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How to Secure Your ATM – Tips and Measures

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The number of ATMs has skyrocketed in recent years. These ATM machines may be found in various places, including but not limited to the student center, banks, shopping centers, supermarkets, etc. The most alarming effect of their appearance is the increased risk of robbery at automated teller machines. The ATM security needs to be tightened. Anyone looking to steal from you knows that after taking money from an ATM, the customer will exit the machine with the currency. Victims of ATM robberies sometimes have their cash, credit cards, and valuables seized. According to the Bank Administration Institute, the hours between 7 p.m. and midnight are the most dangerous for ATM theft.

ATM Security Tips 

Banking institutions and ATM providers have installed new contactless machines since the outbreak. In an attempt to protect our clients from any infections, we perform these procedures. Card skimmers and hidden cameras are still widely used, so it’s in your best interest to be cautious while withdrawing money from an ATM.

Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and safe experience with your ATM security.

Be cautious.

Keeping a watchful eye out is a need that cannot be overstated while utilizing an automated teller machine. Keep an eye out for anyone acting suspiciously near the ATM. Make sure no one is following you or snooping on you. Use an ATM that is monitored by ATM security cameras or has a person posted outside. Don’t count your cash until you’re at the ATM or some other safe place. It’s not a good idea to deal with money in plain sight.

Keep your PIN safe and secure.

Carefully guarding your personal identification number (PIN) is the most crucial ATM security measure while using an ATM to access your account. Remember to shield the ATM keypad with your palm whenever you input your PIN. Share your personal identification number (PIN) only with those you know you can trust. No legitimate financial institution will ever ask for your identification number. Instead of writing it down, remember it.

Decide on a good spot.

You should only use an ATM security if you care about your safety. Use only ATMs in well-lit, public areas or on heavily used streets. Refrain from withdrawing money from an ATM in an unfamiliar neighborhood or after midnight. Even if you want to use the ATM late at night, you should still ensure it is not in a poorly lit location. Do not use the ATM if you feel unsafe in the neighborhood or observe suspicious people hanging around.

You shouldn’t ask random people for help.

Getting help from others is a good idea if you get stuck using an ATM. Never give away your PIN or ask someone else to make a transaction for you, even in an emergency. You should refrain from counting your money in public. Rather than asking for help, it’s preferable to find another machine and not use the one you’re now using.

Submit a request for financial assistance.

Contact your financial institution if you have any issues using their ATM. In rare cases, despite having funds deducted from your account, you may still need those funds. Alternatively, you could have problems accessing your account altogether. Alternatively, the system may eject your card. If that happens, contact your bank immediately by calling their toll-free number. This toll-free number is available via the internet and the bank’s website. They promise to come up with a remedy. You may also use this feature if your card has been lost or stolen.

Look at the cash machine like you mean it.

Skimmers are small electronic gadgets that may record your keystrokes. In certain instances, they have fallen prey to ATM fraud manipulations. Ensure the keypad and card slot look right before inputting your PIN. Occasionally, these devices may even prevent you from spending money. If you are in this predicament, you may seek assistance by visiting a branch or calling the toll-free number. Don’t just throw away your ATM receipts; the information they contain might be used against you.

ATM skimmers: know them

Criminal organizations have put gadgets on real bank ATMs to steal your PIN and bank card information. A crew installs hardware on the ATM’s exterior, sends data wirelessly on weekends and at night, and then waits in a car nearby to retrieve it. If you find such an attachment, do not use the ATM and immediately call the bank using the 800 number or phone on the front of the ATM.

Amounts from your ATM card and PIN are stolen using gear that seems like genuine ATM devices. A “skimmer” is a device attached to the front of a standard ATM card slot that steals your card information and transmits it to the criminals waiting in a nearby vehicle. A wireless camera that looks like a pamphlet holder could also watch you enter your ATM PIN.

Criminals produce duplicate cards and use the PINs to steal thousands of rupees from many accounts using the bank’s automated teller machine. Don’t let yourself be sucked into a skimming scam at an ATM. Scammers might use high-speed card scanning technology to steal your information and access your account. The information from your card is stored on a tiny device that thieves can easily access at a later time.

There is a risk of skimmer devices being installed on ATMs, and you are unaware of it. A tiny accessory that slides over a standard card reader slot can read the magnetic stripe on your card. Some skimmers are small enough to fit in the pocket of a dishonest businessperson.


Due to the ubiquitous availability of ATMs, getting your hands on some cash is now a breeze. As a result, there are now more opportunities for users to be harmed. Although these gadgets are immensely useful, you must exercise caution when doing financial transactions with them. It’s as simple as using an ATM to make a purchase using NetBanking, but you still need to be careful. To know more regarding ATM security tips and skimmers, contact a reputed financial expert like Piramal Finance.