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Offline vs Online personal loan: Features, benefits you need to know


Personal loans are money weapons. They can get you out of any brief money crisis. There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer regarding online and offline personal loans. While online loans are growing fast, many people in the market still prefer physical connection and offline loan processing. So, whether you apply for a loan online or offline is up to you. Before making a choice, it is vital to have a thorough grasp of the lending process. So let’s go through each one in detail.

What is an Offline Personal Loan?

The normal approach for applying for a  loan entails visiting the bank and filling out the needed paperwork. KYC papers must be given in hard copy and will take some time to complete. People choose offline personal loans because of face-to-face engagement and customised service. This is not perfect for people who have an idea of the online world and are looking for a quick online process.

What Are Online Personal Loans?

The digital era has allowed an increasing number of individuals to choose online services and enjoy the advantages from the comfort of their own homes. Online loans are the ideal option for applying for a loan since they need less processing time and paperwork. Also, online loans enable you to compare many choices of lenders before deciding on the ideal one.

Key Differences Between Online & Offline Personal Loans

Basis Offline Personal LoansOnline Personal Loans
Human ContactExists because it focuses on providing personalised services to you.Negligible since everything is done online.
ConvenienceIndividuals must go to the lender and provide the relevant papers along with filling out the application form.It is possible to apply for this with a click of a button from any place.
SecurityThere is some risk of losing papers.This process is completely safe.
PaperworkAn offline personal loan requires you to fill out many forms. It is a time-consuming task.There is less paperwork since scanned copies of KYC forms are uploaded.
Processing TimeThe processing time ranges from 10 to 12 days. It depends on the client’s profile and the paperwork.The process takes place over a few hours and involves quick approvals.

Perks of Applying for an Offline Personal Loan

  • Improved assistance

You receive better customer care and help in comparison to online personal loans. The people you connect with are expected to follow a rigid code of conduct. These experts walk you through each stage of the loan form process. If you have any questions, they can answer them right away.

  • Service at your doorstep

Offline emergency loan and personal loan form options are well known for providing doorstep services. Lenders dispatch people to the client’s home or workplace to gather papers, sign loan forms, and resolve consumer concerns. So, an offline personal loan is the best solution if you are hesitant to submit papers or do not understand the paperwork.

  • The most effective comparison

Lenders have teams of people. These people analyse your needs and provide a table comprising a list of their financial solutions. The table also covers personal loan rates, loan fees, and other information. You may also compare the various loan packages offered by the lender. This table can help you choose the loan package most suited to your needs. 

For instance, if you need clarification on the difference between a bike loan with a loan for a motorbike purchase, the lenders may help.

  • There are no additional fees

Most people believe that when they apply for an offline personal loan, they must pay extra fees for in-person service at the branch. This, however, is not the case. For offline services, lenders do not charge any extra fees. The costs you pay cover loan processing as well as additional mandatory expenses.

  • There is no risk to credit

Taking the loan for the first time? You may need to familiarise yourself with loans. Choosing the improper loan amount or duration for a personal loan might have a long-term effect on your credit history. But when you apply offline by visiting the lender’s branch or outlet, you will get help from experts. This will keep you out of a bad credit case. 

Perks of Applying for an Online Personal Loan

  • Simple to use

You may use the online way if you don’t know how to apply for a loan physically. Lenders’ websites are simple to use. They will walk you through the process of filing a loan online form step by step. Many lenders also offer a chatbot service that handles clients’ questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Easy comparison

You can compare many loan providers’ loan rates and offers with just a few clicks when applying for an online loan. Many loan aggregator websites now enable users to make conclusions based on data from multiple lenders listed on the site. You may also verify your loan eligibility and use the loan EMI calculator to choose the most suited EMI ahead of time.

  • Minimum operation is required

There are very few steps you must follow when applying online for a loan. You need KYC papers, proof of income, and a passport-size image to complete your loan form. The online form process is ideal if you need a personal loan right away.

  • Instant approval

Many money firms allow you to apply for loans online through their website or an online app. As the method does not need a large number of papers for verification and processing, the loan request is completed faster. The money is released into your account when the lenders have verified the scanned papers.


Despite the popularity of online personal loans, many people in the market still want physical solutions. Offline loans do not have the same ease when compared with online loans. As a result, online loans are common among working people in major cities. Many lenders are increasing their footprint in other parts of India for online and offline personal loans

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