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How to Get Personal Loan Customer Care Details: Number, Emails!


A personal loan is a good tool to help you meet any urgent money needs. Many banks and NBFCs offer personal loans for their customers. These high-value loans come with long terms and low interest rates.

Most lenders accept online applications for personal loans. This ensures that you can get the money in your account within a few hours. Hence, in all aspects, a personal loan can offer an answer to all your needs.

When the lender disburses the loan, a new account is created in your name. This account offers all the details of your personal loan, like the interest rate, loan amount, payment schedule, and several others.

There can be instances where you face problems related to your personal loan. In such a situation, you need to contact the customer care team of the lender. It is vital to quote the loan account number when you get in touch with the bank or NBFC.

But it may happen that you do not have the email address or phone number of the customer care team ready with you. What to do now? Do not worry, as there are many ways for you to get the contact details of the customer care team.

Need for personal loan customer care details

Lenders are trying to make the personal loan process easy and quick. But you, as a customer, can have some doubts or queries that need to be resolved. You can’t visit the office of the lender every time you have a doubt. The best way is to use your phone or email to get in touch with them.

Here are some events due to which you may need to get in touch with personal loan customer care:

  • Queries related to the personal loan account.
  • Making foreclosure on the personal loan.
  • Asking about any outstanding balance.
  • Asking about any late payments or bounced charges.
  • Rescheduling the loan EMIs.
  • Any other tasks related to the personal loan.

How to get personal loan customer care details?

In this day and age, it is very easy for you to get the details for your personal loan account. Here are the steps that you must follow to access these details:


Personal loan agreement

After you get the loan amount in your account, the lender will send you a welcome kit. This kit will include all the details related to your personal loan. You must keep this kit safe, as it will come in handy at a later stage. In this kit, the lender will provide all the contact details of the customer care team.

So, if you are unable to find these details anywhere else, then checking the welcome kit can be a good option. This will also offer you key details like the personal loan account number that the customer care team would need to verify your identity.

Office of the lender

Another possible option to get these details is to visit the office of the lender. Most banks and NBFCs have offices in all of India’s major cities. If there is one such office or branch located near your home, then you can visit it there.

Once you reach the office, get in touch with anyone at the reception desk or help desk to resolve your personal loan query. If he or she is unable to help you, then you can ask them for the email address or phone number of the customer care team. In many cases, they will help you make a call directly from the office.


If you have taken a personal loan from a bank, then that bank must have ATMs located in your city. You can go to an ATM if one is located near your home. Most ATMs have display boards with customer service contact information. Just write down these details on your phone and use them to get in touch with the lender.



Most banks and NBFCs have fully functional websites. This website contains all the useful details that customers might need.

There will be a “Contact Us” section on the site. Here, the lender would have given all the contact details for their different teams. You can easily find the customer service team’s contact information here.

In case these details are not listed, you can access the chatbot. It is a software programme that is used by companies to deliver superior customer care services. On the chatbot, you can enter your customer service email or contact information. It will provide you with the relevant details for your personal loan customer care.

Net banking

Another good option to access details related to your customer care team is to use net banking. Most lenders create a separate loan account when you take a personal loan. You can gain access to this loan account using your net banking credentials.

When you log on to your internet banking and click on the personal loan option, you will be able to see all the details. Here, you will get to see all the contact details for your personal loan customer care, including their email address or contact numbers.


You must learn all the key details about your personal loan. This would help you ensure that you can get the most benefits from this loan. To get the best personal loan offers for your needs, visit Piramal Finance. You can get your queries resolved with the help of the experts at this leading NBFC. They have many articles and blogs on a range of topics to help you learn more about the world of finance.