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The festive season is one of the best times of the year. People are happy and in a joyful mood. Brands offer great deals on products like air conditioners and other home equipment. These offers make the festive season the best time to purchase the best air conditioners for your home.

But then you have to take care of various other expenses as well. Hence, you cannot empty your savings as it can leave you vulnerable in future.

This is where you need to opt for a personal loan. Many banks and NBFCs offer a range of personal loans for their customers, but Piramal Finance gives the best deals. These loans do not need security. They are available from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 10 lakhs.

You can use this money for any needs that you may have. This includes buying the best air conditioners as well. In this case, the loan tenure ranges between 12 and 60 months. There is no need to make any lump sum payment. This is because you must repay the loan on EMIs. Hence, a personal loan can be the best way to pay the AC price.

Read on to learn more about buying air conditioners on EMIs during the festive season.

How to Buy the Best Air Conditioners on EMIs?

There are two ways in which you can purchase the best air conditioners using EMIs with Piramal Finance. Here are all the details that relate to both of these options.


If you prefer to purchase from a retailer near your place, then these are the steps that you must follow:

  • Visit the retail outlet or showroom where you wish to get the air conditioners.
  • Now, you must select the best air conditioners you like and finalize the price.
  • After making a decision, ask the salesperson about the EMI options.
  • The salesperson will take you to their EMI financing officer.
  • You will need to provide a copy of your Aadhar Card, PAN Card, or any other ID proof they may ask for.
  • You will then need to sign the invoice and provide it to the officer.
  • Then, you must set ECS instructions against your bank account. For this, you need to provide a cancelled cheque. Make sure this cheque is from the account where you have gotten the personal loan credit.
  • You will then need to sign the loan agreement and provide any other details the officer may need.
  • After you complete the process, they will ship the AC to your place. The installation will be done as per your preferences.
  • Now that the ECS is set, you need not deposit the money every month. Put it in your account, and the EMI will be auto-debited from your account on the set date.


If you prefer to buy the best air conditioners from an online store, then you will need to follow the steps listed here:

  • Visit the online store you prefer and look for the best air conditioners.
  • Check the AC price for every model with care. Add them to your shopping cart.
  • You will now need to log on to the shopping cart page and click on the place order button.
  • You will need to confirm your identity, address, and other details as the need may be.
  • On the checkout page, you will need to make the payment for the air conditioners.
  • Here you have two options. You can opt for credit card EMIs or debit card EMIs.
  • Select the best option that meets your needs and enter the required card details.
  • Make sure you have enough balance in your account. As soon as you make the payment, the order will be confirmed.
  • The online platform will ship the air conditioners to your address. They will also help book the installation service.

Once this is done, you will have to do one of two things. If you are paying by credit card, a limit up to the bill amount will be blocked. Then every month, the money will be debited from the credit card on a given date. You must pay the credit card bill before the due date to avoid any late payment charges.

Alternatively, you must note the EMI date if you have opted for debit card EMIs. Then you must use the Piramal Finance personal loan. You must deposit the amount in your account monthly. This must be done at least three days before the EMI is due.

Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when you buy the best air conditioners on EMI:

  • Always opt for an EMI that you can easily repay. This means selecting a suitable loan term, interest rate, and loan amount. Do not borrow more than what you need.
  • Make sure there is enough balance in your bank account where the EMI will hit. Any EMI bounce will attract penal charges and will also lower your credit score.
  • You must select the product from a reputed retailer. Do not be tempted by unrealistic offers and promotions.
  • Do not spend money on stuff you do not need. A loan is a loan. It comes with an interest cost.

When it comes to buying the best air conditioners on EMI, Piramal Finance offers you the best deals. High-value loans of up to Rs. 10 lakhs have interest rates starting from 12.99% per annum. This makes it the best personal loan provider in India.

If you have any doubts, then you may contact their experts. They are always ready to give you the best offers. They also have many articles and blogs to help you learn more about personal loans.