Online GST Calculator: Understand the Formula to Calculate GST


The Goods and Services Tax, known as GST, is a kind of tax charged at the national level by the Indian Government. It is collected on sellers, makers, and buyers of services and goods. GST evolved from the Value Added Tax (VAT), which suggests that it is imposed at each level of the supply chain. You are expected to pay the GST sum charged by the final dealer or provider in the supply chain. 

There are many online GST calculators that you may use to calculate the GST expense. 

What Exactly is GST?

The GST is thought to be the same as or comparable to the Value Added Tax or VAT. GST is the tax levied on services and commodities at each stage of the distribution chain.

For example, suppose the company or maker includes GST while selling the goods to a merchant. The wholesaler would include it when selling to a retailer, however, the initial money may be returned.

As a result, at this level, the tax will only apply to the difference in net prices between the wholesaler as well as the maker. A similar rule is followed in each of the following stages of the deal. There would be just one excuse in which the tax would not be refunded to the end user. This is because you would be the last in this supply chain.

GST Benefits in India

Here are some of the many advantages of GST that you should be aware of:

  • GST merged a flurry of indirect taxes into a single tax. As a consequence, taxing diverse services and goods has become less difficult.
  • GST has removed the rising tax burden.
  • Companies with less than Rs. 20 lakhs in turnover are excluded from paying GST.
  • Small firms have a turnover of Rs. 20 to Rs. 75 lakhs and may benefit from GST. This is because the composition plan enables them to reduce their taxes.
  • GST has brought clarity and regulation to unorganised sectors like the textile and construction sectors by requiring payments and compliances to be done online.

What Exactly is an Online GST Calculator?

An online GST calculator is a fast and simple method to calculate the total GST due for a time or against a product/service. This online tool has three modes of operation, one for the customer, one for the manufacturer, and one for the retailer/wholesaler. Every one of these versions has a unique set of input choices.

  • Buyers must enter the cost of the product and GST rate into the calculator.
  • Manufacturers must submit their product cost, profit percentage, and GST rate.
  • Retailers and wholesalers must enter the entire cost of products, profit ratio, and GST rate.

Each of these clients will get the final price, which includes tax, total tax, and the split of this tax into CGST & SGST/IGST. If you are new to this useful online tool, now is the time to learn how to utilise it.

The formula for Calculating GST

You can use the following formula to determine the net cost of an item after applying and removing GST.

The GST computing formula is as follows:

  1. Include GST:

(Original Price x GST%)/100 = GST Amount

Original Price + GST Amount = Net Price

  1. Eliminate GST:

Original Cost – [Original Cost x 100/(100+GST%)] = GST Amount

Original Price – GST Amount = Net Price

Example of GST Calculation:

Assume an item is offered for Rs. 2,000, and the relevant GST rate is 12%.

The product’s net price is thus Rs. 2,000 + 12 per cent of Rs. 2,000.

This is Rs. 2,000 + Rs. 240 = Rs. 2,240.

How to Compute GST Online

To compute GST easily, you can utilise an online GST calculator. However, it just computes the overall GST sum and does not provide a breakdown of CGST as well as SGST. In the event of intrastate sales, you must split the whole GST amount into SGST and CGST at the same time. If it is interstate, it may be treated as IGST without extra division. The fast steps are as follows:

  1. Fill out the amount and relevant fields

This is the assessable price after any discounts have been applied. If you wish to add a cost to this number, such as freight, you should do so by grouping it. This is just for Indian taxpayers.

  1. Enter the relevant GST rate (6%, 12%, 18%, or 28%).
  2. To calculate, click the +Add GST button.

That’s all, the process only required 2 minutes of your time to calculate the total GST due.

Online GST Calculator Benefits

Employing an online GST Calculator may provide you with several advantages.

  1. Calculate Tax Correctly

An online GST calculator determines the taxes you’d have to pay if you made the purchases simultaneously.

  1. Effective Taxation

You may save time and resources by using an online GST calculator to determine the tax amount quickly. It accurately calculates all tax amounts and offers you an estimate of your ultimate spending on a purchase that demands significant taxes in India.

  1. Simple to Use

Online GST calculators are simple to use and accessible to anybody, regardless of technical experience. The interface is straightforward, allowing anybody to utilise it without difficulty.

  1. Free to Use

The calculator is completely free to use and requires no investment.

  1. No Need For Expertise

You do not need the training to use an online GST calculator. To comprehend and use the online GST calculator, one does not need to be an IT or money expert. 

  1. Intelligent 

These calculators enable you to calculate the taxes charged on your purchase before you make it.


An online GST calculator can assist you in determining the exact value of your goods and services once GST has been applied to them. So, when submitting a return, the computation is simple, but the taxpayer must be aware of the appropriate costs. GST payment calculators online find a product’s gross or net price based on GST rates. Compared to human computation, it takes no time and produces no errors.

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