Know Your Pan Card Number by DOB & Name


It is very possible and common to forget our PAN number. Well, there is good news!! You can access your PAN card details with just your name and date of birth. The Permanent Account Number (PAN) system works by issuing each taxpayer a unique 10-digit alphanumeric (letters and numbers) identifier. The PAN system is used to uniquely identify taxpayers throughout India.

The PAN card is a government-issued photo ID. You cannot conduct any kind of financial transaction without a PAN. A taxpayer in India receives this unique account number from the Income Tax department.

Your PAN card details are available online, should you choose to review them. If so, you may get all the necessary details on the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) website. Every PAN card holder has access to their account information through the e-filing website. It’s a quick and easy procedure.

Know Your PAN Card

The aim of the ‘Know Your PAN’ function is to assist the taxpayer in obtaining necessary data from their PAN card details. You can use Know Your PAN to get the following data:

  • Data of a more general nature, such as gender and country of residence
  • Individual taxpayer identification number (PAN) is issued based on name and birth date
  • Existing PAN card status

What’s the Need for a PAN Card?

A PAN card reduces the likelihood of tax evasion by enabling the government to keep track of all financial transactions that may be important for determining an individual’s or business’s tax burden. Your name, date of birth, and photo are all on the PAN card, which also functions as a legally binding identity document for its owner.

When you buy or sell real estate, buy shares or debentures worth more than one lakh rupees, want to establish a new bank or Demat account, wish to apply for a credit card, or engage in several other sorts of transactions, you will need your PAN card.

Methods for Verifying PAN Card Information

Below are some ways of verifying your PAN card information:

  1. Birth date for the PAN card
  2. List of cards associated with a given PAN number
  3. Address verification details for the PAN card
  4. Send an email with PAN card information
  5. Phone app for PAN card information

Benefits of a PAN Card

Here are some perks of having a PAN card:

  1. Aids in business initiation

When it comes to starting a firm, the PAN card is used in various ways. Every firm in India must have a PAN to operate as per the laws made by the Indian government. Further, to trade and submit tax returns, businesses require a Tax Registration Number or TRN.

  1. Deduction from taxes

Tax deductions are one of the main justifications for having a PAN card. If a person does not link their PAN to their bank account and has yearly interest profits on savings deposits of more than Rs. 10,000, the relevant bank will charge TDS at a rate of 30% rather than 10%.

  1. Opening a bank account or a depository account

Current regulations state that if a person does not have a PAN card, they will not be able to create a bank account.

  1. Filing income tax returns

Everyone subject to income tax, as you may know, is required to file their tax returns. A PAN card is required to achieve it.

Learn Your PAN Number by Name and Date of Birth

By simply inputting their name and date of birth on the official income tax website, cardholders may find their PAN number. To validate your PAN card online, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to the e-Filing Home Page

Step 2: Select ‘Verify Your PAN Details’ under the section ‘Quick Links’

Step 3: Input your complete name and birth date

Step 4: Decide on your statuses, such as whether you are an individual, a Hindu undivided family, a group of people, a company, the government, an artificial legal entity, a local authority, or a firm or trust

Step 5: From the provided box, enter the ‘Captcha Code’ to confirm

Step 6: Select ‘Submit’ from the menu. Alternatively, you will see the following notification if the PAN details supplied are inaccurate

Step 7: A new page will open and inform you that your PAN is active, and the details are matching with the PAN database

The following will be among the results that will be shown:

  • The number on your PAN card
  • Your name
  • Your middle name
  • Your last name
  • Jurisdiction

Learn More About Your PAN Card on the Income Tax Website

The actions listed below must be followed if a person wishes to access the income tax website to view the data of his or her PAN card online:

Step 1: Go to the e-Filing Home Page on the official website

Step 2: If you have previously registered, click ‘Register Yourself’ or ‘Registered User’

Step 3: Choose your user type, if necessary, and press ‘Continue.’

Step 4: Complete the registration form, then press ‘Submit’

Step 5: The email address you supplied will be used to send you an activation link. To activate your account, click this link

Step 6: Visit the e-Filing website and log into your account

Step 7: Click ‘My Account’ and ‘Profile Settings’

The information that will appear under ‘PAN details’ is listed below:

  • PAN number
  • Name of the person
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Status
  • Address of the person

The Bottom Line

It only takes a few minutes to verify your PAN card details online. All PAN data is now publicly available on the Income Tax department’s website. You may look up your PAN card online on the e-Filing website if you have a PAN card. The address associated with your PAN card can likewise be accessed in this manner. To see more blogs and articles on PAN card details, visit Piramal Finance. Read more related blogs on their website, or explore our financial products and services, such as personal loans, credit cards, and financial calculators.