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Know How to Update/Correct Aadhar Card Online

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Have you moved to a new city? Is your child now 5 or 15? Have you moved to a new permanent address because of your marriage or a new job? All these questions hint at one big question —do you need to update your Aadhar card details? All residents of India can voluntarily enrol to get their Aadhar card. The UIDAI issues an Aadhar number to each resident after a verification process. The Aadhar card has your demographic and biometric information.

Think of when you have to show your Aadhar as ID proof, which is often nowadays. Here are a few uses of Aadhar:

  • You can use your Aadhar as an ID and your PAN card across India.
  • You can use it for all government services and programmes.
  • If you are eligible for government subsidies, your Aadhar allows you to avail of those.
  • If you apply for a passport by attaching your Aadhar, the process becomes simple.
  • Your Aadhar can be your single document to open a bank account.
  • Pensioners can easily obtain their life certificates by submitting their Aadhar details.
  • If you want to avail the benefits of certain government schemes, such as the Jan Dhan Yojana, your Aadhar is the only document required.
  • If you have linked your Aadhar with your bank account, you can have your PF credited directly to your account.

Your Aadhar acts as the single source of offline/online identity verification across India. Once you have your Aadhar card, you can use it to authenticate and establish your identity online and offline. When you have an Aadhar card, you don’t have to provide other supporting documents to access benefits and services. Even if you have to move from one part of India to another, your Aadhar is a portable proof of identity that can be easily verified.

It is important to keep the details updated and correct. Let’s see how to correct or update your Aadhar card details online. This article will also tell you how to check your Aadhar card update status. 

Steps to Update Aadhar Card Online 

You can visit a permanent enrolment centre to update your Aadhar, but doing it online is easier and more convenient. Let’s see how.

  1. Visit the official Aadhar card self-service portal/website.
  2. Click on Login from the portal’s home page. 
  3. Enter your 12-digit Aadhar number and the captcha code.
  4. Enter the OTP from your registered mobile number to complete the login process.
  5. Find the Update Your Aadhar tab to make the desired changes to your Aadhar card. 
  6. After you choose the details that need updating, select the option Proceed to Update Aadhar.
  7. You will see the current details of your Aadhar card. Ensure you enter the correct new information, as the attempts to make changes to your Aadhar are limited.
  8. You must upload certain documents (PAN, Voter ID, etc.) for verification. Keep their soft copies ready.
  9. You should carefully check the preview of the changes on the screen before you make the final submission. 
  10. You will need to pay Rs. 50/- as an update fee via credit/debit card or online banking to confirm and end the process. 

Once you submit the changes to your Aadhar online, you will receive a URN or Update Request Number immediately.

Steps to Check Aadhar Card Update Status 

You may have to wait around three months to receive your updated Aadhar. So, it is essential to check the Aadhar card update status.

  1. Visit the official Aadhar or UIDAI official website.
  2. Enter your URN or SRN (Service Request Number) and the provided captcha code. 
  3. Once you enter the URN, the portal will show your updated status on the screen.

Sometimes, there may be unexpected delays in receiving your updated Aadhar. Mostly, this would be because of high traffic and requests. We recommend you check the Aadhar update status regularly and not worry about this. Please remember that UIDAI is the only website to check the status.

If you want to cancel any changes or updates to your Aadhar card, you can do it after you check Aadhar update status. If your request is still pending, you are free to cancel. 

You can download and print the updated/corrected Aadhar card when it is updated. You will receive your new Aadhar card at the registered address through post.

Things to remember while updating Aadhar card details online 

  • You get only a few chances to update your Aadhar, so cross-check the changes before submitting.
  • The verification document should be genuine and self-attested, or UIDAI could cancel your Aadhar update request.
  • Choose the language you are comfortable with while updating your details.
  • Enter the updated details in BLOCK letters.
  • Note the URN number before you close the tabs, and keep it handy. You will need this when you want to check Aadhar update status.


Your Aadhar is the most sought-after number you will need to verify your identity. Thankfully, the internet has made it possible to update Aadhar details online without much time or effort. All you need to do is follow some simple steps and be patient until your new card reaches you. If you need more guidance with the above-mentioned processes, consult the experts at Piramal Finance. This online platform is what you need to learn everything about relevant developments and processes in the world of finance. For more information on financial matters or about personal loans, credit cards, and financial management, check out the blogs on their website!