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How to Calculate Land Area or Plot Area

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Across the country, depending on the state, different units are used to describe the size of the property. It is a good idea to know how to calculate land area. Knowledge about land ownership measurement units used in India is very important to do such calculations.

In India, people often calculate land area in terms of acres, hectares, square yards (Gaj) and square meters. The unit sizes vary depending on what they’re called in each state.

How does India calculate land area?

Using standard units, the land is measured. Small land or housing plots are typically measured in sq ft or square meters. Large pieces of land, like industrial or agricultural land, are usually measured in acres or hectares. In India, some of the units used locally for land measurement are the Guntha, Bigha, Gaj, Ground, and others. Most of the time, these units are used in hamlets where bidders still desire to evaluate land in old-fashioned ways.

What is the distinction between a ground and a plot?

A plot is any part of the land, no matter how big it is, while a ground represents an area of land that is 2,400 square feet. Land documents that show how the land is segmented into layouts usually include measurements in the ground or square feet. Here is a list of some of the most common ways to calculate the land area:

Area Unit Unit Of Conversion 
1 Square Centimetre0.00107639 square feet
1 Square Foot (sq ft)144 sq in (1 foot is 12 inches)
1 Square Kilometer (sq km)247.1 acres
1 Square Inch0.0069444 square feet
1 Square Mile640 acres or 259 hectares
1 Square Meter (sq m)10.76391042 square feet
1 Acre100.04 cents or 4840 square yards (standard land measurement unit)
1 Square Yard (sq yd)9 square feet
1 Bigha968 square yard
1 Hectare2.49 acres or 10000 square meters approximately
1 Killa4840 square yard
1 Biswa151.25 square yard
1 Kanal605 square yards or 5445 square feet. 
1 Ghumaon4840 square yard
1 Kattha600 square feet
1 Chatak180 square feet

What’s the distinction between a hectare and a square metre?

One sq. m. is an area that fits inside a square having sides that are each 1 metre long. One square metre is 10.76 square feet, but one acre consists of 4,047 square metres. Most residential lots are measured in square feet, while farmland is usually evaluated in acres.

On the contrary, a hectare is utilised for selling land, making plans, and farming. A hectare is the same as 10,000 square metres.

How to calculate the land area of any property?

The land is divided into housing plots when roads, schools, parks, marketplaces, hospitals, and other facilities are created. From the layout drawings, you can figure out how many plots there are and how big they are. The deed of sale for a resold property includes the property’s size.

For a housing unit, the size is usually offered in square feet. But when it comes to agricultural land, the size of the property is measured in Hectares or Acres. To figure out how big a piece of land is, you ought to multiply its length by its width.

Units used to calculate the land area: Northern India

Units UsedConversion ValueName of States
1 Bigha968 sq ydParts of Uttarakhand and  Himachal Pradesh
1 Bigha-Pucca3025 sq yd, 1 Pucca-Bigha=165 feet by 165 feetBihar and parts of Punjab, UP, and Haryana
1 Biswa-Pucca151.25 sq ydUpper parts of UP, Haryana, Punjab
Bigha- Kachha (Kachha Bigha= 1/3 Pucca Bigha.)1008.33 sq ydSome parts of Haryana, Punjab, UP
1 Biswa  (Kaccha) (1/20 of Bigha Kaccha)50.417 sq ydLower parts of Haryana, Punjab,  UP
1 Biswa48.4 sq ydIn some parts of Uttarakhand, HP  
1 Killa4840 sq yd (An Acre is also known as Killa)Areas of Punjab and Haryana
1 Biswansi1/20 of Biswa. 1 Biswa= 20 BiswansisPunjab, Haryana, UP, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand
1 Kanal5445 square feet. 8 Kanals= 1 AcrePunjab, Haryana, J and K and Himachal Pradesh
1 Ghumaon4840 sq ydSome parts of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Punjab

Units used to calculate the land area: Southern India

Units UsedConversion ValueName of States 
1 Cent435.6 sq ftKerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka
1 Ankanam72 square feet, 1 Acre=605 AnkanamsParts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
1 Guntha1089 sq ftKarnataka and Andhra Pradesh
1 Ground2400 square feetAreas of Tamil Nadu
1 Kuncham484 square yards,10 cents= 1 KunchamAndhra Pradesh

People in Maharashtra use “Guntha” a lot, just like those in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Units Used to Calculate Land Area: East India

Units UsedConversion ValueName of the States 
1 Decimal48.4 square yard, 1 Acre=100 decimalsWest Bengal
1 Chatak180 sq ftWest Bengal
1 Dhur3.6 square feetTripura
1 Dhur68.0625 sq ftJharkhand and Bihar
1 Kattha720 sqare feet, in Bengal 1 Bigha=20 KatthasBengal
1 Kattha2880 sq ft, in Assam 1 Bigha = 5 KatthasAssam
1 Lecha144 square feet, 1 Kattha=20 LechasAssam
1 Kattha1361.25 sq ft, 1 Bigha (Bihar) has 20 KatthasBihar

Units Used to Calculate Land Area: Western India

Units UsedConversion  ValueStates used in
1 Bigha1936 sq ydAreas of Rajasthan and Gujarat
1 Biswa96.8 sq ydLower areas of Rajasthan
1 BighaPucca 3025 sq ydAreas of Rajasthan and Bihar
1 BiswaPucca 151.25 square yardUpper areas of Rajasthan
1 Biswansi1/20 Of Biswa, 1 Biswa = 20 BiswansisRajasthan

Units Used to Calculate Land Area: Central India

Units UsedConversion ValueName of the States 
1 Kattha600 square feet, In Mp 1 Bigha= 20 KathasMadhya Pradesh
1 Bigha1333.33 sq ydParts of Madhya Pradesh


Before buying a piece of land, it’s important to know how big it is. In India, different states use different sizes of land to measure it. So, it helps to identify a comparable unit for the native term. It is useful for measuring land in the state where you want to buy land. An online tool to calculate land area helps you do this quickly and accurately.

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