How To Get All Bank Credit Card Customer Care Numbers?


Users who have credit cards often face certain issues or have some questions related to their cards that they may want to resolve. This is the role of the customer care team that comes to the front to resolve a customer’s doubts. Whenever you want any details about a credit card or need to start a service, you must dial the credit card customer care number. Always dial the customer care number from your registered mobile number for easy access. Banks support multiple options for contacting credit card customer care, such as email or chatbot. But without a doubt, most people prefer a telephone number for quick answers.

For a seamless connection to customer care, you must have the credit card customer care number ready. But in some situations, you might not have the number with you and may not know where to find it. Different options are available to help you quickly get credit card customer care contact details in such situations. Read on to know more about getting all bank credit card customer care numbers.

Why Do You Need a Credit Card Customer Care Number?

Credit card holders have different reasons for contacting their credit card customer care. Here are some of the reasons why you might need a credit card customer care number: –

·         To block or unblock a credit card

·         To increase the credit limit

·         When you need help with bill payments

·         When you want to start overseas usage

·         Request for an add-on card

·         Know more about the offers

·         Locate the nearest branch office

·         Need help with reward points

·         Update your contact details

·         Request for waiver of certain charges

·         Turn any purchase to an EMI

·         Details on an annual fee or other charges

·         Any other service

How to Get a Credit Card Customer Care Number?

It is important to note that different credit card companies have different customer care numbers. So, you must have the correct credit card customer care number to resolve your queries. Here are some methods through which you can get the credit card customer care number: –

The Backside of a Credit Card

This is the easiest and quickest way to access your credit card customer care number. All credit cards have some details on the backside. This is where the bank lists the customer care numbers as well. Moreover, many banks also list numbers for regional customer care teams for quick solutions to queries. If you have your credit card ready, this is a good way to note the customer care number.

Official Website

You can use this method to get the customer care number if you do not have a credit card. All credit card issuers have a website with a section to contact customer care. Just click on this link, and you will see local customer care and toll-free numbers. Before you call this number, make sure you have your credit card details to validate your identity. Many websites now also offer customer care functions through chatbots.

Mobile App

Most credit card companies have mobile apps which many customers install on their smartphones. If you have the mobile app for your credit card, it is easy to get the customer care number. Justtap on the credit card option in the mobile app, and you will see the details to contact the customer care team. Many apps support a direct calling option for the convenience of the customer. Having your credit card ready to verify the details as required is vital.

Welcome Kit

A welcome kit accompanies all credit cards. This kit includes all crucial details about credit card usage. It also includes the credit card customer care number. You can use this number to contact the customer care team with your questions or doubts. Most banks advise customers to keep the welcome kit safe as it includes many vital details.


This is an offline method to get your credit card customer care number. You can visit the nearest bank branch that has issued your credit card. Here you can contact any concerned person to get the details for the customer care team. Else, you can locate the nearest ATM of the bank and use the kiosk to get details related to the customer care team.

Search Engine

This is one more option that credit card holders use to get a credit card customer care number. You can simply type ‘xxxxx bank credit card customer care number,’ and the results will show at the top. But you must be cautious here as there are some chances of fraud. Do not trust the search engine result and verify the number before dialling. Else, you can get the customer care number through the official website.

Credit Card Customer Care Numbers

Here are the credit card customer care numbers for leading banks: –

BankCustomer Care Number
Axis Bank Credit Card1800 419 5959
SBI Credit Card1860 180 1290
HDFC Credit Card1860 267 6161
Yes Bank Credit Card1800 103 1212
ICICI Bank Credit Card1860 120 7777
BOB Credit Card1800 258 44 55
Kotak Mahindra Credit Card1860 266 2666
IndusInd Bank Credit Card1860 267 7777
PNB Credit Card1800 180 2345
IDBI Bank Credit Card1800 425 7600


Having the correct and updated credit card customer care number is extremely crucial for all credit card users. These numbers are regularly updated, so you must always have the current numbers available. If you are uncomfortable calling customer care, you can use the official email address to convey your queries. The mode of contact must be chosen based on the requirement. To get more information on credit cards and personal loans, visit Piramal Finance.