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How to Calculate Land Area or Plot Area?

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Let us first understand what “land area” or “plot area” means. Land area implies the size of area-based sections and land-based sections of typical geographic areas. It is measured in km². The plot area is the area that is surrounded by a barrier (like fences). Simply put, it is the total area that belongs to you within a region or city. Calculations of land area are informal. It is very easy to calculate land area. Let us understand the formula behind this calculation and the importance of knowing how to calculate the land area.

Why is land area calculated?

Before buying land, it is crucial to be aware of its exact measurements. Different scales are applied to land in various states of India. A simple and accurate way to accomplish this digitally is with a land surface calculator. For the design and implementation of practically every sort of development, site measurement becomes extremely important. In the current day, this measuring has become common in the domains of construction, navigation, and transportation, as well as in the definition of legal borders for land rights.

What are the units of measurement used to calculate land area?

Any measure can be used to compute a plot of land’s area. Typically, the area of a property is given in square feet. In contrast, the land area for farmland is defined based on hectares or acres.

However, the term used for “unit of measurement” is different in different states. Let’s take a look at some different names for each state.

  • In India, typical land measurements include hectares, acres, square meters, and square yards (gaj). Terms like percent, guntha, and ground are exclusively associated with the South. Bigha and Marla are frequently used in the North. The names of the units and their sizes differ from one state to another. 
  • In Maharashtra, the concept of Guntha is more commonly used than in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Dhur and Kattha both refer to various sizes, depending on the state. Dhur is more than 68 square feet in Bihar but only 3.6 square feet in Tripura. Dhur is a language that is frequently spoken in Jharkhand as well as in Bihar and Tripura. In contrast, Assam, West Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh are the main usage areas for Katha. Along with Dhur, it’s also used in several regions of Bihar. Although the size changes from one state to another. This typically falls between 600 and 2,800 square feet. 

Some of the units used to convert the dimensions are centimetres, meters, kilometres, inches, feet, etc. The basic units used to calculate land area are: 

 Square Feet (sq. ft.)

 Square Inch

 Square Centimetre

 Square Meter (sq. m.)

 Square Yard (sq. yd.)

 Square Kilometre (sq. km)



Benefits of an Area Calculator

The calculator used to calculate the area has the following advantages:

  • The area calculator tool guarantees quick, blunder-free calculations.
  • It makes it possible to convert quantities into obscure land measurements.
  • It helps you make wise real estate decisions while making you aware of the land’s actual value. 

How to calculate land area in different ways

The way to calculate land area from Google Maps (online)

Google Maps and other online services can be used to calculate the area of a piece of land. The only thing one would have to do is zoom into the map and mark the border of the plot of land. The region of that specific piece will then be visible on the display after this is complete. But this will just be a general estimate, not a precise one. Additionally, you have the option of converting the computations into whichever unit you like.

The way to calculate the land area of irregularly shaped plots

Uneven, undulating land is known as “irregular land.” The land measurements for these plots can be determined with the aid of specific formulas. Divide the space into recognisable forms such as a parallelogram, triangle, rectangle, square, or circle. Then use the appropriate equations to calculate the areas. To determine the size of an irregular land, add the findings. As an alternative, you can get a trouble-free conclusion by using an automated land area calculator.

The way to calculate the land area in standard square feet (sq. ft.)

Simply take a foot-long measurement of both the length and breadth. After that, to calculate the size of the area, multiply the length by the breadth in feet. 144 square inches equals one square foot. To prevent time-consuming hand calculations and obtain precise answers, you can also use a digital land calculator.

Basic formulas to calculate land area

Apart from the irregularly shaped land, the plot area can be square, rectangular, or triangular. Based on this, there is a general formula you can use. This is for all the manual calculations. 

Square plot: Area= Length*length, or, Length square 

For example, if one side of the square of land is 20, then the area would be 20 * 20, i.e., 400 feet.

Rectangular plot: area = length * breadth

For example, if the length is 40 and the breadth is 20, then 

Area = 40*20, i.e., 800 feet

Triangular plot: Take a, b, and c as plot dimensions. Take s as half the triangular perimeter.

The general formula is, Area of triangular plot= √(s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c))

The key takeaway

The term “land area” has different names based on the state. The north, east, west, and south have their terminologies. It also has a series of formulas you can use based on the shape of the land. The process to calculate land area can be done either manually or digitally. Manually, by using the formulas, and digitally, through the use of online calculators and even Google Maps. To read more informative blogs on such topics, head to Piramal Finance. Browse through their blogs to learn about relevant matters in the stock market, business, and financing, or go through their products such as personal loans, housing loans, MSME loans, home loan EMI calculators, and more.