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Personal Loan for Your Hair Transplant


Along with losing your hair, are you also losing your confidence?

Can a personal loan be used to fund a hair transplant?

Are you thinking of having a hair transplant? You should know how much a personal loan for a hair transplant may cost. A hair transplant’s cost depends on the amount of your baldness and the treatment you choose. It can cause concern if you can’t afford a transplant. Hair transplants aren’t covered by health insurance because they’re not medical conditions. Due to this, salaried people can’t afford such procedures. Choose a no-cost EMI plan to save money. Let’s read out all the details of the loan for a hair transplant below.

Types of transplants

There are two different transplant procedures: follicular unit extraction (FUE) and strip harvesting (SHR).

  1. Strip (SHR) harvesting involves removing sections of the donor site’s hair growth.
  2. (FUE) involves transplanting individual hair follicles, it is becoming increasingly popular. It heals more quickly than strip harvesting and does not leave a large scar on the scalp. The outcomes are durable and appear natural.

Cost of hair transplant

Typically, there isn’t a single hair transplant procedure that matches all budgets for personal loans. The degree of hair damage and the unique circumstances of each patient will determine this. The cost of a hair transplant is often determined on a per-graft basis. Depending on the degree of baldness and the natural hair units, each graft comprises one to three hair follicles.

In India, a hair transplant costs an average of Rs. 57,000. However, depending on your choice of doctor and other factors, it might cost as much as Rs. 2,65,000.

The amount of hair loss, the area that needs to be treated, your age, the texture of your hair, and the procedure you decide on all affect how much your hair transplant will cost. In addition, FUE is more expensive than strip harvesting loans for hair transplants.

Hair Transplant Loan Step Up

If you need to undergo any treatments resulting from hair care procedures, a step-up personal loan for hair care treatment is the ideal option. If the cost of your treatments ranges from INR 2,50,000 to INR 4,00,000, you should choose this deal. When you apply for this loan for a hair transplant, you’ll pay nothing but interest for the first three months before making regular monthly payments for the duration of the personal loan. With this choice, you can start with low monthly payments before switching to fixed EMIs for the remainder of the personal loan term.

The cost of hair restoration surgeries ranges from INR 2,50,000 to INR 4,00,000. They are frequently not covered by health insurance plans because they are not physical illnesses, which makes them expensive. Procedures for hair transplantation can be done with simple EMIs.

Before applying for a hair transplant, you must estimate the cost of your surgery and choose a suitable amount and tenure. You can use our handy personal loan EMI calculator to evaluate an EMI value that fits your budget.

Although pricey, hair transplants are frequently not covered by health insurance plans since they are not seen as physical illnesses. Due to this, it is challenging for salaried people with fewer resources to get such medical operations. This is where choosing a no-cost EMI plan might help you pay for your hair transplant operation over time in manageable instalments.

What makes the EMI Network a good method for paying for hair transplants?

This could be a responsible way to pay for your hair transplant operation without using up all of your savings. Here are a few benefits of using EMI:

1. Pay in a variety of tenors.

One of the main benefits of using an EMI option to pay your bills is that these options typically include flexible repayment schedules. In general, lenders let you choose a term between three and twenty-four months and repay the money at your convenience.

2. Makes things more affordable.

Hair transplant expenses may require a significant upfront payment due to escalating medical inflation. The cost of surgery can, however, be spread out over a longer length of time with the EMI Network in manageable payments.

3. It’s easy on your wallet.

Without having to cut back on your monthly spending or alter your way of life, EMI financing makes it easy on your wallet so you may access pricey procedures like a hair transplant.

How can I apply?

With us, personal loans for hair transplant applications are quick and simple. Visit our website first, then complete the online application. In addition, you must include the following paperwork with your loan application:

Aadhar Card, voter ID, or driver’s licence as photo identification and address verification

Employment documentation, such as a recent six-month salary stub or employment certificate

Bank statements from the last six months serve as evidence of income.


This article’s goal is to provide a thorough analysis of the loan for a hair transplant with reasonable personal loan interest rates to pay for your cosmetic procedures.

Therefore, don’t delay getting a hair transplant if you’ve always wanted one.

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