Overview of SWP Calculator: Systematic Withdrawal Plan Calculator

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Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) is not the same as a bank fixed deposit, from which you withdraw the same amount each month without incurring any interest. Withdrawals from an SWP mutual fund will reduce the main balance. In a mutual fund scheme, for instance, say you’ve put up Rs. 70,000 and want to withdraw Rs. 15,000 every month in withdrawals. In other words, the principal amount decreases whenever you take money out. The scheme requires a return on the remaining principal at the end of the following month to make up for this reduction.

Why is it helpful to use an SWP calculator?

To participate in the systematic withdrawal plan, an investor must make an initial investment and then make regular withdrawals from their account. The investment will continue to earn interest even after a withdrawal is made.

It takes work to figure out how much money will be withdrawn each month or how much will have grown over time. The SWP calculator on Groww can assist with these intricate calculations. Use the Systematic Withdrawal Plan Calculator to quickly and accurately determine the total amount you will have accumulated after several months of withdrawals. In addition, using calculators has made investing in mutual funds much more effortless.

A Guide to Using the SWP

Employing an SWP calculator will streamline this process considerably. Provided below is a detailed explanation of how to use the SWP calculator found here:

  • Enter the total investment amount
  • Enter the pre-month withdrawal
  • Enter the estimated rate of return
  • Enter the period
  • Click calculate. The results will be shown in seconds.

Calculating the sum of withdrawals and their value is a breeze with the SWP calculator.

For whom is an SWP most appropriate?

To receive a steady flow of income, SWPs are an excellent option for everybody. For those who are soon to retire, this is the best option. Upon retirement, they will receive a sizable lump sum and a regular income to cover their expenses. Anyone with a steady income stream, such as business owners or freelancers, can benefit from an SWP investment. Even if you plan to take a lengthy trip and depend on a steady paycheck while away, an SWP can guarantee you will continue to get your money each month.

SWP Highlights

Bonuses from tax indexation: Because of the long-term nature of an SWP, investors who withdraw after the first year are not subject to taxes.

Gains that are consistent and substantial: When you make a fixed deposit, you put down cash for a certain period in exchange for a certain rate of return. In SWP, however, your returns will steadily increase over time. There is a possibility that you will receive a higher return than fixed deposits from your mutual fund investment.

SIP Investments: If you currently receive a regular income, you may reinvest the profits from your SWP mutual fund units. Funds from SWP can be reinvested in a separate SIP monthly or quarterly. Put another way, if you invest a lump sum in an SWP scheme, you can immediately begin investing in a second scheme without making any more contributions from your regular income.

Gains from inflation: Your bank’s fixed deposit will pay out the same amount each year, regardless of the inflation rate. In contrast, an SWP will produce returns that are consistent with inflation. Investing in a fund prioritising equity and related assets increases your potential for outperformance despite inflation. SWPs allow regular withdrawals of a set amount to reduce exposure to market fluctuations. There is less chance of losing your investment in SWPs because you can withdraw money at set periods.

Minimum balance: With only Rs. 25,000 (about $3,500) in your mutual fund, you can open an SWP account. This is a one-time payment required before beginning the plan, but it is not locked in and can be withdrawn in increments at any time.

In what ways may you benefit from using an SWP calculator?

Senior citizens and people who have retired are two of the demographics most likely to participate in this scheme. A regular monetary donation every month ought to be made to such individuals. In the same way that a pension can provide this benefit, so can an SWP, either in addition to or as a substitute for the pension. Using a simplified systematic withdrawal plan calculator makes it simple to take advantage of the numerous benefits offered by this technique.

There is a guarantee of monthly returns, and a return on investment is produced through a systematic withdrawal strategy. Using this tool, you can quickly and accurately calculate both factors. Determining the amount to be withdrawn monthly and the value at maturity are straightforward processes. Again, you can get it in a hurry if you look for it online.

Using our SWP return calculator does not require any specialised knowledge or abilities on your part. Users need only enter their variables into the proper fields, and the results will be quickly created for them.


The SWP is designed for individuals looking for regular monthly income from a mutual fund who cannot compromise with the liquidity provided by debt funds. There are, of course, certain risks associated with it. Returns may not always be consistent, and there is a chance that you might get returns slightly lower than the market average over a long-term period. Though this is the case with most, if not all, other instruments, an SWP offers a degree of security provided by the maturity value to which your capital is guaranteed to return. For more information, visit Piramal Finance.