Low-investment Business Ideas in India

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Most of you want to start a small business of your own rather than work for a boss. You think starting a business enables you to make huge profits. You always associate a business with large capital investments, many employees, and many resources.

Today, there are many businesses that you can start with a small capital investment. In this digital age, there are many professions you can pursue from the comfort of your home. This article outlines various low-investment business ideas that are available in India. You can also become self-sufficient in a short time. 

Some of the best business ideas in India include the following:

  • Wedding planner: Indians love to celebrate weddings. Wedding planning is a big industry in India. You can build a lot of contacts and also become successful in a short time. You can develop very good creative and planning skills in this profession. You may need to invest a small amount of capital to start with. 
  • Freelance computer programmer: India is fast becoming digital. Computer programmer jobs are also outsourced to India from abroad. If you have good knowledge as a computer programmer, you can succeed in this profession. You need to invest in a computer programming course. Once you build your credibility, you can get many freelance jobs online. You can earn anywhere between Rs 3 lakhs p.a. and Rs 20 lakhs p.a. Your pay scales will depend on your skill levels.
  • Breakfast joint/tea and coffee centre: You can rent the premises. You can start serving a small number of dishes. You can always expand your selection of food items as you grow. There is a lot of potential for this business in cities and metros.
  • Tailoring and embroidery shops: Shopping centres and eCommerce stores are growing. Still, custom–made clothes are in high demand. If you are good at designing, tailoring, and embroidery, this niche is just for you. You can begin by renting a small space and hiring a few tailors. 
  • Online services: If you are active in providing online services or on social media, this is tailor-made for you. The jobs include those of social media influencers, YouTubers, SEO experts, website designers, and developers. For this job, you must have a good internet connection, a laptop or mobile device, and the correct software. This is one of the business ideas in India that you can pursue. 
  • Online classes: You can conduct online classes to teach any skill you are good at. Cooking, painting, academic subjects, and coding are some classes that you can take. Online classes are very popular in small cities and metros. Everyone can access the internet on their mobile phones. During the COVID pandemic, many students pursued online classes from their homes. This form of teaching remains popular even today. This is a low-investment business idea, that is remunerative. 
  • Photographer: People celebrate many occasions with their families and friends. This includes birthdays, parties, and weddings. Photography can provide a good source of income. You need to invest in a good-quality camera, a tripod stand, and a video camera. 
  • Salon/Beauty parlour: If you know the art of grooming and providing beautician services, this can be a good career option. All office workers and college students like to look good. This provides a steady flow of business. There is more demand during the wedding season and other festive occasions. You can provide these services and create a good business. This is one of the best business ideas in India for metros and Tier II cities. 
  • Ice cream parlour: You can buy the franchise of any good ice cream brand. This can help you start an ice cream parlour. If the ice cream brand has a specialty that sets it apart from other brands, you can make money with this low-investment business idea. 
  • Setting up an eCommerce website: This can cost anywhere between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 10 lakh. You can sell jewellery, groceries, clothes, and footwear. You can differentiate your eCommerce store from others using unique features. You can also sell specialty goods. 
  • Blogging: This requires an investment of up to Rs 50,000 in a good-quality laptop and internet connection. You can earn a considerable sum by blogging online. If your articles are in a specific field, companies that specialise in that field may advertise on your blog. 
  • Consulting services: If you are retired and you are a subject matter expert in any field, you can join the consulting field. You can consult if you have several years of experience in any particular field. It can be in IT, HR, finance, marketing, or any other field. 
  • Food catering business: You may have several people at home who are skilled in cooking. Catering services are in high demand if you serve good quality, home-cooked food. This is a low-investment business idea with the potential for big returns.  
  • Interior designing: There is always demand for good interior designers due to the growing real estate market. If you have good ideas that create an aesthetic interior, then this low-investment business idea will suit you very well. 
  • Organic farming: With the price of vegetables and fruits rising, many people in cities have taken to organic farming. They convert balconies in their flats into mini gardens and grow vegetables. Hydroponic gardening for growing vegetables is very popular. This technique does not require a lot of water for your garden. This is a profitable business.  
  • Home-based chocolates and cakes: Celebrating birthdays with a well-decorated cake is becoming popular. You can take baking and chocolate-making lessons. You can become an expert baker and make lovely cakes for your customers. Specialized cakes sell for a hefty price. 
  • Insurance agency: If you have a good personality and are a good communicator, you can become an insurance agent. You must first acquire some knowledge of financial products and insurance. You can develop a strong network and sell insurance products on behalf of different insurance companies.

Key Takeaways

If you do not wish to continue in a job but want to start a successful business, you can adopt any of the low-investment business ideas in India discussed above. You can become successful with these business ideas in India.

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