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How To Avail Minimalist Personal Loan Interest Rate In Festive Season?


There are great discounts and offers over the holiday season. These offers are available for all if you want to buy automobiles, appliances, or other goods. It is intended to assist you in enjoying Diwali while living within your means. You can finance anything with such a personal loan. Right from renovating a home to buying a high-end four-wheeler or a lavish Diwali party. But before you begin, you must know how to get a low personal loan interest rate. Read on to learn more.

5 Steps to get the lowest personal loan interest rate 

Look for a quick festive personal loan interest rate.

Many financial firms provide a low personal loan interest rate during the holiday season. Before applying for a loan, do some research on lenders. By doing this, you can save time and money. Also, you can take benefit of the loan’s features to pay for holiday spending quickly.

You can qualify by fulfilling the criteria of the lender.

Check the personal loan criteria for each lender you’ve selected. It would help if you met the criteria to qualify for the loan. Consider a lender who gives clear criteria for a loan if you need quick funds for managing festive holidays. For instance, if you meet the following criteria, you qualify for the lowest personal Loan interest rate:

  • An Indian citizen aged between 23 to 55.
  • You must be an employee in MNC or business.
  • You must have a monthly income assessed by the city where you live.
  • Additionally, a personal loan calculator will help assess whether you qualify for one.

Be handy with the paperwork for a quick approval.

Once you’ve met the criteria, collect the papers you’ll need to submit and finish your application. Apply with a lender that needs a little paperwork. It will help you get quick approval. You only need to submit the following papers:

  • Passport, driver’s license, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, and PAN Card are acceptable forms of I.D. for employees.
  • A passport, Utility Bill (not older than three months), and Leave and License Agreement.
  • 2 most recent pay slips.
  • Bank statements for the past three months for your salary account.

These papers can be given at once for instant approval of your loan. Banks/NBFCs provide approval in a matter of minutes and fund payments within 24 hours after approval.

Visit a branch of the lender or make an online application.

You can start the process in one of two ways after you’ve qualified to apply. It will help if you have the paperwork ready. You can apply for a personal loan online or visit the branch. Choose whichever is easier for you. To apply for a personal loan for the former, speak with an agent and apply. On the other hand, if you want to avoid standing in line, you can apply online from the ease of your home or workplace.

For an instant loan, check your pre-approved offer.

You can apply using a quick personal loan facility. After analyzing your credit profile, and financial situation, pre-approved offers are created. The application and approval paths are simpler when applying for a pre-approved offer. It is one of the strongest features. You can check your pre-approval offer by providing basic information like your name and phone number. To apply for a loan, you can use this method. Then, choose the loan offer that is made to you.

Reasons to apply for a Personal Loan 

  • The money from a personal loan can be used for anything you want, unlike a mortgage or auto loan. The personal loan can be used for whatever:
    • On Karvachauth, treating one’s spouse to an elegant meal and a thoughtful present is customary.
    • Dhanteras is a time to splurge on luxurious items like jewellery, silverware, new gadgets, a car, etc.
    • To celebrate Diwali, many people make major purchases (such as appliances, electronics, apparel, and decorations), undertake house improvement projects (such as replacing broken light fixtures), and give gifts to loved ones.
    • The loans are used when brothers and sisters exchange lavish presents, money, and other gifts.
  • Personal loans from banks start at Rs. 25,000. This personal loan can be used for many needs.
  • With a personal loan, you won’t have to worry about giving collateral. Not even in the holiday offers. It is an unsecured offering, and hence it’s a hassle-free loan. 
  • Personal loans provide you leeway in how and when you make payments. Payback terms on personal loans are very relaxed, from 12 to 60 months. It is mostly based on the applicant’s ability to pay.
  • Applying for a loan has become simple. With the rise of net banking, you can apply for a loan from your home or office. You can avoid going to the bank at all by uploading papers digitally. Once it’s approved, the funds will be sent to your account.
  • A low personal loan interest rate (starting at 10.25%) is a major benefit. However, the interest rate a bank offers is assessed by several factors. The factors include your credit history, age, income, etc.


With all the hustle and bustle of festivals, it is common to have an urgent need for funds.  In such cases, the lowest personal loan interest rate can easily provide you with the required money. you don’t need to pledge your assets as collateral. It is an unsecured loan. With the help of a personal loan, you can relax and enjoy the holiday season without worrying about money. Always keep it noted to be careful with your debts. Repay them on time. This will help you maintain a good credit score. For further details, visit the Piramal Finance website and get the best personal loan interest rate offers.