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Mandatory Documents For Car Insurance Claim Process


Whenever one thinks of claiming car insurance, a lot of questions come to mind. What are the documents required for a car accident claim? What are the steps to making a car insurance claim? What are the details required to fill out a motor insurance claim?

Any automobile insurance coverage needs to include a claim procedure. A vehicle insurance claim is essentially a request made by a policyholder to their auto insurance provider for payment of the insured’s monetary loss. When the insured’s car is stolen, is involved in an accident, or suffers damage, a car insurance claim may be made. The insured’s stated value listed in the policy serves as the foundation for an automobile insurance claim. However, you must submit a few documents to make a claim. Continue reading to learn more about the paperwork needed to file an automobile insurance claim.

Documents Required for the Car Insurance Claim Process

When filing an automobile file car insurance claim you must have a few documents on hand. A list of the required paperwork is provided below:

  • Details of your automobile insurance coverage must be kept in hard copy or electronic form because it is unquestionably one of the fundamental criteria.
  • Information on the insured vehicle: This comprises information about the car, like its licence plate number. To file a car insurance claim with any insurer, you must have an RC, or automobile registration certificate.
  • Driver’s licence information is required in this section. The likelihood of your auto car insurance claims being denied increases if the driving licence is discovered to be fake.
  • FIR: You must file an FIR if you want to file an insurance claim for your car after it has been stolen or involved in an accident.
  • Payment receipts: Cashless claims and reimbursement claims are the two categories of auto insurance claims. If you choose to submit reimbursement claims, you must provide genuine receipts to be compensated for your expenses. With a cashless system, however, the relevant insurance directly settles and pays your invoices.
  • Vehicle inspection address: When you file a claim with your auto insurance after an accident, you must include the address where the surveyor inspected the damaged vehicle.
  • Tax Receipt: When filing an automobile insurance claim, you must also provide the insurer with a tax receipt.

How Can Rejected Car Insurance Claims Be Eliminated?

There is a good chance that your car insurance claim will be rejected. This is due to several factors, including the following:

  • If you submit a driving licence that is invalid or expired, your car insurance claim may be denied.
  • Place Of Accident: Since auto insurance is only valid within Indian territory, keep in mind that any accidents that happen while driving abroad will not be covered by your auto insurance provider.
  • Renewing: If you don’t renew your auto insurance on time, your claim will be void when you go to file it. As a result, make sure to renew your auto insurance policy on time.
  • Transfer of Insurance Policy: If you buy a used car, make sure the insurance policy and registration document are transferred into your name. The insurance company will not accept any claims if this is not done at the scene of the accident. Aim to complete this transfer within 14 days of the purchase.

Claim Types and Documents Required

  1. Third-Party Claim

Third-party claims are made to obtain coverage for third-party obligations. You must notify your insurance provider and the nearest police station if your car has damaged someone else’s life or their vehicle. If you are a victim, you must gather all the details about the car that injured you as well as the owner’s contact information. You must inform the police and your insurer about the accident in this situation as well.

  1. Own injury claim

When your vehicle is harmed in an accident, damage claims are made. Whenever feasible, try to report the occurrence to the police and your insurance company. A surveyor will be dispatched by the insurer to evaluate the damage to your car. Don’t take the automobile away from the scene of the collision until then. Your insurance will pay the repair costs directly to the garage if you choose the cashless option at a network garage. If not, you will need to file a reimbursement claim with your insurer and provide them with the necessary paperwork for a car claim.

  1. Crime Claim 

If your insured vehicle is stolen, you may file a theft claim. In this case, you must first report the theft to the police, the RTO, and your insurer. Prepare the necessary claim documentation in advance before filing a theft claim. Additionally, if requested, give the insurance company the lost car’s keys.


The goal is to tell you what mandatory documents are required for an insurance claim. If your car is in an accident, having auto insurance can help in certain circumstances. You can make a car insurance claim to receive the policy benefits in return for the premium you paid to insure your vehicle. A claim can help you seek compensation, whether you have damaged your car or harmed someone else’s property or person. The necessary third-party insurance aids in providing coverage for any harm you may cause to a third party or their property, while the comprehensive insurance provides coverage for both you and the other party’s vehicle. In any event, by following the steps below and the documentation process, you can submit a file car insurance claim.

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