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How to Get a Personal Loan with Lowest Interest Rate?


A Personal Loan with Lowest Interest Rate can help a person in many emergencies and needful situations such as medical emergencies, financial emergencies, buying a house or car, planning a wedding, taking a vacation, paying debts, etc. – a personal loan does not have defined rules before taking the loan, it can be taken to fulfil any requirement of the person in need. The bank providing this loan pays more attention to whether that person can repay the loan. 

A loan’s interest rate depends on the person’s credit score or previous loan repayment history. Though the central bank often determines the personal loan interest rate, reasons like a bad credit score can boost the interest rate. 

That is why a person must follow certain habits before taking a personal loan, so they don’t have to pay high interest. By practising the below-mentioned tips, one can get a

What is an interest rate?

Interest rate is a rate that is determined according to the money borrowed or invested. The interest has to be paid over a certain period. The overall interest rate depends on the initial amount borrowed, the duration chosen to repay the debt, EMI, and the fixed interest rate. There are many types of interest rates. 

So, a person who talks with the manager before taking a Personal Loan with Lowest Interest Rate must calculate the amount to be paid as interest and make plans accordingly. A high-interest rate can be avoided by calculating the interest beforehand.

What are all the factors affecting the interest rate?

The central bank usually fixes an interest rate. It varies for different types of loans and durations. But other factors can influence the interest rate set by the government. A person’s credit score is one of the critical factors that will be noted before approving the loan. 

A lower credit score can increase the interest rate of the borrower. Other factors that need to be considered include employment status, the amount borrowed, previous loan history, duration of the loan, etc.; sticking with these factors, one can achieve the Personal Loan with Lowest Interest Rate.

Key Points to follow to get a lower interest rate

  1. Credit score to score lower interest rate.

A credit score is calculated by analysing how likely a person will repay the money using previous credit records. It determines how worthy the borrower is of a loan. There are different models to calculate credit scores. 

Typical credit score ranges between 300 and 850. But generally, a credit score above 750 is considered a good credit score to approve a loan. This indicates that the person has a good record of paying loans, fewer debts to pay off, and has an active account. All these factors are taken in differently while calculating the credit score. The higher a credit score is lower the interest that needs to be paid.

  1. Employment status.

Another critical factor noted by the bank before offering loans is employment status. This plays an even more important role when applying for personal loans. Since there is no responsibility for a personal loan, the bank takes it essential that the person applying for a loan has a job or a source of income to repay the loan later. 

Therefore, an employed person is likely to get a Personal Loan with Lowest Interest Rate. The type of employment is whether the person is self-employed or working in a private or public sector. All these are factored in while assigning the rate of interest.

  1. Previous loan history.

Every bank will go through the loan history of a person before providing a new Personal Loan with Lowest Interest Rate. This is true even if the person is applying to a different bank for a loan while having a bad loan repayment record in another bank. If one has a list of loans or debts to be paid, that is not considered a good situation to lower the interest rate. 

This behaviour suggests the person might not pay the loan back in time. Thus, one expecting a low personal loan interest rate should avoid debt. And maintaining a good loan repayment history is a bonus to be considered for low-interest rates. 

  1. Compare different lenders.

There are many requirements a person should qualify for before getting approved for a loan. Similarly, the person should compare different banks, loan records, and offers before choosing the ideal one. Foreign banks can consider other factors while approving a Personal Loan with Lowest Interest Rate.

The services, level of fees, and interest rate will also vary at large. Suppose one has met the eligibility to get approved for a loan. In that case, they can refer to a financial institution or a website to compare them and understand how to pick the best bank to offer them a lower interest rate. 

  1. Watch out for offers.

One should apply for a loan with offers to get a lower interest rate. Banks provide offers to attract new customers and encourage old customers to apply for new loans. A person who wants lower-interest-rate should always wait for offer periods before applying for a personal loan. The offer period is when the bank is flexible with factors that must be met before approving a loan. So, to attain a Personal Loan with Lowest Interest Rate, look for offers from different banks.


Getting a Personal Loan with Lowest Interest Rate is not that difficult when the borrower follows the tips mentioned above. An important point to remember while applying for a loan is to contact sound financial institutions like Piramal Finance. You can avail of various loans at great interest rates.