Personal Loan

No-Collateral Personal Loan


A personal loan is a loan taken from a bank to satisfy an unanticipated financial need, such as establishing a business, purchasing a house, paying for education, or taking an extended trip overseas. When you apply for collateral free loans, the bank won’t ask you what you plan to use the money for; they consider that irrelevant information. On the other hand, a personal loan does not require the pledge of any tangible item (such as a home, stock, or gold) as security, as other types of loans do, such as a secured loan or an unsecured loan.

No collateral loan eligibility

Your credit score and history will be looked at to get a personal loan without putting up collateral. You can be a devoted bank customer. The likelihood of getting a personal loan with good terms increases if you have a history of making payments on time and a high credit score. In certain cases, the interest rate on loans from any bank might be as high as 40 lakh rupees.

Key points to know about a no-collateral loan

  • Due to the unsecured nature of personal or collateral-free loans, financial institutions must evaluate your employment history, income, and cash flow to ascertain your ability to repay the loan. There is little documentation required for personal loans at any bank. Explore Piramal Housing online to find out more about collateral-free loans.
  • Personal loans for pre-approved bank customers may be processed in as little as 10 seconds. Someone else can apply for a personal loan in less than 4 hours.
  • Traditional personal loans do not need collateral. They are collateral-free loans. You should be able to negotiate advantageous terms if you have a long-standing relationship with the bank, proof of steady income, and a good credit history.
  • You are the only one who can change things. It might be used for everything from commercial purposes to covering medical bills to financing a dream trip abroad.

The easiest approach to receiving a personal loan without collateral

Small personal loans are the most popular choice among borrowers. As they are collateral-free loans, you may use them without worrying about losing your possessions. This means you won’t have to give up anything—not even your home—in exchange for a loan.

In addition, the purpose of the loan is irrelevant to the lending institution. It is an unlimited credit facility that a borrower may employ to fulfill various purposes, such as paying for a wedding, covering medical bills, and many other things. You must still meet a few standards to be accepted, though.

How to obtain approval for a small personal loan?

Here’s how to enhance your probability of approval and accomplish it at an affordable interest rate:

Boost your CIBIL rating

With collateral-free loans, the lender needs more assurance that they will get their EMI payments on time. Your CIBIL score (credit report rating) is significant here. This three-digit value, which varies from 300 to 900 points, is a gauge of your creditworthiness and capacity to make payments. Your chances of getting accepted for a personal loan with low interest rates drastically rise if you have an excellent credit score.

That means you can get low-interest personal loans even if your CIBIL score is low. Even so, the approval might come with a slightly higher interest rate. To avoid this, you may rapidly boost your CIBIL score by making on-time payments on your credit card bills or ongoing loan EMIs.

One application at a time

Multiple would-be borrowers make the error of applying to many lenders at once to boost their chances of approval. Keeping this in mind, each time you seek a minor loan for personal use, the lender retrieves your CIBIL credit record. It is regarded as a difficult investigation. A few tough inquiries in a short period may decrease your CIBIL score and lessen your chances of getting approved.

Therefore, carefully pick one lender and file your application with them, ideally based on their ROI and tenure. If your application is declined for any reason, you should wait at least six months before presenting it to a new lender.

Pool all sources of money

Be upfront and honest with the lender about your income sources to maximize your chances of acquiring a personal loan. This encompasses both your pay or company income and other kinds of income, like rental income, share and dividend income, or income from other assets.

Securing personal loans at a low ROI helps establish income regularity. Stay calm if you lack a constant source of money. Just file a joint application for modest personal finance with a co-borrower who is a source of income.

Piramal Finance

If you pick Piramal Finance, you’ll find a reliable lender that offers modest collateral-free loans at reasonable interest rates, easy tenures, and speedy processing. Our website offers a personal loan EMI calculator you may use to estimate your probable EMI payments with us. After that, you may begin your loan application online with our smart interface and obtain a verdict in just a few minutes.


Personal loans from Piramal Housing Finance are much like any unsecured loan because they don’t need any collateral to be given as security. To be eligible for one of these collateral-free loans, you do not need to provide any security or guarantee. The next issue is, “How can I apply for this loan?” You must complete the most basic criteria and provide only the most fundamental supporting documentation to be certified as quickly as possible. You may consult with an expert at a Piramal Financing House to learn more about collateral-free loans.