Modern Dressing Table with Storage In 2022


A dressing table in a room is more special than one would like to think. The moments of peace people spend in their rooms are reflected in that mirror attached to the table. It is meant for storing and organising personal goods. But stylish dressing tables in the bedroom also help people work on their interaction skills.

A modern dressing table with sufficient storage has endless uses. Therefore, one must select the right type of table they want to bring home.

The market for furniture these days is vast. Dressing tables with distinct and practical designs are no exception. Below is a list of the top modern dressing table designs with storage that have made their mark among consumers in 2022:

1. Dressing Table for a Small Bedroom

The idea of having a big modern dressing table in a bedroom with limited space isn’t very practical. However, a table with storage can be an efficient furnishing choice for such an area. Instead of keeping extra cupboards for essential goods, one can use a dressing table with cabinets.

Modern tables these days come with a slender mirror attached to a systematic set of drawers. Some drawers in these tables are big enough to store books and other things of similar size. Many people install LED lights on the mirror frame to better utilise the table.

2. Table with a Full-Length Mirror

A modern dressing table with storage and a full-length mirror is something people buy when decorating their bedrooms. These tables may appear expensive, but this spending comes with benefits. Larger mirrors are known for making the space look a little bigger. Also, large mirrors reflect more light.

With a full-length mirror dressing table, people don’t need to spend money on expensive decoration pieces. Also, one can get dressed for special occasions with ease.

3. White-Coloured dressing table

People experiment with different interior patterns while decorating or remodelling a house. This experimentation leads to adopting distinct colours for a fresh approach. This is the idea that a dressing table in white represents. An oval- or square-shaped mirror on the top of a white table with shiny drawer holders offers a royal appeal inside the bedroom.

Fancy bottles of perfume near the mirror along with a wooden chair will complement the modern dressing table pattern. Those who enjoy grooming can also add a few lights near the mirror.

4. A wooden dressing table

Wooden furniture has always been a primary influence on home furnishings. From sofa sets to dressing tables, wooden materials are prevalent. A simple wooden dressing table with a framed mirror on top makes the room idyllic. These tables usually contain cabinets with enough storage. So, there is always enough space for grooming products.

A finely shaped mirror atop a wooden table also offers a resort-like appeal. A fancy vase or a small centre piece near the mirror can fill up the space and complete the décor.

5. Dressing Table with Installed Lights

Light installation around the mirror is a conventional concept. However, this option wasn’t always available for ordinary homes. Modern dressing table designs allow people to indulge in vanity mirror lights.

Some commonly available choices in this range are fairy lights, retro lamps, plain vanity lights, and Hollywood glam lights. A dressing table with this kind of setting can light up the room. Such arrangements in home décor draw attention.

6. Floating Dressing Table

As the term suggests, this type of table doesn’t consume much space. One can install this mirror and drawer setup in any corner of the house. It is just a mirror and a drawer that can be attached to any wall. This way, people get to save a lot of space and clean the floor with ease. The best part is that these floating dressing tables are affordable.

7. Vertical Modern Dressing Table

The vertical dressing table is a solution to the great space issue. These tables are often confused with full-length mirror tables. Full-length mirror tables always cover a significant amount of space in the bedroom. However, vertical dressing tables have a mirror wide enough for a person. Besides, this modern dressing table storage has small spaces to keep essential products.

What to consider when buying a modern dressing table?

· Analyse the room and know the available space before buying the table.

· Understand the different types of modern dressing tables and their structures for maximum storage.

· Make sure that there is an equal proportion of tabletop dimensions and mirror size.

· Dressing table patterns should be unique for girls’ rooms, with the latest designs and colours.


A modern dressing table design offers a wide range of choices in terms of uses and visual appeal. You need to understand your requirements before choosing a table for your bedroom.

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