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How to Make Credit Card Bill Payment Online With Ease?

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Online payment modes have made paying bills an easy process. If you have a credit card, you must pay your monthly bills on time. If you do not do so, your bill can attract high-interest charges.

Missing payments regularly can hurt your credit score as well. In addition, this can negatively affect the interest rate you may get on your future loans.

You can make your credit card bill payments online to avoid such issues. Then, you can sit back at home and take care of all such bills.

You can use the internet, mobile banking, or visit the credit card provider’s website to pay the bill. You can also use payment wallets for quick payments.

Let us start by exploring methods of online payment in detail.  

6 Ways to Make Credit Card Payments Online

Here are six online payment methods to ensure you pay your credit card bills on time every month:

  • Net Banking
  • BillDesk
  • NEFT
  • IMPS
  • Auto Debit
  • Mobile Wallets and Payment Apps

Let us look at each of the payment methods in detail below:

1.      Net Banking

Net banking is one of the simplest ways to pay bills online. If you have a savings account with the same credit card issuer, paying becomes easier. If you do not have a savings account with the issuer, you can register for net banking and make payments.

Follow these steps to make credit card payments using net banking:

  • Login to your net banking account
  • Navigate to the ‘Credit Card’ option
  • You must click the ‘Register New Card’ option as a first-time user. You will have to fill in your credit card details. This step will link the credit card to your account
  • Once registered, click on ‘Pay Bill’
  • You can review the bill and then ‘Confirm’ to pay

2.      BillDesk

You can pay your credit card bills online, even if you do not have an account with the issuer. This can be done through BillDesk.

Follow these steps to make credit card bill payments using BillDesk:

  • Visit the credit card issuer’s website
  • Navigate to the bill payment section and enter your credit card details
  • Select ‘BillDesk’ as the mode of payment
  • Select the bank through which you want to make the payment from the drop-down menu
  • Click on ‘Pay’. It will take you to the net banking page of the bank you have selected, from where you can complete the payment

3.      NEFT

NEFT is another method by which you can use your net banking account to pay credit card bills from other issuers. You first need to add the credit card as a beneficiary. Once added, you can use the ‘Fund Transfer’ option to complete the payment.

Follow these steps to add a credit card as a beneficiary:

  • Login to your net banking account
  • Click on ‘Fund Transfer’ and then NEFT
  • Click on ‘Add Beneficiary’. Here you will have to enter your credit card details
  • Review details and ‘Confirm’ the card as a beneficiary

Depending on your bank, activating the beneficiary can take 30 minutes to 24 hours.

Once activated, follow the below steps to make the credit card payment:

  • Login to your net banking account and click on ‘Fund Transfer’.
  • Select the credit card beneficiary and enter the amount
  • Review the details and click on ‘Confirm’ to pay

4.      IMPS

You can use the IMPS payment method through net or mobile banking. With IMPS, you can immediately pay your credit card bills.

Follow these steps to make credit card payments using IMPS:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on ‘Bank Account’
  • Click on the separate link for ‘IMPS’ and then ‘Merchant Payment’
  • You must enter details like mobile merchant number, MMID, bill amount, and credit card number
  • Review the details and click on ‘Confirm’ to pay

5.      Auto Debit

The auto-debit facility will be ideal if you have difficulty remembering your bill payment schedule. The bill amount will directly get deducted from your linked account. So, you are safe from high late-payment charges.

You will need a net banking account for this facility. If you do not have one, please get in touch with the bank.

Follow these steps to make credit card bill payments using the auto-debit feature:

  • Login to your net banking account and go to the credit card section
  • Under the ‘Manage Card’ section, find and click on ‘Register for Auto-debit’
  • Next, select if you want to pay the minimum or total amount due
  • Click on ‘Confirm’. This will deduct the bill amount per your instructions on every monthly bill due date

6.      Mobile Wallets and Payment Apps

Mobile wallets and payment apps are slowly becoming the preferred mode of bill payments. They are highly convenient as you do not have to go through separate registration processes. Furthermore, as long as you have money in the mobile wallet, you can easily make multiple bill payments.

Follow these steps to make credit card payments using mobile wallets:

  • Download your preferred payment mobile app. Create an account and complete the registration process. This step is only for new users
  • Ensure you have enough money in your mobile wallet. If not, you can recharge the wallet
  • Under the Bills section, click on ‘Credit Card Payment
  • Enter the credit card details and amount
  • Click on ‘Pay’ to complete the transaction


The online modes available for credit card bill payments can make your life easier. They offer advantages like convenience, comfort, safety, and time and effort saving.

Payment methods like net banking, IMPS, BillDesk, auto-debit and mobile wallets are instant. For NEFTs, if you make the payment after working hours, the payment will be credited the next business day. So plan bill payments accordingly.

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