How to check your credit card statement online?


A credit card statement is an important financial document of a person’s credit card transactions and other billing details. It has details on all the transactions made using the credit card. Credit card statements can be lengthy, as they have all the records of the money sent and received. These give details of all payments made and complete information on the date, time, receiver, and sender are written in the statement. 

Since these details help you understand your budget, identify spam with billing errors, or keep you informed about your tax returns, going online can save you time and effort. 

Checking Axis Credit Card statement, HDFC Credit Card statement and ICICI Credit Card statements online

You can find the statement details of your transactions for Axis Credit Card statement, HDFC Credit Card statement, and ICICI Credit Card statement online. The ICICI bank credit cards give you many rewards and benefits with each payment you make. A credit card is a blessing, from winning cashback after each transaction to getting instant discounts on item purchases.   

Why use credit cards?

Axis Credit Card, HDFC Credit Card, and ICICI Credit Card have similar benefits. It allows universal payment, rewards or cash back with each investment, discounts on entertainment like movie tickets and dining out, and help on the VISA lounge. 

How to register for online access to credit card statements?

You can use Axis/HDFC/ICICI bank account monthly credit card statements. You must first register your email ID with the card issuing company. Then you will opt for online services. This will let you access the credit card statement facility. You can get your monthly credit card bill statement by opting for this service. The credit card bill statement is sent via your registered mail as a PDF file. This PDF file is password-protected; downloading the PDF requires a password to view the report online. 

Checking credit card statements online

Here is how you can check your credit card statement online:

  1. Visit the portal of the credit card issuing company.
  2. Log in with your personal details.
  3. Find the credit card section.
  4. Click on the tab ‘Statement’.
  5. Choose ‘latest credit card statement’.
  6. Download the Credit Card Statement PDF.
  7. Input the Credit Card Statement password. 
  8. Get the billing-related information.

How to switch from offline Credit card statements to e-Statement?

For switching to online from offline credit card statements, you will first need to go to the net banking portal for the online card (ICICI/Axis/ HDFC). Find the ‘credit card’ section and click on ‘Request e-Statement’. You will receive a confirmation SMS at your registered mobile number and an email alert in your mail ID. You will receive these notifications after each billing period with your Credit card statement and password. 

Now that you have the basic idea of Online Credit Card statements for the ICICI credit card, Axis Credit card, and HDFC credit card, let us learn to read the credit card statement.

How to read Credit card statements?

Successfully reading your monthly mail on credit card statements can sometimes be challenging to understand. How to identify your dues and payment transactions in those lengthy statements can be a difficult task. To help you know the details, here is a guide to reading those credit card statements.

Look out for this information in your credit card statement:

Account summary: 

An account summary will have details about your account number, your previous balance, your payment credits, recent purchases, balance transfers, cash advances, fees charged during this billing cycle, the interest set and new balance, days in a billing cycle, available credits and opening and closing dates of the billing cycle. 

Payment information and credit card statement: 

This section will detail your new credit balance and the minimum payment due with the estimated due date.

Late payment warning: 

This section informs you of the maximum amount required if you miss your credit card payment on the said time. It also tells about late payment penalties for first-timers or cardholders. 

Minimum payment warning: This is in a table with all your payment balances for you to know better. It sometimes has sections that compare your payment. The comparison is made on the amount and the estimated time for the clearance. It helps you to know how easily you can end your payment cycle if you pay a higher amount and vice-versa.  

Rewards summary: 

This section includes credit card statements with credit card rewards. It informs about your previous rewards balance, rewards earned on the respective month, bonus rewards made and total available rewards. 

Significant changes: 

This shows any changes made by the cardholder to the card. It also shows the future changes the cardholder can make and their benefits. 

Payment coupon: 

This helps you benefit from your payments and transactions and make you earn cashback and rewards. 

Account activity: 

It lists all the transactions made during the billing cycle. It makes it easy to read as it has a reference number for each purchase. 

Fees and total interest: This section has a table with your interest paid till the present date and the remaining amount.

Interest charges: 

These detail how you can be charged the interest rate for your transactions made with a credit card.   


The online Credit Card Statement is an easy and tension-free way to view your expenses and repayment date. Credit cards are a great way to help you manage your takes and lends. Digital credit card statements have provided ease of transaction and transparency amongst users, and ICICI, Axis, and HDFC credit card statements are some of the most prominent ones. In case of any doubt, consult a financial expert like Piramal Finance and get an easy and customised credit card and personal loan solutions.