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Personal Loan in Mira Bhayander – Check Eligibility & Apply Online


Mira Bhayandar is a local city in Thane district. The town is close to Mumbai. This makes it one of Thane’s most popular areas. The town has changed very much over time. It has many colleges, a Fantasy Park, and advanced medical facilities. The place is now densely populated. People are moving here in search of a higher living standard.

Money crises may strike at any time. You may need funds to pay school and college fees for your kids. There could also be a wedding at your home. There may also be a sudden medical emergency to cope with. If you are going through tough times, you must consider taking an urgent personal loan online as a backup.

At Bhayandar, many bank branches give personal loans. Getting a personal loan in Mira Bhayander with low-interest rates may help you to meet your financial needs.

Benefits of Taking a Personal Loan in Mira Bhayander

Some benefits of taking a personal loan in Mira Bhayander are:

Fast Loan Approval 

A personal loan in Mira Bhayander is approved fast. If you match the eligibility criteria, the loan gets approved quickly.

Less Associated Charges

If you are planning to foreclose your loan, then you can do the same by paying a nominal fee.  

Unique Offerings 

You can avail of a customised plan, based on your needs if you take a personal loan in Mira Bhayandar.

No Collateral Required

You are not asked to submit any collateral while applying for a loan. Personal loans are collateral-free.

What is the Highest Amount of Personal Loan a Person Can Get?

Many aspects decide the maximum Personal Loan amount you can get in Bhayandar. It includes income level, job, and how lenders check your background. 

In general, lenders grant loans based on their calculations. As a result, the EMI is less than 50% of the person’s monthly income. When assessing the personal loan amount, lenders also check whether the person has any unpaid debts.

Eligibility Criteria to Take a Personal Loan in Mira Bhayander

Check the eligibility criteria to apply for a personal loan in Mira Bhayandar.

  • Your age should be minimum of 21 years
  • You should have a minimum of two years of work experience
  • Your credit score must be above 600
  • Your monthly salary should be Rs. 15,000

Documents Required for Personal Loan

If you are planning to apply for a personal loan in Bhayander, you must need the documents given below:

Common for all:

  • Proof of age
  • Residence proof
  • Identity proof
  • Bank statement for the past six months

For salaried persons:

  • Income proof: Salary slips from the last three months.
  • Proof of tax return
  • Form 16

For self-employed persons:

  • Tax return proof of the past three years
  • The last three year’s calculated taxable income
  • Approved audit sheet and profit & loss statement

Factors that Affect Eligibility of Personal Loan

  • Income: People with a higher income are more likely to get a bigger loan amount than those with a lower income. 
  • Credit score: It is an essential factor for eligibility. A credit rating of 700 or above is generally good for personal loans. The higher your credit score, the greater chances you have to get a loan. 
  • Work stability: Your work stability is important to get a personal loan. If you own a business, then you need to prove the continuity and profit to get a loan. 
  • Person’s age: You must be at least 21 years old to be eligible to apply for a loan. Banks use their criteria to assess the upper age limit. You should not be older than 65 years at the end of your repayment tenure. 
  • Loan amount: The person should apply for a loan amount that they can repay quickly. It improves the eligibility for a personal loan. It also boosts the chances of approval.

Things to Consider Before Taking a Personal Loan in Bhayander

  • You should carefully access all the loan offers, before finalising one. Ensure that you do not fall for fake offers. People sometimes get tricked when they try to find lucrative offers.
  • Try and maintain a good credit score. It improves your chances of getting quick loan approval. This is an important eligibility criteria to get the loan amount approved. If you have an ongoing loan, try to finish that first, before applying for another loan.
  • Do not get the personal loan approved just to fulfil your fancy. Ensure that you get a loan approved for a genuine need of yours.


When it comes to getting a loan, you may find many attractive options. Home equity loans, credit cards, and other forms of funding are available. On the other hand, personal loans are often the ideal choice. Personal loans are usually cheaper than credit cards. They are funded faster than home equity loans. 

People usually exhaust their bank’s term loan limits. As a result, they need funds to meet their need. This is when a personal loan can come to help. You do not need a co-applicant for personal loan approval. You can get one if the loan amount is high. In such cases, income and other proof of co-applicants are also required. Pre-approved loans are also offered by banks to limited customers. This type of loan does not require a lot of documentation.

Readers can visit the Piramal Finance website for more information on Personal Loans in Mira Bhayander. You can check their products and services. They have informative articles on various finance and other topics.