How to Prevent Aadhaar Card Misuse?


The Aadhaar card has become one of the most important ways to prove your identity in India. You need it to open a bank account and file income tax returns, among other things. It is very crucial to keep the Aadhaar safe and stop people from misusing it. 

The Indian government has taken several steps to make Aadhaar more secure. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has a way for you to lock and unlock your Aadhaar number. This makes it possible to make a person’s Aadhaar number even more private and safe.

All About the Aadhar Card Number

The Aadhaar number is the 12-digit number on the Aadhaar card that was given to you by the UIDAI. This is used to prove your identity and where you live to receive government benefits and assistance. While the Aadhaar card isn’t a permanent residency document, it is widely accepted as proof of identity and address. It is very important to protect the Aadhaar card and stop people from misusing it because of this.

The UIDAI has many security features that can be used to protect your Aadhaar card. If you don’t have your Aadhaar card with you, you might use the virtual ID instead. To learn more about stopping your Aadhaar card misuse, read this article.

Tips to Prevent Aadhaar Card Misuse

  1. Locking the Biometrics of Aadhar Card Online

Use the online method to temporarily lock the Aadhaar card so that it can’t be used by someone else. You can check your Aadhar Card status on the UIDAI website. To lock your Aadhar, follow the steps below:

  • Go to UIDAI’s official website.
  • Tap the “Lock/Unlock Biometrics” option and send the declaration.
  • Enter the number on the Aadhaar card that starts with “Aadhaar.”
  • Enter the captcha code to move forward with the verification.
  • Now, choose the option “Send OTP.”
  • In 10 minutes, you’ll get an OTP code on the phone number you gave when you signed up.
  • After entering the OTP code you get, tap the “Enable locking feature” option.
  • The biometrics on your Aadhaar card will be blocked.
  1. Locking the Biometrics of Aadhar Card via SMS
    • The first step in locking the Aadhaar card is to submit an OTP request. It can’t be misused through SMS. The layout of the SMS should be “Get OTP (the last 4 or 8 digit numbers of the Aadhaar Card)”.
    • Send another SMS after receiving the OTP to lock your Aadhaar card. The text should look like this: “Lock UID (last 4 or 8 digits of Aadhaar number) and 6-digit OTP.”
  1. Email and mobile OTP registration
    • For any digital services you want to use with your Aadhaar card, you will need to use the OTP that is sent to your registered phone number and email address. So, you need to link your email address and cell phone number to your Aadhaar card. 
    • The government has introduced a new feature called “time-based OTP” or “TOTP” to stop people and institutions from abusing OTPs. With TOTP, you can create a unique code that lets you use your Aadhaar card to get services.
  1. Using Virtual ID in Place of Aadhaar Number
    • The Aadhaar Number can be used to get a 16-digit code called a “virtual ID” from the UIDAI website. You can keep using this ID until you create a new one. Virtual ID can be employed everywhere to replace your Aadhaar card and it also helps keep your Aadhaar card safe.
    • It is fine to give your virtual ID to an institution as part of a KYC procedure or to verify the information. Once the process is done, you should create a new virtual ID so that your private details are safe and no one else can see them.

As a result, Virtual ID is an excellent replacement for the Aadhaar card.

Things to keep in mind

Below are a few things you can do to stop Aadhaar card misuse:

  • If your Aadhaar card is locked, you can’t use its biometric as a temporary way to prove who you are.
  • Since you won’t be able to use the biometrics on your Aadhaar card, some of your bank transactions may be affected or take longer than usual.
  • The OTP is the only way to get into the biometric part of your Aadhaar card.
  • You’ll get an SMS with the OTP on the phone number you gave when you signed up.
  • UIDAI’s service of locking and unlocking is free of charge.
  • Before giving out your Aadhaar card information, you should always know why you are being asked for it.
  • Never tell anyone your OTP. 


The Aadhaar card is a national ID that has a unique number for you. It is a valid form of ID and proof of address that is widely accepted. It lets you get a variety of services. In India, many facilities where you display your Aadhaar could keep paper copies of it. 

But they are not allowed to do that. UIDAI has made a lot of services available. They do this so that customers can keep their Aadhaar cards from being misused. Follow Piramal Finance, as it is a great financing option for everyone. Visit their website to learn more about such interesting topics.