How Can I Change My Mobile Number In Aadhar Card Online Without OTP?

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Your Aadhar card is a unique identification document. It contains your essential biometric information. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIADI) issues these cards to any individual in India. To benefit from different services, linking a mobile number with it is mandatory. The registered number related to the card will receive all OTPs. However, if you lose this number, you may have to change the contact information linked to your card. You can easily Link Mobile Number To Aadhar Card OnlineBut, to change your mobile number, it is best to visit an enrolment centre. 

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Why Is It Important?

Aadhar card contains a 12-digit number. It is a unique identification number, with address proof of an individual. Today, most banks, telecom companies, income tax department and other authorities demand the card number of an individual. With it, they verify the details and identity of the person. Also, the card contains your vital biometric information. It includes a scan of your iris, fingerprints and your address details. Hence it is widely accepted as identity proof. Thus, it is beneficial to Link Mobile Number To Aadhar Card Online for several benefits.

Importance Of Updating Details

Today, this card is an important verification source to authenticate an individual’s background. It is an innovative and transparent way to verify personal identity. UIDAI stores all the data relating to an individual at an authorised digital warehouse. When enrolling for it, you need to provide a contact number. You can Aadhar Card Mobile Number Check online. It is not mandatory to provide a mobile number. But if you want to enjoy online facilities, it can be beneficial to Link Mobile Number To Aadhar Card Online.

Find out how to Change Mobile Number In Aadhar without generating OTP below!

How To Change Mobile Number Through Offline Mode? 

You can process the Aadhar Card Mobile Number Check online. But you may not have your registered number with you. Or, you could want to update your mobile number and add an alternate one and Link Mobile Number To Aadhar Card Online

What to do in this scenario? Here are some steps that you can follow. 

  1. Visit the official website or
  2. Click on the option to avail of ‘Aadhar card’ services. 
  3. Enter your 12-digit card number. Alternatively, you can provide your UID or VID. VID is a virtual identification number consisting of 16 digits. You can also furnish your EID, which is a 28-digit enrolment ID. 
  4. Enter the security code that appears, correctly. 
  5. Click on the checkbox that reads ‘click if you do not have a registered mobile number’.
  6. Here you can enter either an alternate mobile number or a non-registered number. 
  7. Now click on ‘Send OTP’. 
  8. Click on the checkbox that states the terms and conditions. 
  9. Click on the submit button to complete the OTP verification process. 
  10. Check the details of your card at the next step. Make sure to authenticate them before proceeding. 
  11. You will have to make payment at the next step. The page will redirect to a payment gateway. 
  12. After making payment, you will obtain a receipt. Download and save it for future reference. 
  13. You will also receive an SRN via SMS. 
  14. On this website, you can check the status of your card. All you need to do is to enter your SRN. 
  15. Once the Department of Post dispatches your card, you will get an SMS with the AWB number. You will also be able to track the delivery status of the card here. 

So this is how you can ensure an Aadhar Card Mobile Number Check or Change Mobile Number In Aadhar But you may not have your registered number with you to receive the OTP to Change Mobile Number In AadharIn this case, you will have to visit your nearest enrolment centre. Here, you will be able to avail of different services. It includes Link Mobile Number To Aadhar Card Online. Also, you can seek a change of your registered mobile number. 

You must have a registered mobile number with UIDAI. All online facilities of UIDAI require OTP verification. So, you must have a registered mobile number to receive them. Without registration of a mobile number, you will not be able to enjoy many online services. The offline method of adding a new registered number prevents users from tampering with personal details. 

You can book an appointment at an enrolment center. You can use your PIN code to search the relevant centres near you. After locating a centre of your choice, search for an ideal date and time. Confirm your selection to make the final booking of your appointment. 


This article provides an overall understanding of conducting an Aadhar Card Mobile Number CheckNote that you cannot link more than one mobile number with your card. But you can link the same mobile number with multiple cards. So, you can change your registered mobile number with your card, with and without OTP. Make sure to update your registered mobile number. It will help you receive notifications on time.

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