Online calculator for calculating Public Provident Fund (PPF) maturity amount

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If you want to enjoy a stable financial future, it is vital to start saving from an early age. But merely savings will not be enough. You need to invest your money in a savings scheme to create wealth for the future. One of the most popular savings schemes is Public Provident Fund, commonly known as PPF.

PPF is a risk-free option to invest your money as you earn a fixed interest declared yearly by the government. If you are new to PPF, you must use a PPF interest calculator to calculate the returns you can get on your money after a given period. To start a PPF account, you can contact an approved bank or a post office branch. A new PPF account is set up in a few minutes, and you can start investing.

Read on to learn more about PPF, the PPF account calculator, and other useful aspects of this well-known savings option.

Need for PPF Account Calculator

PPF is a long-term savings scheme where the maximum tenure can go up to 20 years, i.e., 15 years minimum tenure and multiple 5-year extensions. The lowest investment amount is Rs. 500, and the highest amount is Rs. 1.50 lakhs in one year. You might want to start your PPF account soon, but you must know the calculations involved.

The money you invest in PPF will earn you interest every month. This interest is re-invested into the PPF account and then earns more interest. You cannot withdraw money from your PPF account before 15 years, as partial withdrawals are available only in some cases. This is compounding, where your money multiplies as the interest earns further interest. These calculations get difficult as the time frame increases.

As PPF calculations are technical and can not be done correctly manually, you can opt for a PPF account calculator to help with the task. You can use a PPF calculator monthly to understand how much you need to invest every month in the PPF account. This will help you plan your finances in a better way.

What is a PPF Interest Calculator?

Before you start using a PPF calculator monthly, it is vital to know what it is and how it can help you. A PPF interest calculator is a tool that will complete the complex PPF calculations for you in a few seconds. It is a digital tool available on some platforms and can automatically complete all types of PPF calculations.

A PPF account calculator is free to use, so you do not have to pay anything to use it. Hence, you can freely use a PPF calculator monthly and plan your investments better. Moreover, you do not need to be a financial wizard to use this tool, as only basic details are required for the calculations. Your private details are not required for a PPF interest calculator, so your privacy is also ensured.

How to use a PPF Account Calculator?

If you have plans to use a PPF calculator monthly, then you must know about the essential steps to use a PPF interest calculator: –

  1. Log on to any preferred online platforms or mobile apps offering a free PPF account calculator.
  2. Click on the link for the PPF interest calculator on that platform.
  3. You will now see the PPF interest calculator on your screen.
  4. Firstly, you will be asked to enter the frequency of investment. You can select from monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually.
  5. You must enter the amount you want to invest within that period. The minimum annual amount is Rs. 500, and the highest is Rs. 1.50 lakhs.
  6. The next field is for the PPF interest rate. In most cases, this will be pre-filled, but if not, then you must enter the current PPF interest rate.
  7. Now you must select the duration of the investment. The minimum tenure is 15 years, and there is no limit on maximum tenure.
  8. After you press the calculate option, you can see the total amount invested, interest earned, and maturity after the period.
  9. You also have the option of seeing these details as a table or as a graph on some platforms.

Using a PPF interest calculator, you can easily get useful details on your PPF account. The sequence of options might vary across platforms, but the details required and the results offered will be the same.

Benefits of using a PPF Account Calculator

There are various benefits of using a PPF interest calculator. Some of the most useful benefits are listed here:

  • Clears doubts: – If you have doubts about a PPF account, this calculator can resolve most of your questions.
  • Free to use: – It is a free-to-use tool, so you can use a PPF calculator monthly to plan your savings without hesitation.
  • Tax Savings: – Money invested in a PPF is eligible for tax education under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Hence, you can save on your income tax as well.
  • Wealth creation: – PPF account has a minimum of 15 years of lock-in. This allows your money to multiply with the effect of compounding. You will be able to create wealth for future needs.
  • Easy to understand: – Only basic details are required to use a PPF calculator. The results provided are effortless to understand and analyze for every person.


To enjoy a secure financial future, you need to start investing your money at a young age. But if you have not yet started, you must start a PPF account now. It is an excellent option to create wealth for a secure future. As PPF is a risk-free savings scheme, your money will be secure and free from market risks.