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Is It Good to Take a Personal Loan on a Credit Card?


Credit cards help you source cash easily for emergencies, trips, shopping, and paying for services. Using a credit card, you can buy products now and pay later. If you have taken a credit card personal loan from a personal loan provider you are expected to make timely payments.

Personal loan providers could charge you extra interest and a late payment fee if you don’t pay your bills on time. Financing costs for credit cards can be pricey. If you only pay the interest, it forms a large chunk of your income. If you are struggling with credit card bills, here are a few options that could help.

Taking Cash to Take Care of Credit Card Obligations

As you weigh your options, a low-interest credit card personal loan might seem like a good option. But, in addition to the cost of the loan and the time taken to repay, you should also take into account its terms and conditions. Before choosing a credit card, you should be aware of the bank’s payment terms and financing costs.

Further, there are a few benefits to long-haul individual credits. Since the scheduled payments on a longer-term private loan are lower, salaried borrowers may be able to pay off the interest easily. If you can’t make big payments regularly, you might be better off with a personal loan with a longer tenure. You should choose personal loan providers that best fit your needs.

Benefits of Taking a Personal Loan on a Credit Card

 Low Loan Fee

Most of the time, the interest rates on advances are lower than those on MasterCards. In different situations, credit card personal loan VISA rates cover some of the costs of loan advances. 

Credit Union

One of the biggest problems with salaried classes is that there is never enough time to figure out how to take care of all of your responsibilities. Also, stress and pressure at work can make it hard for people to remember things.

  • If you have more than one credit card, it could be hard to keep track of when each payment is due and its amount.
  • Without a well-thought-out plan, it will be hard to handle the responsibilities that come with each of these cards. In this way, You might be able to avoid all the problems if you put all of your personal loans on a credit card.

By taking out an individual credit, you can pay off any other credit card personal loan and only worry about the individual advance. It will be easier to keep track of and manage your money if you only make one payment each month instead of multiple.

Due Date

At times, you keep making credit card payments, and it still feels like it will go on forever. When it comes to personal credit, on the other hand, you can choose fixed terms for the duration of the repayment period and look over all of the agreements, not just the loan cost. Now, you have a better repayment plan, without having to worry about the costs all the time. If you get a personal loan to pay off your credit card obligations, you should be aware of the number of regular payments you need to make to be debt-free by the due date.

Credit Rating

With financial assessment credits, you can raise your FICO score. When you take care of all of your bills as soon as possible, your FICO score will start to improve. This is because you have already paid off all of your advances and charged card fees. If you can’t make your credit card payments on time, you should choose a reasonable credit card personal loan so that you can still pay your monthly bills on time and maintain a good FICO score.

Disservices of Taking Individual Credit to Take care of Mastercard Obligations

Getting a personal loan to pay off your Mastercard bill isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your FICO score is low because you may have gotten a lot of credit in the past. This could make it hard for you to get a credit card personal loan on your own.

If you get a private loan with a long repayment period, you will have to pay interest over a longer period. You might end up paying more than the Mastercard bills because the interest on the credit card charge will be added to the interest you pay on other debts.

After transferring your charge to personal credit, you could also think about donating a part of your Mastercard charges to a charity. However, this may result in a decline in your FICO score. Overall, each credit card has to pay more. So, you should use your credit card for personal loans instead of getting rid of them.

  • Using a program like CRED, which not just guides you in terms of due date reminders, but also pays you for making timely payments. 
  • Another strategy is to avoid debt altogether. Unless you need money immediately, keeping away from debt is generally considered ideal.


It is best to pay your credit card bills on time, so as to avoid taking additional credit for paying off the balance. Even though there are benefits to credit card personal loans, they might not always be the best choice.

Several personal loan providers can help you repay your credit card personal loan on time. You can visit Piramal Finance to find out more about their services.