Latest Pathani Kurta Designs In 2022


If you are an avid follower of the Indian fashion world, then you must have heard the name Pathani kurta. It is known for its rich embroidery, hefty puffs and ruffles. We’re talking about a particular style of kurta that is synonymous with royalty and opulence. The ideal staple for any occasion, this trend has weathered many phases over the years; from its Ottoman origins to its modern variations. We can’t see it going out of fashion any time soon either – as shown by its consistent resurgence in styles and variants.

Whether it’s due to its innate elegance or cosmopolitan appeal, this dress is known for its royal look. This explains why designers keep coming up with new renditions of this classic piece of cloth. Such was the craze surrounding it earlier this year that designers were even seen adding waistcoats to their oxford shirts or sportswear in an attempt to cash in on it. Here’s a look at some of the most recent examples of Pathani Kurta Designs in 2022.

The Evergreen Black Pathani Kurta

The Pathani Kurta for Men is available in different colours and sizes. The charm and craze of a black Pathani kurta are different. Stylish and elegant, the black pathani kurta, is suitable for all occasions. You can pair it with black salwar, or team up the same kurta with jeans or a trouser.

Pathani Kurta Bollywood Style

Many Punjabi kurtas are in trend, thanks to all of Bollywood’s celebrities who have worn them time and again. Around halfway through the shirt collar, there is a button slit. It has two flap pockets on either side that give it a more contemporary appearance. Button tab sleeves will allow you to fold or unfurl the sleeves. It is a medium to short kurta that looks great on men of all body sizes and heights.

Festive Wear Pathani Suit

A Festive Pathani suit is a piece of clothing that is traditionally worn by men in the Indian subcontinent. This type of suit consists of a jacket and trousers. The jacket usually has a long sleeve or no sleeves shirt over a button-up shirt or coat. The trousers are either pleated or straight. Pathani suit is made from different materials, but festive wear is made from wool, linen, silk, or cotton. 

Shirt Style Pathani Kurta

A Pathani shirt-style kurta is a uniquely styled shirt that falls on the hip. It is a type of kurta that features a colourful, geometric pattern. This style of shirt is worn with a pyjama or pants. A lot of men would pair this design with white pyjamas, churidars, jeans and even trousers. The shirt style makes it the most casual among all styles of Pathani Kurta Designs.

Men’s Flat Collar Pathani Suit

You may wear a flat-collar Pathani suit on any occasion or festival. Dhoti or pyjamas with the right suave touches can be paired with your kurta in a flat collar style. You can wear aviators and Juttis to rock that cool, Indo-western look.

The Asymmetric Pathani Kurta

Asymmetric Pathani Kurta for Men is a perfect blend of style and comfort. This kurta is designed to give you a trendy look and ease of movement at the same time. The asymmetric design gives it an edgy look that will make you stand out in any crowd. It is often made from cotton and polyester, making it soft and comfortable to wear. The kurta with a V-neckline or bandhgala adds to its uniqueness. It has a flared bottom hem, which ensures easy movement while sitting or walking. It comes in different colours and prints, so you can get one that suits your personality the best.

Linen or Cotton Pathani Kurta

Cotton or linen Pathani kurtas are right on trend to pair with pyjamas or pants. These new linen pathani suits are comfortable to wear and stylish. One can wear them at small office functions or daily get-togethers.

Pathani Kurta & Jacket

The kurta with jacket combination is amazing. If you don’t like bright colours you can also try pastel colours. You will become the centre of attention at any party if you wear this kurta. The bright kurta can be paired with a contrasting jacket colour. It is ideal for weddings and festivities.

Flap Collar

A flap-collar pathani kurta suit is perfect for casual get-togethers with friends. Flap shirt collars are extremely common in pathani kurtas. Many young people like to wear a flap collar because it gives them an impressive appearance. A classic metal watch with a leather strap looks fantastic with it. The classic flap collar gives the kurta an elegant grace which can make you look decent and elegant.

Short Pathani Kurta

A short kurta is a fashionable Indo-Western creation. It has a button-down placket that goes from the centre to one of the sides. It has foldable sleeves and it is available in soothing colours. You may get it sewn by your local tailor or purchase it online.


Keep in mind that every single day is an opportunity to reinvent what you wear. Whether you are looking for a new business suit, casual wear, sports wardrobe or wedding apparel, there is a wide array of options available for you to choose from. Do not forget to pick out a pathani kurta! The versatility of this garment is unparalleled, and you can wear it in various ways to give it an all-new look. The best part is that you can keep your pathani kurtas in fashion and style with your accessories and attire. You can team up the same with your favourite pair of shoes, to be the life of any party.

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