited companies can apply for a Personal Loan in Navi Mumbai – Belapur CBD. Their age must be more than 23 and less than 70.

How to apply online for a personal loan?

Piramal Finance has made it easier for even a layperson to get a Personal Loan in Navi Mumbai – Belapur CBD:

  1. Visit the website of Piramal Finance and choose ‘Personal Loan’ from the main menu.
  2. Select ‘How to Apply’ from the article marker or scroll down to find the same title.
  3. Click the link in the ‘How to Apply’ paragraph and discover a dialogue box. It is a form titled, ‘Quick Apply’.
  4. Fill out the compulsory details and enter the Captcha (Are you a robot?).
  5. Go through the ‘Website Usage and Privacy Policy’ before checking/ticking.
  6. Submit your application and get in touch with a Relationship Manager.

The Conclusion

This blog elucidates the exhaustive procedure to apply online for a Personal Loan in Navi Mumbai – Belapur CBD from Piramal Finance. It also highlights the importance of other loans one can avail of, along with personal loans. Piramal also specialises in housing and housing-related loans. It is the best NBFC for a beginner to obtain or at least be aware of the loans they are eligible for.

If this article/blog is convincing enough, please proceed to Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Ltd. to know more. They don’t lend money but a hand to hold forever.