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How to check EPF (Employee Provident Fund) Balance?

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In India, the employee provident fund is a scheme for employee benefits. The Employee Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Act of 1952 is the principal scheme of EPF. Several other schemes run under the act. 

The employer and employee each deposit the same percentage into the EPF account. It simply acts as a safety net for salaried individuals. There are a good number of benefits from EPF.

The employee receives interest on the amount in the account. The current interest rate is 8.10%, which keeps changing. 

An employee-provident fund organisation is a non-profit organisation. It makes all decisions for changes to the EPF. Any individual can check the employee provident fund balance. 

There are four methods to check an employee provident fund balance. The process is online for you.

You may check the step-by-step guide given below.

How to check an employee’s provident fund account balance?

The accounts are important for better finance. So, you must keep an eye on the account. Always check employee provident fund balance and interest rate.

Well, the EPF organisation has made the process online. You can now check your EPF balance from your phone. Here are four methods for determining employee provident funds.

  • Employee Provident Fund organisation portal

When an individual opens an EPF account, they get a UAN number. A universal account number is a unique number for the EPF account. Activating the UAN is most important to check the employee provident fund balance. 

The UAN number stays the same for a lifetime. You can change jobs with the same UAN. Updating your UAN is an important part of using an EPF account. You can activate it online.

UAN helps you check your balance, withdraw money, and apply for a loan. Update your UAN and check the employee provident fund account. Now follow the steps one by one:

Step 1: Visit the EPFO portal. Go to the left corner and select “Services.” Next, click on “For employees.”

Step 2: Once you enter the employee page, click “Services.” Now select the “Members Passbook” section.

Step 3: You’ll direct to the login page. Now, fill in the UAN number and 6-digit password. You should use the UAN number after successful activation.

Step 4: Click the “Member ID” and select the “View password” option.

Step 5: All employee provident fund details will appear on the page. Check the details once.

Step 6: Click on the “Download Passbook” option for a soft copy. You can print it as a hard copy.

  • Check employee provident fund by SMS

A mobile phone can be used to check the balance of an employee’s provident fund. The EPFO has designed this method for non-smartphone users. Any keypad phone can send an SMS for your EPF balance. 

Make sure to use the activated UAN number. Here is the two-step process for a balance check:

Step 1: Go to messages on your phone. Now, dial 7738299899 in a new message.

Step 2: Type “EPFOHO UAN ENG” in the message and send it.

You may change the language of the message. You can change the letters in a message to make it different from English. If you want to change the message to Hindi, type “EPHOFO UAN HIN.”

You can use the same formula for any available language. The languages available are Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. 

  • Check employee provident fund by missed call. 

An individual can check an employee’s provident fund balance via a missed call. Before calling, write your UAN number on a sheet. You can only call from a registered mobile number.

Only KYC linked to a UAN number is required to use the service. You may follow the steps given below: –

Step 1: Go to your phone’s dial pad. Dial 011-22901406 from your registered number.

Step 2: You will receive an SMS just after a missed call. The message will show EPF details. You can take a screenshot as proof.

If you face any issues, seek the help of your employer.

  • Check employee provident fund using the UMANG/EPFO app.

The feature to check employee provident fund balances is for employees’ ease. You can check the balance on the UMANG app. 

The United Mobile Application for New Age Governance offers so many benefits. You can plan your expenses, apply for loans, and claim government programmes.

One-time registration using a UAN number helps access the app. Let’s see the steps to using the app.

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store or app store on your smartphone. Download the UMANG app with one click.

Step 2: Click on “Our Services” and select “EPFO.”

Step 3: Select “View Passbook” under the “employee-centric service” section.

Step 4: The page will show the balance with EPF account details. You can download a soft copy. Or print the hard copy for your records.

Schemes under the Employee Provident Fund

An individual/employee can avail scheme under the Employee provident fund. Check out the top three schemes by EPF organisation.

  • Employees Provident Fund Scheme (1952).
  • Employees’ pension scheme (1995).
  • Employees’ deposit-linked insurance scheme (1976).

What is the UAN number, and how do I get it?

A universal account number is a 12-digit unique number. Every individual using EPF has a UAN number and password. It helps an individual check their balance and withdraw money.

You can use the same UAN number for multiple jobs. To check the employee provident fund balance, the employee must link their KYC and UAN. It makes your process smooth.


Your employer is responsible for your UAN number. If you cannot get the UAN number, apply via the UAN portal. Use the link given below with your ID.

Employee Provident Fund Contribution

Let’s see the employer’s contribution in the table below:

Category of provident fundPercentage(%)
Employees’ provident fund3.67
employee pension scheme8.33
Employee deposit link insurance scheme0.50
EPF admin charges1.10
EDLIS admin charges0.01

 An employer must contribute to employees’ PF. Employer and Employee contribute the same amount in %. The dearness allowance is fixed at 12% by EPFO.


Now you can check the employee provident fund balance at home. A few simple steps can get you access to all your details. The employee-provident fund organisation has introduced four methods.

The employee provident fund gives so many benefits to the employee. You can apply for loans at low interest rates. Subsidies are also given by the EPFO/UMANG app.

You can access all updated features via the UMANG App. The app helps you keep track, plan finances, and check your balance.

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