How Important is it to Keep your ATM Pin Private? 


Using debit or credit cards is a faster and more convenient way to pay your bills. Withdrawing cash from the ATM is another access point you have, which is probably one of the easiest ways to have liquid cash. While withdrawing money from an ATM, you must have used a four-digit code, which you have to enter into the machine to get the cash. 

Want to know about ATM pin generation and how do you keep your ATM pin secure? Then, read this article further, and you will know everything about ATM pins, pin generation, and ways to keep them secure. 

What is an ATM pin or ATM code? 

An ATM pin is a unique, four-digit code that is assigned to every ATM card to verify that the original user is withdrawing the money. To complete any type of transaction, you have to enter your ATM pin. Without an ATM pin, it is not possible to carry out any transactions, both offline and online (only during card payment). When you apply for your ATM card, banks ask for ATM pin generation, which is any four-digit number that you will use in the future to carry out transactions. 

It is different for every cardholder, and you should keep it confidential, even from near and dear ones. 

How to generate an ATM pin for your new ATM card in the bank? 

First, you have to visit your branch and apply for a new ATM card by giving all your details and credentials to the bank. The bank will provide you with an application form which you have to fill in with all your information. Then, for pin generation, banks either give you the pin right away or send you a text message to your phone number.

How to generate a new ATM card pin at any ATM booth? 

  • Visit the nearest ATM booth of the bank to which your ATM card belongs.
  • As usual, insert your ATM card into the machine and select the most convenient language. 
  • You will see a flashing “Generate PIN” option on the screen of the ATM. Click on that option. 
  • It will ask for your mobile number, which is registered with your bank account. Enter that 10-digit mobile number on the screen. 
  • As soon as you do this step, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) on your phone, which you need to enter on the screen. 
  • Now, it will ask for your date of birth for pin generation, so you have to enter your date of birth in the DD/MM/YY format. 
  • You now have the option of setting a new ATM pin for your ATM card. 

How to generate a new ATM card pin using other methods? 

There are other options for you to choose from for ATM pin generation, such as:

  1. Net banking

You can log in to your bank account using your credentials and password and request pin generation. This is a very easy and convenient method, and it won’t take you too much time to set up a new pin for your ATM card.

  1. Customer care services

You can also get help from the bank’s customer care services by contacting the 24*7 customer care number and requesting ATM pin generation

  1. Via SMS

You can message your bank by sending a request for ATM pin generation and get your new pin through an SMS. 

How to keep your ATM pin secure and protect yourself from ATM fraud? 

Now that you are done with ATM pin generation, you should also focus on the security part. Here are some of the steps to follow to protect your ATM pin:

  1. Not sharing it with anyone

The first step is to keep your unique ATM pin code confidential from others, even if the person is close to you. No one knows when, why, or how personal things get shared by mistake. 

  1. Not keeping it low-key easy

You should not use your date of birth as your ATM PIN during pin generation because it is easy to guess and, therefore, too risky. You should also not use all 4 of the same numbers as your password because that is, again, too easy for anyone to guess. Use a combination of numbers that is different and easy to remember at the same time. 

  1. Preventing transactions on suspicious websites

To prevent any type of fraud, do not get involved in online transactions with websites that seem suspicious. Make sure the website where you’re entering your pin is official and protected. Prefer UPI transactions more instead of using an ATM card. 

  1. Be cautious in public places

When you are using your ATM card for transactions in public places, make sure you keep an eye on who is watching you. Preferably choose a zone with no one else except you.

  1. Looking for alerts

Whenever you get a message from your bank or any alert regarding any transaction, log in and recheck, even if you know about the transactions, to ensure safety. This will assure you about the transaction, and in case something fishy has happened, you can report it and prevent fraud. 

Summing up

An ATM pin is your only way to access your ATM card for transactions, which is why you should be confident about it. During ATM pin generation, you should ensure that you choose a four-digit number that is difficult to guess and easy to remember. Try to change your ATM pin every 6 months to increase safety. 

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