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Is It Very Difficult to Get a Personal Loan? Why?


How hard is it to get a personal loan? Well, the answer is not simple. The difficulty level depends on eligibility and experience. If someone has never tried to get a loan or it’s been a while since they last did, it’s natural to wonder how hard it is. Applying for a personal loan makes a lot of people nervous. So, the blog tries to answer some questions about it here.

What Makes It Hard to Get an Instant Personal Loan?

Customers can get loans from banks for personal and business reasons. A personal loan can help cover unexpected expenses like medical bills or to reach personal goals like buying stuff. There are different kinds, like loans for a car, school, a wedding, etc.

Personal loans don’t require collateral, but banks have strict rules about how to get them, making it hard for borrowers to get them. Personal loans are hard to get without a good CIBIL score. But there are steps that a person can take to improve their chances.

Reasons Why It can be Hard to Get a Personal Loan

There are a few reasons why a lender might turn down an application for an instant personal loan.

  • Not a lot of credit
  • Unstable employment
  • Not enough money
  • Working for a private company that has been taken off the stock market
  • Age-related rules
  • Living in a place with a lot of defaults

Medical professionals, CPAs, PLC workers, and government employees generally get personal loans quickly. If someone doesn’t fit into this group, their application for a personal loan is likely to be turned down. Even if someone works for a private company, they may not always be able to get a personal loan. This could happen if the company has been taken off the bank’s list of companies.

Any lender will know that the person can pay back the personal loan if they have a steady source of income. Every bank has a minimum amount of income borrowers must make each month or each year to get a personal loan. In the same way, banks have a minimum monthly salary limit. If someone doesn’t make at least this much, the Application for a personal loan may be turned down.

How to Make Sure It’s Easy to Get a Personal Loan?

  1. Know the lender’s eligibility requirements inside and out

Before choosing a lender, a borrower should carefully read through the set criteria. It includes things like age, income, job, and more. They can use an online eligibility calculator to check if they can get a loan. 

  1.  Know the limits

A person should never apply for a bigger personal loan than they can afford to pay back. The chances of getting it may go down. The borrower should consider all the income sources and financial obligations. It will make it much easier to pay back loans and make it less likely that people won’t pay them back.

  1. Keep the credit score high.

The credit score measures how likely the chances are to repay a loan, which is one of the most important factors in getting a personal loan. If the credit score is at least 750, borrowers have a better chance of getting the loan. But, if the credit score is low, borrowers shouldn’t rush into anything. They can raise it through responsible bill-paying and a low credit utilization ratio. 

  1. Don’t apply to more than one lender at the same time

If someone needs a loan quickly, they may be tempted to apply with multiple institutions at once. But they must not do this. Lenders might see this as a behaviour that depends on the credit score, and too many applications can hurt the credit score. This is because every time a person applies for a loan, a hard inquiry is made on the credit report, which can lower the score over time.

  1. List all the income sources

When someone asks for an instant personal loan, the lender wants to know if they can pay on time. So make sure to include other sources like rent, dividends, interest, or anything else. This increases the chances of loan approval and may allow borrowing more.

  1. Choose a longer time to pay

With a longer loan term, the EMIs will be spread out over a longer period. This will help to make payments on time and keep the person from going into default. 

Personal Loan Verification

The approval process for a personal loan is easy and much faster for customers who have already used the service. They can fill out an application online and get offers for personal loans with good interest rates that have already been approved. The amount of the loan is put into their account right away.

The process for applying is different for each customer. The borrower must apply online, download the form, or visit the nearest bank office. They can also call the bank’s customer service line to proceed with the application process.

A bank agent will pick up the completed application and all supporting documentation. The bank does a full background check. The application might get turned down if there is any issue with the information provided.  In the last step, the interest rate and length of time are set and sent to the borrower for approval. The applicant can also call the bank’s loan customer service to find out how things are going.


Personal loans are helpful when one needs money without bothering friends or family. Personal loans are easy for medical bills, weddings, vacations, renovations, etc. The difficulty depends on various factors, as discussed above. Piramal Finance can help in getting an instant personal loan quickly. Visit our website to learn more about the procedures!