How Can I Pay My Credit Card Bills Without Logging Into My Account?


In the financial world, a credit card is a very useful tool. Every bank offers its customers different types of credit cards. One of the most important aspects of a credit card is making sure you make your credit card payments on time. There are multiple ways to make a credit card payment and in the digital age, it is possible to easily make a credit card payment online. Even without logging into your account, there are easy ways to make timely credit card payments. These include simple online methods and offline methods for those who are not comfortable using internet-based tools for credit card payments.

Credit Card Payment Online

We live in the age of digital banking. There are many ways that you can use online services and tools to make a credit card payment. Making a credit card payment online is easy and does not take much time. This is an important factor if you prioritise paying your bills on time to avoid penalties. Here are some common ways to make your credit card payment online: 


You may have used the NEFT facility to transfer funds from your account. But NEFT can also be used to make payments on your credit card. Make sure that you are registered with your bank to use NEFT. Then log in to your account using your account ID and password. Under the section where you can add beneficiaries, add your credit card details. Use your name as the beneficiary’s name, and use your credit card number as the beneficiary’s account number. After adding this beneficiary, you can make credit card payments.

2. BillDesk

You can use the payment gateway BillDesk to make payments on your card. It is easy to initiate the payment through the BillDesk website. Simply type BillDesk and the name of the bank into your web browser. The search results will display the link that will take you to the page for your bank. Once you land on the page, enter the necessary information, which includes the card type, credit card number, payment amount, and contact details. You must then choose the bank account from which you want to make your credit card payment. Enter the OTP, and your payment is complete.

3. Mobile Wallets and PayTm

You can make your credit card payments through mobile wallets, which should support your bank and credit card type. Remember that you cannot use the existing money in your wallet to pay for your credit card. You can access the wallet to make payments through net banking, UPI, or a debit card. You cannot use your credit card to reload your wallet and then make a credit card payment. Use either the mobile app of your wallet or your web browser. To make the payment, you must link your credit card to your wallet. You must then enter the amount. The wallet will give you the option to make payments through your debit card or net banking.

Credit Card Payment Offline

If you do not want to access online methods to make a credit card payment, then you can use offline services. This is good for those who do not use online platforms. You can visit the nearest bank branch and make your credit card payment in cash. If you choose to do this, you will have to pay a processing fee. You can also choose to make a credit card payment through a cheque. Make sure that you write the credit card number on the back of the cheque. Then, drop the cheque at the nearest ATM. It takes almost 3 days to process this type of payment. Another method to make a credit card payment is by filling out an ECS mandate form. Once filled, you can submit it to the relevant bank. This method gives standing instructions to your bank to regularly make credit card payments.  

Customer Care 

Another method to make a credit card payment offline, without using any internet-based tools, is to call your bank’s customer care number. You must call the bank with which you have a savings account. The representative will guide you through the process of making a credit card payment. Not every bank will provide the service to pay your credit card bill using this method, so it is important to check beforehand with your bank if this option is available.

Benefits of Making a Credit Card Payment Online 

Making credit card payments online appears to be much easier compared to the process of paying credit card bills offline. There are many benefits to making a credit card payment online, including some of these advantages: 

  • It is a very convenient way to pay your bills. For many, visiting the bank or an ATM can be time-consuming. The online facility makes it easier to pay your bill quickly. 
  • You can save on processing fees that are associated with offline bill payments. Paying online saves you the hassle of paying unnecessary charges. 
  • You can make quick payments on your bill. It saves you a lot of time, and you can be sure that you won’t face any delays that will cause you to miss your bill due date. 
  • Making online payments also offers you a chance to automate your payments. 


Paying your credit card bill is a major financial commitment. To avoid unnecessary charges, you must make timely credit card payments for your due amount. For those who prefer to use offline methods, there are various options, but there is always the risk that there may be delays with these payment methods. Making a credit card payment online, however, is instantaneous, and with a few clicks, you can receive confirmation that your payment is complete. Be sure to visit Piramal Finance for more financial guidance and advice regarding ways to make your credit card payments and more!