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Need Money For Diwali Shopping? Personal Loan And Credit Cards Can Help You Out


The festival of Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil. Some folks even anticipate home improvement projects. Every aspect of celebrating Diwali, from buying new outfits and presents to planning family get-togethers, is drawn to the holiday like a magnet. The extra cash from a personal loan might help you stick to your Diwali spending plan and cover any unexpected costs that crop up.

Here, we will learn how a credit loan, personal loan, or festive loan can help you plan your Diwali shopping. But first, here are some of the common expenses incurred during Diwali.

1. Buying gold

Acquiring gold during Dhanteras is crucial. Many Indians believe that this is a good omen. This plays a significant role in the seasonal rise in gold prices. If you want to put your money into gold, you may purchase it in the form of currency, like bars and coins, or as jewellery. The current gold prices would support taking out a personal loan around Diwali.

2. Buying vehicles

Around Diwali, many individuals consider purchasing brand-new vehicles. Spending all your money on an item on a vehicle at once is not a smart choice. Take a look at the specials offered by auto parts and accessory stores during the Diwali run-up. Rather than dipping into your savings, you should immediately get a personal loan to cover your current financial obligations. You may bring your dream automobile home for Diwali by taking out a personal loan.

3. Purchasing furniture

There is a widespread desire to update one’s home decor by purchasing new furnishings. Whether it’s a new washing machine, dishwasher, or smart TV, now is the time to get them all in time for Diwali. Many people make significant changes to their homes, such as painting and repairs.

The abundance of accessible funds means that now is a great time to make any necessary home improvements, including repairs and furnishings. The financial stress you’ve been feeling this year might be alleviated with the help of personal loan offers for Diwali.

4. Buying Electronics

Home products like air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and digital single-lens reflex cameras may be purchased at significant discounts during Diwali sales. Since these things are costly, it makes sense to put off the purchase until you are financially sound. As Diwali approaches, you can take advantage of the holiday’s associated sales and specials. Borrow a personal loan or a festive loan before Diwali to buy all the cool tech you need.

5. To Travel for Leisure Purposes

To soothe your anxious mind and body over the Diwali season, take a vacation. The time leading up to the holidays is an excellent period to book a trip. Spend Diwali with the family in a resort in the highlands or on the beach this year. Get a personal loan so you can take the vacation you’ve always wanted without worrying about finances.

Top Online Loan Applications for Individuals During Diwali

House enhancement

Diwali is the time of year when people undertake major house improvement projects in India. It is important to us Indians that our homes look their best for this special event. However, designing or remodelling a house is a very costly endeavour. Home renovation loans are widely provided by lenders. It’s not uncommon to get a generous offer for a personal loan during Diwali.

Paint your house

For most of us, painting our homes is more of a necessity than a luxury. Most people wait until the last minute to paint their walls to be ready for Diwali. As a result, it becomes expensive to hire painters. Additionally, if you want a custom wall painting, expect to pay twice as much.

A personal loan is always an option if you’re considering painting your walls but are worried about the cost. Once approved, the money is instantly credited to your account.


Diwali is synonymous with gifting. Gifts like dresses, chocolates, or dried fruits are commonly exchanged. However, at times, you may want to gift something more expensive, such as gold or diamond jewellery. By applying for a festive loan online, you may soon have enough money to resume your shopping spree.

Family Trip

Travel fares soar during the period leading up to Diwali. Therefore, planning a journey back home as soon as possible is essential. If you wish to visit your family, flight or train ticket costs can set you back. However, if you have a credit card or a personal loan, you can go home without worrying about the rising fares.

In conclusion

Financial planners may advise borrowers to take out a personal loan to cover their Diwali costs. Personal loans have a longer repayment duration (5 years), which helps keep monthly payments down. Use an online personal loan EMI calculator to determine your monthly payment before committing to a loan. You can also choose to apply for a credit card or a festive loan to meet your expenses.

In addition, you are free to repay the loan whenever you choose, with no additional fees. No collateral is needed for a personal loan, so you may keep your valuables safe. For more information, you can head to the Piramal Finance website, and read blogs on related topics.