How Do I Convert the Units of Area?


Let’s consider converting between different area units such as square centimeters, square meters, and square kilometers. In this article, we will learn about area units and how to convert them. You need to learn how to convert area to square feet for buying and renting homes.

What is Area?

A surface’s area is its size!

One needs units of measurement to quantify these factors. It is only sometimes the case that the units of measurement in use are those that are most preferred or most practical for a certain process or application. Converting these units to a level where they may be properly understood and utilized is essential. Think about it from the perspective of someone who has only ever used the metric system.

Discussing Surface Area

An area of a 3-dimensional object’s face represents the object’s surface. We use the surface areas of various things whenever we wish to wrap, paint, or eventually build something to get the best design.

The procedure for calculating an object’s surface area differs from its area. The primary distinction between area and surface area is that area is measured for a two-dimensional object or a flat shape. In contrast, the surface area is calculated for a three-dimensional object. Or, you can use a unit converter area to determine the area of a given space.

Surface area, however, is measured for 3-dimensional (3D) shapes. A 3D shape can have multiple 2D faces. Because the surface area represents the total area covered by the object’s surface, it is an aggregate of the areas of all the object’s faces.

Surface Area Varieties

As previously stated, there are two types of surface areas for three-dimensional shapes: Total Surface Area (TSA) and curved or Lateral Surface Area (LSA). While the curved or lateral area only includes the area of the shape’s side faces, the total surface area (TSA) includes the area of all the shape’s faces. Understand this well to convert area to square feet.

Formulas for Surface Area

The method used to calculate the surface area of a geometric shape is unique to that shape, but the end goal of all of the surface area formulas is to find the total area that is filled by the faces of the item.

In the next part, we will discuss the many equations used for determining the surface area of various things. In contrast to the TSA, which takes into account all of the sides of the three-dimensional shape, including both the flat and curved surfaces, the LSA is used to calculate the area occupied by a curved surface of the shape.

The space in the middle of the base is left out of the calculation. A sphere is three-dimensional. It lacks flat bases and only has one round surface. The whole process would be a lot easier if you used an online unit converter area, which will take hardly a moment to calculate.

Cuboid2 (lw + wh + lh)2h (l + w), in this formula, l, w, and h depict the length, width, and height of a cuboid.
Coneπr(r + l)πrl, where r stands for the radius and l is the slant height of a cone
Cylinder2πr(r + h)2πrh, where r depicts the radius and h is the height of a cylinder.
Sphere4πr2, where r depicts the sphere’s radiusNot applicable

Area Units in SI

In the metric system, the square meter is the basic unit of area measurement. It is the surface area of a square with one-meter sides. Other units, the multiples and submultiples of the square meter, are used to measure large and small areas. The table below compares the m2 SI unit of area to various other units of area. Usually, we use SI units for measurement. But often, people use square feet to describe the area of space. So, always convert area to square feet after final calculations.

square kilometrekm²1,000,000 m²
square hectometerhm²10,000 m²
square decameterdam²100 m²
square meter1 m²
square decimeterdm²0.01 m²
square centimetrecm²0.0001 m²
square millimetremm²0.000001 m²

Land Measurement Units

Depending on the state, different terminology is used to describe the area of a landed property across the country. Hectares, square meters, square yards, etc., are common land measurement units in India (Gaj). Terms like cent, ground, and guntha are only found in the southern parts of India, but bigha and marla are common in the north. The actual sizes of all units vary by state, as per their names. But calculating these can be tricky. So you can use an online unit converter area to ease the pressure.

The following is a list of the common units that are used to measure the area of land:


The hectometer is the square unit of measurement that corresponds to the hectare.

1 hectare = 1 hm² = 10,000 m²


The square decameter is similar to the acre in size.

1 a = 1 dam² = 100 m²


The centiare is the unit of area measurement comparable to the square meter.

1 ca = 1 m²

Unit Conversion

It takes several steps to convert between units, including multiplying or dividing a number. Weight, distance, and temperature can all be measured differently. Unit conversion is the division or multiplication operation used to convert measurements of the same quantity between different units. In mathematics, conversion means converting something from one form to another, such as from inches to millimeters or liters to gallons. The measurements are in units: length, weight, capacity, temperature, and speed. Use a unit converter area for accurate calculations.

By multiplying or dividing the unit by one and then adding as many pairs of zeros as there are spaces between them, we can change one unit of the area into another.

For example, convert 8.4 hm2 into m2

1 square hectometer = 10,000 square metres

8.4 square hectometers = 8.4x 10000

= 84000 m2


This article gave you all the information needed to understand area and the numerous techniques for converting units associated with area. We hope you found this information useful. Follow Piramal Finance to stay updated on all finance and investment related information.