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How Piramal Finance Helps You To Calculate Personal Loan Emi Online In India?


Planning your finances allows you to better manage your monthly budget and set aside some money for emergencies. However, you can never be too prepared financially. A personal loan can be helpful in difficult, unforeseen situations. It does not need any sort of collateral and can be used for whatever purpose the borrower sees fit.

However, just because unsecured personal loans are an option doesn’t mean you should rush out and apply for one without first conducting some research. Personal loan EMI calculators may be found on the Piramal Finance website, and they should be used before you hit the “personal loan apply” button. Otherwise, you can end yourself in a position where you can’t afford to make your regular loan payments.

Everyone looking for a loan would benefit greatly from using a personal loan interest calculator or a monthly payment calculator. You may estimate your personal loan EMIs in advance, which is useful for budgeting purposes. Let’s take a deeper look at the Piramal Finance Personal loan EMI calculators.

What is a personal loan EMI calculator?

It’s obvious what a personal loan monthly payment calculator does. The overall interest accrued, as well as the total amount owed each month, and the monthly EMI payment, are all calculated for you. Input the amount you wish to borrow, the interest rate you would like to pay, and the length of time over which you would like to pay it back. The Personal loan EMI calculators will show you the monthly payment amount, the total interest paid on the principal, and the total amount owed based on the information you provide.

Keep in mind that the Personal loan EMI calculator provided by Piramal Finance is simply a rough estimate and your actual interest rate for a loan will be based on the bank’s evaluation of your financial standing.

How can you use the Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

Piramal Finance’s personal loan EMI calculator is shown below.

  1. First, go to Piramal Finance’s official website

Go to Piramal Finance’s webpage for further information. Use the Personal loan EMI calculators by going to the Calculator menu.

  1. Enter the loan amount

Following this, you will be prompted to input the desired loan amount.

  1. Enter the tenure

The term of the loan is how long you plan to pay it back. The Personal loan EMI calculators require you to enter the tenure of your loan.

  1. Enter the rate of interest

The last step is to input the interest rate that is displayed on the Piramal Finance website. Typically, it rises from the 10% range.

If you want to know how much you will have to pay each month toward your house loan, you may use a personal loan EMI calculator to figure out your monthly payments.

What affects your personal loan EMI

Your EMI will mainly be affected by three variables.

  • Your EMI will increase in proportion to the size of your loan’s principal.
  • The amount of your EMI is closely related to the interest rate on your loan. The interest rate determines the monthly payment amount (EMI).
  • If your loan has a fixed interest rate, your monthly payment won’t change. If the interest rate on your loan fluctuates, you’ll pay a lower monthly payment (EMI) while the rate is low but a larger EMI when the rate is high.

Your loan’s EMI will go down as its term length increases. The longer the term of the loan, the less money you’ll have to pay each month. Remember that a longer tenor will result in higher interest rates.

Utilizing the EMI calculators provided by Piramal Finance

Some benefits of utilizing Personal loan EMI calculators include:

Compare Loans

Calculators that estimate monthly payments are a great resource for evaluating loan packages. Interest rates for personal loans vary from one financial institution to the next. So, it is helpful to use an EMI calculator to estimate how much money you will owe each month. Using an EMI calculator for a personal loan, you can quickly determine if a certain loan program is a good fit for your budget.

Get the proper tenure

There are many possibilities for tenure that may be explored with the help of an EMI calculator. EMI decreases as the tenor increases and vice versa, hence a longer tenor yields a lower EMI. If the monthly payment is low enough, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the obligation to repay the loan.

Find the entire amount of interest

If you need a breakdown of your repayment plan, a personal loan EMI calculator might help. You can see how much of your payment goes toward the principal and how much toward interest. Using an EMI calculator on Piramal Finance’s website provides quick access to all this data.

Save time

It’s unrealistic to contact the lending departments of many financial institutions every time you have a question. One option is to utilize an online Personal loan EMI calculators, which may provide the necessary information in a matter of seconds.


Personal loan EMI calculators help borrowers make educated borrowing choices. By using the Piramal Finance EMI calculator, you may examine your equivalent monthly instalments, total interest amount, total payback amount, and planned repayments. You may also determine what term length will be most manageable for you to repay your loan. An EMI calculator can help you evaluate personal loan offers from several banks and select the best one.

You should always be on time with your loan EMI payments. If your loan EMI is too expensive, there are many options available to you. It is prudent to do some homework before committing to a loan. Choose a lender that provides a competitive interest rate on loans and keep your monthly EMIs within reasonable bounds. Piramal Finance can assist you in preparing a home loan application.