Land Area Calculator: All You Need To Know

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India is such a diverse country, with various states using different land measurement units. The land measurement unit changes with almost every part of India, be it West India, North India, South India, or East India. This begs a question, “Is it possible to calculate a land area manually?” The answer is certainly no.

Doing manual calculations not only costs you time but also has a high risk of producing inaccurate results. However, accurate land measurement is crucial before making a purchase. This is possible with an online tool called a land area calculator. Read on to learn about the land area calculator in detail and how to use one.

What is a Land Area Calculator?

The land is measured in a variety of ways across India. A land area calculator is convenient for quickly converting between different measurement systems. A land calculator is the quickest and most accurate way to convert from one land measurement unit to another.

An online tool like a Land Area Calculator is a great option if you need to calculate or convert land area quickly. Just by entering the dimensions, you can find out the area for both even and unevenly shaped plots.

Land Area Calculation: Manual vs. Online

It is necessary to wrap your head around why an online land area calculator is better than a manual land area calculation. Let’s dive deeper into this with the following points of content:

  • Time: In a manual calculation of land area, you will first measure the length and breadth of the land using a measuring tape. Then, you will multiply both dimensions to arrive at the final area. However, in an online land area calculator, you need to put in the length and breadth of the land and the calculator finds the final product. It is very clear, that using a land calculator saves you time from manual calculation.
  • Accuracy: Finding the product of length and breadth manually carries a potential for inaccuracy. However, an online land calculator gives accurate land area figures.

India’s Most Popular Land Measurement Units

Different units of land measurement are used throughout India depending on the locality. Here is a brief list of the most well-known land measurements in India:

  • Hectare Hectare or ha measures an area of square land with each side of 100 meters. It is used as a Standard International (SI) unit even after being a non-SI unit. Hectare is a unit that measures large land areas like forests, agricultural lands, etc.
  • Acre Acre is a land metric popularised mainly in the UK and US. However, Acre is used in India to measure the large plot areas like farmland or estates.  
  • Bigha In the Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, and parts of Rajasthan, a bigha is a traditional unit of land measurement. However, there is no standard size for this unit of measurement. Bigha has two subunits- Biswa and Katha. Its measurement varies according to state. For instance, in West Bengal, one bigha equals 1,600 square yards. However, in Uttarakhand, it is 756.222 square yards.
  • Square Foot A square foot is a standard land measurement unit used worldwide. This standard measurement unit is included in both imperial and US customary units. A square foot is the size of a square, with each side only 1 foot.
  • Square Meter Square Meter or m2 or sq m is a Standard International(SI) unit. The most commonly used land metric measures an area of square land of side 1 meter each.  

Common Conversion Units in Land Area Calculator.

Unit of AreaUnit SymbolsConversion Unit
1 Square Metersq. m to sq. ft10.76391042 Square Feet
1 Square Inchsq. into sq. ft0.0069444 Square Feet
1 Square FootSq. ft to sq. m0.092903 Square Meter
1 Square KilometerSq. km to ac247.10 Acres
1 Square YardSq. yd to sq. m0.836127 Square Metre
1 AcreAc to gaj4886.92 Gaj
1 BighaBigha to sq. yd2990 Square Yard
1 HectareHa to ac2.49 Acres
1 Square MileSq. mi to ac640 Acres

3 Easy Steps to Use Land Area Calculator.

To calculate the land area using an online land calculator, follow these 3 straightforward steps:

  1. Type the input value in numbers.
  2. Choose the input area unit from the dropdown.
  3. Choose the output area unit from the dropdown.

The desired area will be calculated automatically by the Land Area Calculator.


There are various land measurement units. The measurement of Indian land area is based on many state-specific land measurement techniques. You can use the Land area calculator to calculate an accurate land area as well as to convert one land measurement unit to another without the hassle of manual calculations. Visit Piramal Finance to read more such articles and learn about the various loan options.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. How is a land area determined?

Any unit of measurement can be used to compute a piece of land’s area. The initial size of the land is its length and breadth, and the findings are multiplied. The land area is calculated by multiplying the length and breadth of the land.

  1. How to Use Google Maps to Calculate Land Area?

You may use various online tools to calculate a land’s area from Google Maps. You need to zoom in on the map and outline the plot of land. Then, the region of that specific piece will then be visible on the screen.

But this will just be a general estimate, not a precise one. Additionally, you can convert these computations into whichever unit you like.

  1. How do you compute the area of an irregularly shaped plot of land?

The area of irregular-shaped land can be manually determined using specific formulas. For maximum accuracy, online land calculators can be used to determine the land area.