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Light Up Your Homes This Diwali by Taking a Personal Loan


Diwali is around the corner, and you surely want your home to be fully prepared. It would be fantastic if you could do it a few days before the celebrations. A personal loan for home improvements can cover all of your costs. You can pay it back easily and over a long time.

A personal loan for home renovation is convenient because you can apply for it online. This speeds up the process of getting approved and getting the money.

Let us look more closely at how you could use an instant personal loan to fix up your home for Diwali.

Festive spending can sometimes get out of hand

As you may remember from past festive seasons, the costs of festivities often end up going over one’s budget. One reason could be that inflation keeps eating away at your savings.

If you don’t save money or make a financial plan throughout the year, these festive costs can become a burden and ruin the festive spirit.

But some festive costs are necessary and must be paid for. Thanks to a festive loan, you can enjoy the special parts of the festivities you like. You could use a personal loan to buy a new fridge or TV. You could also use a home renovation loan to fix up your house.

Credit cards aren’t as good as personal loans. They have higher interest rates. One of the best ways to pay for the holiday season is with a short-term personal loan. You can pay it back in a few months.

A few ideas for a home makeover with a personal loan

Festive lighting and home renovation

One tradition that has always been part of Diwali celebrations is cleaning the house. As Indians, we usually believe that cleaning the house is the first step in preparing the home for Diwali and Lakshmi Puja. You can also utilise this time to add a new aspect to your celebrations and fix up the house.

Diwali is recognised as the “festival of lights.” We traditionally put lights inside and outside our homes. You can apply for a personal loan to pay for the costs of home improvements and lighting.

Household appliances and gadgets

Diwali is regarded as a festival of celebrations as well. It makes sense that top online retailers and well-known franchises in the consumer goods industry continue to make purchases this month. Many offline shops and online shopping apps like Flipkart and Amazon run special Diwali sales.

Given the festive discounts, it may be a good time to get new appliances and technology at a discount by using a personal loan. The saying “A penny saved is a penny earned” is an old one. You can put it into practice by making additional savings during these holiday sales.

Paint your home

If we aren’t doing a major renovation, most of us have to paint the walls of our homes. People often put off painting their walls for Diwali until another time. At the moment, the price of paintings goes up every day. Also, the price will go up if you need a personalised wall painting.

A personal loan is available to assist you if you would like to paint the interior walls of your home but are hesitant due to a lack of funds. You can apply right away for a personal loan. It will be provided to you in a matter of hours.


You have a lot of friends and family members. So your list of people to buy gifts for is long. No matter what you give as gifts, the total amount needed for all of them is huge. With an online personal loan, you can get money right away to put back into your bank account so you can keep shopping.

Garden landscaping

Use the personal loan money to create the garden you’ve always wanted in the area surrounding your home. Even a small carport for your vehicle can be built. It can lead to your garden. Along with a variety of plants, a gazebo or outdoor furniture will help to complete the look. This will improve the curb appeal of your house. It will also give you more space to host visitors during the holiday season.

How to apply for a personal loan during the festive season?

With a slew of festivals coming, markets tend to grow crowded and raise prices to profit from the extra need. Thus, it is great to apply for a personal loan ahead of the festival season. This will ensure that the funds are issued on time.

You must ensure that your form is granted as soon as possible. The first & key step is to verify personal loan eligibility. You may also utilise the web eligibility tools provided by almost all major lending banks for this purpose. Next, you must pick the best bank by comparing and analysing personal loan rates. Finally, it is usually a good idea to keep the papers prepared so that the application phase goes well.

When you are all set to apply for a personal loan, you must go to the bank’s website, call them, or go to the local branch. You may also apply for a personal loan online & have it granted quickly.

To do so, you must complete the request form and provide the needed paperwork. You may easily get loans up to INR 25 lakh if your request is approved.


A personal loan does not need any form of asset or security. It’s a great way to get over a short-term financial crisis and swiftly meet any urgent demands.

The festive season has begun. It is a great moment to embark on new projects and make investments. There is also a monetary desire to make the festive period even more special.

Due to the vast sum of purchases to be made, whether for oneself, loved ones, or the house, the festive season could be taxing on the purse for some. In any case, seek a fast personal loan to meet the extra expenses.

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