Is it possible to generate an ATM pin on mobile?

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Just receive a new ATM card? Want to learn how to generate an ATM PIN? This guide is for you. 

We cannot imagine a life without an ATM card today. But to use a new ATM, we need to do the process of pin generation

Some years ago, banks sent you your first ATM pin. It was printed on a letter. The letter came along with the ATM card. Part of the letter had to be torn to reveal the 4-digit pin. The paper was then destroyed so that no one else could see it. Users could then change the ATM pin to personalise it. There was no need to generate the ATM pin. However, there was always a risk of someone else seeing the letter. 

Green ATM Pin 

With advanced technology, the above problem no longer exists. Now banks provide paperless or green pin generation options. They don’t send it in printed format anymore. This is done to ensure your PIN does not fall into the wrong hands. 

You can use net banking or mobile banking to generate an ATM pin

Why do we need an ATM pin?

The ATM pin is a security measure to ensure your money is safe. You cannot withdraw money from an ATM without a pin. You also cannot swipe your card without the pin. Hence, anyone who knows the PIN can transact money using your card. So, be smart and never share your PIN with anyone. ATM pins ensure that no one can transfer money using your card if it is lost/stolen.  

Can we set an ATM pin for the first time using our mobile?

Yes, it is possible. To do this, please note your bank must have your KYC details. This means your mobile number is registered with your bank account. This is important because banks use OTP confirmation in the pin generation process. 

Here are the ways by which you can generate an ATM pin using your phone:

  1. Via Net Banking portal: Every bank provides a Net Banking facility these days. It is also known as Internet Banking. It is an easy process that uses the internet to do an online money transfer. You can choose to activate this facility at any time. However, most banks provide it when opening an account with them. The bank will provide you with a username and a login password. Using these, you can access the bank’s net banking website. You can use net banking to transfer money to anyone. The transfer happens and is recorded in real-time.

Follow these steps to do pin generation using net banking:

  • Log in to the net banking portal. Use the username and password provided by the bank.
  • Choose the account that the account holder wishes to generate the ATM PIN for.
  • Then choose the “ATM Card Services” option.
  • You will find an option like “Change/Reset/Generate Pin” for your card
  • Enter the desired ATM PIN. It must be strong and secure. Make sure that your pin is not easy to guess. Avoid birthdays, car numbers, etc.
  • An OTP will be sent to the mobile number for verification. 
  • You will get a confirmation message on your registered mobile number. 
  • The account holder will now be able to use the new ATM PIN. 

However, you must note an important point here. The net banking password expires after a certain period. But you can quickly generate a new login password. Just click on the “forgot password” button. You must remember the old password to set a new one. 

  1. Via mobile banking apps:Almost all banks have their separate mobile banking apps these days. The login details for the app are usually the same as net banking. Mobile apps are better than net banking portals. Using mobile apps, you do not need a computer to do internet banking. 

Here is how you can generate an ATM pin using the mobile banking app:

  • Open the mobile banking App and login into it. Use the details provided by the bank. 
  • Browse through the app so that you can select the card which you need to manage.
  • You will find a sub-section that deals with managing the ATM pin of the account. Same as in net banking, set a strong and secure ATM pin. 
  • Click on ‘Generate OTP’ for mobile verification. 
  •  Type in OTP that you receive on the mobile.
  • Click on ‘Submit’. Your ATM pin will now be set.
  1. Via Interactive Voice Response (IVR)/Call Centre: Most banks also provide this facility. You can call their helpline number for pin generation. An automated voice or service assistant will help you on the phone. 
  • Call Customer Care from your registered mobile number.
  • Select the option which helps you with your banking account.
  • Further, interact till you hear an option that says ‘Generate PIN’.
  • Then they will ask you for details. Enter the details as requested. They might ask for more information like the 16-digit card number, CVV, your name, and date of birth. 
  • After entering those details, you will receive an OTP.
  • Enter the OTP, and then they will ask you to enter a 4-digit PIN. 
  • Select the Submit option after entering the PIN. Your ATM pin is now set.

Some banks might only provide an OTP. This OTP is valid for 24-48 hours. You must go to your nearest ATM to generate the PIN using the OTP.


It is simple to generate your ATM pin using a mobile. However, some banks recommend going to an ATM after pin generation. They recommend changing the pin within 48 hours after you have generated it. This is done to ensure that your pin stays cyber-secure. You can also generate the ATM pin using SMS. In that case, you will get an OTP. Then you must go to the bank’s ATM and use the OTP to set up a pin.